Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Right And Wrong

For someone who is guided strongly by "what is right and wrong" it is tough when i find myself feeling, reacting or thinking things that may not be right. now you will ask me, what according to you is right? how do you define right? well, for example, jealousy is there in everyone but it is a negative feeling. just like we know that feeling jealous is not right in the same way there are hosts of other things that exists but may not be correct or the right thing to do or feel or react or act.

Being a Virgo analysing and over-analysing comes so easy to me. so when i identify myself having a feeling that i shouldn't have, my agony kinda multiplies. what really bothers me is when i see some friend or loved one down and depressed and i know if only she/he followed what i said things would be fine and when they don't pay heed to me, it makes me really unsettled and i try to give in to the person's choice. in the same way, I've always acknowledged the existence of another facet to a topic but initially it was so hard for me to accept a different perspective to view it, now i have practiced and perfected giving in gracefully. but the issue that most bothers me is when i know i feel something for someone [fondness, care, affection, love and happiness etc] and that person is not receptive enough, but with time that too I've overcome. i don't pain myself thinking of it, for i know it doesnt really matter, what matters is that i know i must not demand that the other person reciprocate my feelings.

there are certain wrong things around. it is up to us to identify them and rectify them. if we don't maybe it wont affect one but it will surely make us a better person. you must think I'm some mad girl, who having nothing to do decides to fill in her blog with utter trash and we are compelled to read her. but then am i that incoherent? or am i making sense at all? what id like to know is, is there anything that really bothers you that you have to deal with?


Keshi said...

ur RIGHT :) wut matters is that YOU know. others may never know or understand ur feelings. its the way the world is.

there were so many instances where some ppl (even my loved-ones) didnt KNOW wut I was trying to say. Now I dun say much. Not that Im bitter abt it, but thats life. ppl wont always reciprocate the way we want them to. And we hv to DEAL with it in a healthy manner. Just be.

**is there anything that really bothers you that you have to deal with?

when friends behave like they hv done nothing to hurt me, it bothers me alot. it makes me sad.

at first, things wud bother me yes...but now I hv learnt to DEPEND on me for almost anything..that way I stay content most of the time.



Tara said...

So true Raka! There are many situations where our conscience would say something but the world would expect us to react differently. There's a clash between two ideologies and more often than not, we choose to go the world's way.

Somewhere, we have to learn to be selfish, if that's the only way. We need to learn to live for ourselves, not for anyone else. Have learned this lesson now, after a lot of things that happened. :)

Harshita said...

Hey Raka

I agree.

Everyone has HIS/HER own right...and all we can do is hold our loved-ones's hands when they find their own rights and wrongs.

World has comfortable definitions for RIGHT and WRONG coz it does not bother to step out of that fence and see the reality.

So, if you have a RIGHT, better stick to it... :)

BTW we love ur posts...and u r nt mad...hehe


Priya Joyce said...

There are so many things tat bother me..But then I a living wth it..juss don't wanna get pessimist attitute tats y..but it still cumes in my way..tats wen I stop and make prayer a priority..

Chriz said...

you make sense in what you made sense.. yes i was hopping down to the other blog.. here i am

Buzzz said...

You have been one rockin of a blogger and trust me readin u is a delight, thoughts put up unadultered and dil se.....

i m also a culprit of over analysing and trust me it is bad many times, it just screws u....

good post!!

Aneesh said...

Right, according to me is which can be acceptable by the majority. A personal right may not be right to a society.

if there is something that bothers me then I will deal with it. The dealing part is completely up to me. I can be sad 'coz someone said something or I can say 'I dont' care'.
It's up to us, how we deal

Ria said...

Its not always necessary tht ppl understand wht u want to say or convey. It has happened to me innumerable no. of times. Some of my close friends hav suffered due to their own silly decisions, even though i hav tried to warn them but still it hasnt helped!!coz its not always possible for ppl to realise wht u r saying to them. Now i hav reached a point of time when i jus dont bother for such things and i dont give my advice to ppl who i know will not follow it.

phoenix said...

thank you soo muc for not trashing my post and thinking me mad, you have no idea how grateful i am this particular time specially for getting the comments

thank you :P :)

its best that one depends on himself/herself then there will never be any betrayal

>>Somewhere, we have to learn to be selfish, if that's the only way. We need to learn to live for ourselves, not for anyone else. Have learned this lesson now, after a lot of things that happened.<<

i completely agree

i think i am right my belief keeps me going

i hate being pessimistic too

thank god u found this blog

:O my god u are praising me?
why thank you so very much



i guess i ll just take a leaf out of your book and i wont give my valuable free advice to those who wont follow it ... hmmph :P