Monday, October 20, 2008

New Blog Rocks!

Finally it is done. I'm mighty proud of just how our blog has turned out. our joint blog known as the ROCK STAR'S LOUNGE thus came into being, after loads of discussions and debates over names, templates, ideas but it was all worth it. Most of us were present in the brainstorming session that went into wee hours of the morning to finalize the concept and to create the basic framework. then came inviting people. we were lucky that all the friends we approached stood by us and contributed even when the blog looked all dull and rather bleak. But finally both, Buzz and I have toiled hard all of Sunday to give the blog the final look that we so wanted, with ample ideas from Peter, Aqua girl and PJ; thanks guys!

ROCK STAR'S LOUNGE is a fun blog where we the blogger friends have teamed up to churn up some mindless fun, where we can be just silly, wacky, nerdy anything that we wanna be, without much restrictions. unhappy, gloomy posts are a strict no no. so is having brains while reading the posts. and any pessimistic attitude will definitely not be entertained.

Do visit us and drop in your valuable comments. Help us spread the joy.

PS- Please do your bit to spread the word that "Rock star's Lounge" is here to stay!CHEERS!


Priya Joyce said...

we'll rock dear....

Keshi said...

will check it out soon :) Nice!


mayz said...

hey cool..will chk it out soon :)

Harshita said...

Thtz a gr8 intro to the Rockstar's Lounge!!

Buzzz said...

Good write up!! And remember who is not in!!

Aneesh said...

Yah, as long as we stay here, the blog is here to stay too...

phoenix said...


yeah we will

hey did u see my ealier post?there is something for you

let me know how it is

thanks pal

ahem ahem... can yu stop being bitchy?? :P

i can vouch for me and buzz and few others too that this blog is definately here to stay

Keshi said...

yes Phoenix I checked it yday itself and commented too. ty so much sweetie HUGGGGGGGGZ!