Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Strange Phone call

Day before yesterday a really strange thing happened. samik and i was out. we had gone to this upcoming township adjacent to the IT Sector in kolkata called Rajarhat. that's our usual hangout on Sundays if we get a lot of time out. this Sunday wasn't unusual except for what happened.

We had stopped for coffee at CCD outlet in Technopolis [it houses several IT firms and CCD and bookstores as well] When we entered it was relatively empty. just a few people we hanging around but mostly it was vacated. we slowly made our way to the first floor which houses the cafe. entering we choose our seats in front of the counter. in no time we were engaged in our conversation, we were having a silly discussion when samik's phone rang. it was his mom calling him to tell him, to get her the mugs that she so wanted that are available only in a departmental store in Rajarhat.

We both were surprised as to how his folks knew exactly where we were. after asking kakima[ samik's mom] we were informed that some man had called kaku [samik's dad] and told him that his son is sitting at the very moment with a girl in CCD,Rajarhat. and when kaku informed that they know that samik is with his girlfriend like he usually is, on a Sunday evening; the man hung up. the identity of the caller is unknown.

Now what tantalizes me is who could have called and why? we had looked around after the call from kakima and there were only three other couple except us there. and none of them was known to Samik. that samik and i are dating is not unknown to anyone in his family, so who could have called and why? i wish i could see his face when kaku had informed him that he knew about us. lol! really! nowadays people have all the time in the world to interfere in others life. how i hate such people!


•♥•♥[V]♥•♥• said...

some people like to involve themselves in matters of other ppl... they have no life of their own.My town is filled with such people..

phoenix said...

yeah i know... ive juts had my share...

Keshi said...

wow thats strange indeed! A bit freaky too!

but really...why wud anyone call ur folks and tell em abt u 2? Dun they hv a life? I hate such ppl..losers!


Priya Joyce said...

hey such a thing has happened with me too..lol
the only difference is i wasn't wth ma boyfrnd tat tym..with a good frnd and another gal too was there..

tumhari watt lagaane ke liye usne aise kiya hoga..uski watt lagg gayi par...lol

Harshita said...

Weirdos! is that I wud call such people and shut myself on them.

Shuh! I wish these people had time to fix their lives and their minds.

Have a gr8 day!


Tara said...

Bad! Freaky yaar! You know if it was pretty scary when I read it, how would have you guys felt there? :( Be careful dear, and may be some people are like that! I hope I never come across any such weirdos!

Ria said...

I really dunno why ppl do this!!i personally hate ppl who poke their nose into others issues! I dunno why ppl like doin this and wht do they get by doin this.

Aneesh said...

guess, you have secret security guards...
well, why don't you ask kaku who had called? he should surely know.

phoenix said...

these are plain gossip mongers or trouble makes... bunch of losers infesting the society u see :)

wohi toh.. i feel so sorry for the poor hai..wonder usney baad mein kya socha... hai mera chaal ulta par gaya... :)

they sadly havent been taught ettiquettes...if they had they would have fixed their life and not meddled around

we were a little surprised but laughed our asses off .. PJ just hit the jackpot by saying "tumhari watt lagaane ke liye usne aise kiya hoga..uski watt lagg gayi par..." lol! :D

just time pass i guess... otherwise why would one bother to walk a long way to a PCO to make the call only to be told that his news was no news at all :P

PCO ka number tha that guy didnt give his name and neither did samik's dad know who had called... :( i iwhs i knew who the loser was....would have given him one tight rapta... dunderheads