Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'M a BAD BAD Girl!!

I have been a bad bad girl.c'mon you pervs stop your naughty thoughts right now!! :) its just that i used to be studious, diligent and hardworking but i seem to have lost myself somewhere... don't ask me how? as me why? well i had study leave the last two weeks... what did i do? i did study.. a lil.. like the vulture picking at bones!![ nice description na? :P] so what have i been doing? by gods grace i found out that my favorite TV show- the Grey's Anatomy's official website... now i know i have missed out some episodes now and then , so while surfing the site.. i found out that they have episode updates.. so technically my Gtalk status message was correct -Studying.. Do not disturb.. when i was just reading the 1,2 and 3 season updates... that took me some 4 hours :D but that done i was happy the task was almost done! no i mean i do have another 4 seasons to read up.. now where was i? o yeah exams... well Saturday was kinda wasted.. i don't remember how... then Sunday.. i was supposed to study but then i was reading the episode updates and talking to my friends online.... Hems was of great help really... talking non-stop with me... he even gave me these two pictures and how i love them :). And guess what? yesterday evening i even went myself a nice blue tee, and a really cute sweater.. cool na? :D ya ya i know I've been a bad bad girl....

Okay don't worry i know how bad a girl i have been.. so i went to bed at 10.45pm last night... but before you think otherwise.. i got up at 3 today [morons! :|] :D and i did my preparation. see basically the equation that i worked out for myself was... i ll have 3 questions to answer... 2 of my favorite professor and 1 of this $@#*^! this great lady never gives us marks even if we deserve it.. so i thought.. chaddo farak payenda hai [harshita ishtyle] and gave less importance to her texts.. so no worries my preparation was done and i was kinda ready to face my semesters somewhat shaky but bang on :P
Do you still want to know how my exams went?? i ll come to that but later.. :) you know what?i discovered while writing my script today that my pen was great but it slacked my speed but there was nothing i could do.. then i had friends who seemed to be having a ball even in the exam hall.. i was reassured okay i wasn't the only one.. :) and then our prof announced... 15 more minutes to go.. and i argued no sir 40 minutes to go.. he sweetly came up to me and showed me my watch... it had stopped.. Jezz i was shit scared... but he reassured me that it was fine.. of course i became fine at once... he is my favorite prof na.. the one i had a crush on in first year *blush* *blush* :P okay okay... exam went well... i need a 15 to get a 60% and 5 to pass in 30.. and i think i may just make it... :)

So the next exam is on Thursday... and I'm not willing to wake up at 3am again.. so i will surely study... and all you can heave a sigh of relief... yes bacchi sudhar gayi hai :)


P.S- 3 MORE DAYS TO GO!! look out for this space for more... :)

P.P.S- Pictures courtesy Mr Hemz Bond :)

Blog,Myself and Exams....

Phew! the month long blog-a-thon thus comes to an end today. i had planned that in November i ll blog everyday..and voila !! my job is done... well you can applaud my skills of writing crap.. but id very modestly admit.. i d nothing much to do anyway but write... :) 32 posts in one month is no mean feat because there are such moments when i do face writers block... anyway... I'm drifting here....
these are just a few of the books in my course this semesters...

My semesters begin tomorrow.... i have done my bit but not really seriously or diligently like i do otherwise... am i nervous wreck that i am usually before exams?!! hell no!! :) in fact I'm just cool... I'm doing everything on earth than give my 100% in studies.. Ive decided that if i don't feel like/ or i don't like doing something i wont. and this is a funda i use everywhere in everything... silly i know but hey that's me... :D
that's me in my wavy hair

I've been obsessing about myself a lot lately... been thinking of straightening my hair.. now straightening my hair is not something i have been too fond of or dying to get done... in fact i love my wavy hair.... now shelling Rs 4000-5000 on getting it professionally done is not something i consider fact i think its a waste of money... a hair straightener to get it done temporarily maybe a safe bet....but then I'm aiming at an image makeover...I'm tired of feeling bad about myself, I've only now started taking pride in being me because earlier i felt overweight and ugly... there is a host of things I'm aiming at doing BUT after loosing weight.... i need new specks.. new hairstyle... a tee or two.. a good bright sweater.. ipod... these are things i so want but I'm keeping them as a bait for myself to shed some weight.... phew! what not i do... really.... do you think i should go for hair straightening?? because i have long hair... but after my hair dries it curls up deceiving the actual length and i can hardly carry any proper style off, one because my hair is wavy and two because my hair grows damn fast... people i need some help here...

since my semesters will be on for the next two weeks and i cant bring myself up to quit blogging or even spend considerable time thinking of something new each day.. i have devised a plan.. i thought i ll post on random 5 things per post... will put in updates of exams and all ... god! how i want to get rid of these semesters so that i can just enjoy the glorious winter... :)

anyways i quit rambling here... :)

have a great week ahead!


P.S- i have put up a pic of mine, in wavy hair and notice the nose piercing... i had been meaning to write about it but never got around to doing it.... do comment on it too... :)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Victory!! As relief floods in...

YAY!! the ordeal is over... even though there are casualties.... loss of life ...destruction... but most of the hostages has been rescued...terrorists killed Taj could have been blown up.. a 106 year old heritage building.. but for th brave hearts who has ensured that they will be there every time there is a crisis.. they don't care for their lives.. their loved ones... but for their country.. who smile and shrug nonchalantly saying.. it wasn't a big deal , it was their job to help the country...

Kudos to the Army, NSG and the other forces at work which after 62 hours brought the nightmare to a fitful end... Major Unnikrishnan finds a special mention as the brave heart who fell to his fate serving his nation *salute*

Today Indians can rest but tomorrow will be the time.. to book those for whom we suffered such a nightmare.. the politicians have a lot to answer for...

Counting My Many Blessings

Anger, relief,pride,grief, mourning hope- are some of the emotions was running through me as i sat glued to the television relentlessly for many hours. all id like to say at a moment like this is.. i'm proud that i belong to that category of Indians, who think,who feel and who care; i've seen bloggers angry, voicing their opinion out aloud, showing their solidarity towards a nation that we belong to, leaving aside caste,creed, sex, sect etc.. We are Indians and no-one dares to mess with our motherland.

I salute the photo,print vedio journalists for their extensive and detailed coverage of this whole issue. an ardent fan of TIMES NOW, and Arnab Goswami; this is to applaud him and his whole team, who brought to us some really great journalism.

But the segment of people who finds extra special mention is the NSG, the navy, army and the camandos; who have worked fearlessly, without tiring and rescuing the hostages, and carrying out Mission;black Tornado to the hopefully its last leg of the armed battle.

Enough has been said now is the time to look forward and counting the many blessings.... yes there is a death toll, yes there is a crisis.. but it is not a time to sit back and lament but pray in thanks giving of what worse could have happened but thankfully never did... its thanksgiving and it is time we count our many blessings...

Here are the people and things i am most thankful about....

  • my family, because of whom i am what i am. without them my life would have been so bleak.
  • Samik, nomatter how grave the differences we may have, he is a comfort i treasure, his is the thought that comes to my mind in times of happiness or grief.
  • i'm thankful of having a healthy mind and body; that i can run, walk, think, dream, achieve and do whatever i feel, how i feel and whichever way i feel.
  • friends i have made in this journey of life, some who have struck through thick and thin.
  • my blog and my friends here. my day begins with me sleepily putting on my pc to come online comment.. and my day ends with me signing out of gtalk... ive met some amazing friends here, and its kind of nice to interact with people outside what is "real' world...
do share your thoughts and the things and people you are most thankful about...

Friday, November 28, 2008

Terror Terror Everywhere!!

Its in news everywhere! live coverage, vedio clippings and more and more updates, its all over the news, the Mumbai massacre is there everywhere. with 101 killed till now and 287 injured... and 16 policemen dead, the government is out with condemnation and compensation. what is astonishing is, how could a Lashkar-e-toiba brand of terrorists travel through the Arabian sea and get off at the gateway of India without surveillances or any patrolling by the Indian navy? not just that how could these terrorists all in their early 20's gain access and entry into 3 big hotels of Mumbai- the Trident, Taj and the Nariman Bhavan?

While the operations are still on. and hostages are rescued; the government should sit down and discuss security issues instead of election campaign. are we a soft target then? only when there is a terror do we wake up and talk about nationalist feeling? Hasn't the government officials heard of prevention being better than cure??

What really really pissed me off was, in a far away city like Kolkata, the police woke up to tighten the security only after such incidents. shouldn't we have surveillance all the time and isn't security a thing that should be on 24*7 ? this is the case everywhere, we wait till terror strikes instead of being prepared of such a thing to happen.

Damn the government that boasts of being for the people, by the people and of the people; yet it fails to deliver to the citizens that vote them into power. if we behave like sheep it is bound that others will behave like tyrants. we have no infrastructure and no basic amenities to combat such grave issues like terrorism, we need to come up with a back up plan instead of just sitting back and watching on helpless.

My condolences are with the dead.May peace be with them.
Here's wishing all those injured a speedy recovery.
A big salute to those jawans and policemen who are at their job relentlessly trying to overcome these bloodthirsty leeches who are wasted on this planet earth.

May relief soon be close at hand.
God Speed.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Roshni: My Niece

My first memory of my niece is stepping into the room where my sister was dressing this tiny tot. i was too shocked to react, to see my sister with a baby was something that hadn't yet registered. mother and my sister?! no way! a gurgle drew my attention to this tiniest of being on earth. hesitantly i inched closer until my sister just flopped her over into my arms. nervous and scared that i may drop her. i clung to her for my life. that day despite being nothing more than 12-13 myself i knew what it is to hold someone close to ones heart. she won me over with her cu tests of smiles and those eyes that just stared at me laughingly. that very day i gave up my savings of rs 50 to buy her a 'hit me" toy which was way taller than her and would topple her, but the way she would hug it would melt my soul.

R O S H N I was just 9 months, my sister was admitted in the hospital with a bad case of appendicitis and i was entrusted with her care.barely old enough to know my way. i did what a mother should do. put her to sleep after walking and singing to her.changed her at regular intervals, cleaning her and feeding her. she wouldnt ever go to my mother, and clung to me 24*7. nights i would be awake trying to play with her and feed her and putting her to sleep.studies was the last thing i was able to do, because while she was asleep i would be trying to rest too. she was the world to me, and i did what i did only because i knew i had all the happiness in form of the baby in my arms.

Roshni is now all of 9. tall and lanky. she wears all my clothes with elaan.and she is more a friend than niece to me. she introduces me as a "friend" and not "masi" to her classmates and proudly flaunts me. it is always me who has to get her smallest whim and fantasy fulfilled. just like she knows she is pampered she is quite scared of me as well. she is the only one i allow to handle by precious cam. we get into some bad fights as well but they don't last long because chocolates and teddies do manage to bribe her and in no time is back to her usual chirpy self. it was worth all the pain and the neat pile i spent behind getting her the bacugan toy she so wanted. last time we were in the mall i hadn't been able to get her the toy coz i wasn't carrying my card with me.. but this time i got it and my my the look on her face was well worth it.

She just makes me such happy person. she makes me wanna put all the happiness of the world at her beckoning. because she is and will always be, my darling. and love is hardly the emotion that can summarize just how precious she is to me.she is and will always be my baby.

PS-D0 drop in a comment in the post below..

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Of church bells and chimes
Of tears and smiles.
Here's wishing you a fond goodbye

will miss you Chris. have a bon voyage.god speed.

Wedding Party Woes!

I went to a wedding reception yesterday. it was my dad's friend's son's wedding. so it was kind of a family affair and on no acount could i refuse to go or give a slip as i usually do. my fears and apprehension are genuine,the comments of relatives and acquaintances really bothers me because it is almost as always on me getting married. my fears just got confirmed; when an aunty came up to my mom and said "ki go ruby di? meye akhon ki korchey? or kono chobi thakle dio.. oi je America theke oi je... akta patro achey........" [ ruby di, what is your daughter doing these days? send me her pic for that American guy i was talking about..." ] my face hardened and i was prepared to give the lady a taste of her own medicine when mom signalled me to keep my cool.

An invitee in the wedding was staring at me all evening. he was a man in his 50's, he later ensured that his wife joins in. it was only later i came to know he was inquiring to my mom what i was doing in life etc...

Another man, my dad's friend; went as far as to tell me, so you are completing college right? so will dad ensure you study or has he looked for a man yet? the moment i said both my dad and i will ensure that i study, his face clouded. he told my dad that he should treat me like a girl should and start looking for a groom.

Why do people worry about if or not others children are married and settled. cant they mind their own business? i have read about some similar experiences in my other bloggers friends blog but probably i could never gauge their plight. but now i do. isnt marraige about two people who are compatible and in love? and just who determines when is the right time to get married. im 21 and im having to face such a torture i wonder what will happen as the years proceed.marriage talks always makes me feel like an object, as if i am some old transistor that needs to me married off. i will marry if and when i am ready and not because someone thinks it is time to do it or i ought to do it. damn these social nuisance who think its on them to do good! and damn these arranged marriages and these pimps of a matchers!! hmmph!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Perfect Day!

I am so bored of being me!its the same face that stares back from the mirror. its the same hair that i have to brush, its the same old clothes and same old stupid silly friends, and same old life.

What if one day id wake up to see that i am transported to a whole new world and a whole new me?my whole life getting revamped! wouldn't it be great to just open my eyes and everything would go right? samik would be the perfect boy friend and call and wake me up, it would not be a bad hair day. i would have no problem mixing and matching my clothes for college,instead the need to do so wouldn't arise seeing the size of my wardrobe, my kajal wouldn't smudge and my backpack would contain everything i will require. what if that day, im not late, and everything is in order? and dad would be a bit more benevolent with the pocket money and the breakfast would be a bit more sumptuous.wouldn't it be just great to have a seat in the bus instead of standing or maybe get an auto without an hassle. to top it off what if a paper is given out and i score the heighest?wouldn't it be just perfect.what if i had that apt set of friends, who valued friendships and emotions as much as i did, it would be amazing to lazy around with him, leaving the worries behind to enjoy an idyllic evening talking and doing something constructive not aimlessly taking a dig at others. the day would be just ideal wouldn't it?

What would be your perfect day be like??

P.S-Any idea what i can do with my long wavy hair?i have a wedding coming up.i so im trying to look different and do something to the hair.. to add to my worries my salon is closed today, so i have to rely on home made remedies..

Monday, November 24, 2008

Family Day, Awards and Exams

Yesterday was family day at Samik's office. Its a yearly event and like last year, this year too i accompanied him. Now you must be wondering why the hell would i go out with my [supposed] ex? well yeah we have broken up or rather we are on a break for sometime.. we keep going out, socializing, talking over the phone and usual stuff. Don't ask me why because i don't know, except i think we cant help not doing it. But trust me it really works wonders. The kind of equation we share now, probably is not the same as we used to share when we were together, its better and more mature i guess.

O yea Family Day, well family day at HSBC is really something. i mean the saroo employers do think of their employees enough to organize such an event on a high scale each year. the best part is, the event was not about showing off how good the company is. but it was also about doing their bit for the society. the company boasts of aiding an orphanage and an old age home, and they are their sole benefactors.imagine what it would look like to see men in their late twenties on stage, in South Indian attire-lungi and shirt, baring their [sexy lol!]legs and dancing to one of my favs-appadi podu... yeah you are right they were looking absolutely cute, where else would you see IT professional, from managerial level do this?!. it takes courage to perform in front of friends and family. what was amazing was, every department did their best trying to out do the rest, which resulted in a darn good show; except the MC was atrocious, with his PJs and singing. every one was chilled and relaxed, even his moronic managers were having a gala time with their wife and kids or girl friends. i have been hearing a lot of Fresh N Honest coffee in samik's office, finally i got to savor it was perfect, a lil strong but absolutely heavenly. what did i do all evening? well samik and i went for never ending walks within the compound, drinking coffee, savoring the winter chills, chatting and laughing, and watching one or two great performances. To say the least we got spotted by samik's friends and colleagues, who kinda eyed me suspiciously and gave a meek smile and disappeared! [thank god!] i just hope today at least he wont be teased at office for being in the event yet not taking part.. but my prediction says he might as well feel the heat! :P

Madam PJ has award me again and it goes without saying that I'm thrilled and honored. its the butterfly award! how i was envying all those who had it and i didn't! but now i have one to flaunt it too. :) but id like to pass it on to

*yamini and

because this girl gang rocks! girl power!! :)

my semesters begin in an exact week. to be honest i have not been able to make a headway in the past week, but all that is about to change, relax! no im not quitting blog world :D its just im not scared or nervous. but i will be, dont worry and you will get to know for sure :P

i hope you all have a great weekend ahead!


Sunday, November 23, 2008


by Rudyard Kipling

If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you
But make allowance for their doubting too,
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don't deal in lies,
Or being hated, don't give way to hating,
And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise:

If you can dream--and not make dreams your master,
If you can think--and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build 'em up with worn-out tools:

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it all on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breath a word about your loss;

If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: "Hold on!"

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with kings--nor lose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you;
If all men count with you, but none too much,
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds' worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it,
And--which is more--you'll be a Man, my son!

this is one of my favorite poems and i had first come across this poem when i was just 10. something about this poem has stuck on and stayed with me through my formative days.its the best motivation anyone can ever get.

recently i saw so many imminent people give up fame, power and money; while they were at has always made me wonder what it must have cost people like, Bill Gates, Saurav Ganguly, Anil Kunble, Suchitra Sen; to give something they loved doing. how much it must have effected them to give it all up while at the top. seriously i don't know if ever i will get to do something i love and then give it all up. what would you do? would you be able to give up something while at the top?

Saturday, November 22, 2008


i borrowed this one from Chris. i'm sure this will help us to know each other better. do answer the following questions as comments...

1. Who are you?
2. Are we friends?
3. Something I have and YOU want?
4. Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it?
5. Describe me in one word.
6. What was your first impression of me?
7. Do you still think that way about me now?
8. What reminds you of me?
9. If you could give me anything what would it be?
10. How well do you know me?
11. How do you see me in the future?
12. Ever wanted to tell me something but couldn’t?
13. Are you going to post this in your blog and see what I say about you?

Friday, November 21, 2008

Weighty Issues

All my girl pals in blog world are on a diet,taking care of themselves. and that kinda inspired me to write this post.even if i try to overlook, weight has been something that has been worrying me,for a long time now. I've been very sporty from childhood, i used to play badminton, took coaching for it and was kinda good in it too. in school i played basketball,dodge ball,khoko,throw ball etc.Not many know,that i am a state level rower [rowing]. till about class 12 i was about as fit as a fiddle. athletic and muscular [in a good way] god! i had a toned body with no flab.if you ever heard the kinda breakfast i had, you'd gasp. 2 eggs[whole], a big mug milk, 6-8 slices of bread,and a fruit!!geeez! and not an ounce of extra flab i used to be so much fun exerting the body to exhaustion.every time i used to flex my muscles to row a stroke more, my body would be pushed further and the pain would increase but the sore too had a satisfaction.

And now, with the lack of exercise, needless to say i have put on flab. many a time I've told myself "OK.this is it.i' ll shed some weight". I've tried from morning walks,to eating healthy,less of junk food, or dieting. nothing lasted for helped a does it every morning but i just can seem to get down to it.i lack motivation and the timings just never matches up. exercises is such a boring thing for me,and there is no gym close by,yes i am lazy too; but it is something i know is not for me, so i give up soon.

But seeing most of the people put in an honest effort to control over eating or wrong eating;made me what to do the same.I'm not eating healthy to look reed thin [read kareena kapoor, she looks sick!!]but i want to be healthy and fit, so that the troubles my mum is facing of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis i don't do the same.because it is somewhat hereditary and these happen due to overweight.then there are heart diseases and others that follow.

So now i am on an oil free boiled veggies diet. i eat that almost thrice a carbs,no eggs and just black coffee and tea. it isn't easy, only i know how hard i find to overlook the pangs of hunger that are nothing to do with me being hungry but everything to do because i want to chew on something or i feel empty.once i have started monitoring myself i realize where i do wrong and what i should do.the after meal hunger is by far the deadliest. and trust me to see Ads that show food, is a torture. but nothing is impossible if we set our mind to it.all i can say is, im trying, i don't know if i will succeed but at least I'm trying to stay healthy.i hope you do too.

Stay healthy and stay happy :)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

400 th post!

With this post i complete my 400Th post in 2 years and a month. The journey from when i started to now has been monumental.i used to be so apprehensive and conscious about what i wrote then. i had colored glasses on. i was weak and vulnerable. i like the new me. I'm a lot more confident on what i write. maybe its because with time i have grown up! It really was a pain to shed the original URL and also the name of the blog. but then it was a tad bit childish, however i do carry forward the "phoenix-rising from the ashes" attitude :)

From the person who hadn't a clue about templates and publishing posts, who would ask friends to fix templates for her, i know a thing or two about it. and that is some achievement! For me, my blog was always was an outlet to speak, to be myself. and whatever opinion i had good and bad; i found friends here who took me for who i am. some have stuck one... and some lost into oblivion, just like it happens in the 'real' world. I've made some really great and worthy friends in this bloggerville. and then there are new people i have just started reading and getting to know. so here's welcoming my new pals into my world-Trinaa,luckydivs and santoshi :) 400 is not a mean feat, but i am really horrible with numbers, so they don't really count. what counts is the happiness and satisfaction i receive from this blog, which is now such a massive part of my existence.i hope i have been able to make my presence felt and spread some good cheer! for all those who are still here reading me,over months and years.thank you, blogging wouldn't be the same without the lovely comments,awards and the friendships i had the opportunity to savor!

But the Biggest Thank You goes to my Bloggie for being the bestest pal ever! mwuah! *HUGS*! I hope i can continue with my blog for many more years to come *fingers crossed* :D

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I realized after writing the previous post that the anger I have within me is due to the fact that I endure what I do from people. It is not because they were just plain bad. But it was me who was unable to stand up to them and tell them “hey! Stop it right there. I won’t put up with your crap!” instead I am content to feel angry within, wishing I had stood up and voiced my opinion.

The reasons for not doing it are many, but most important one being; I didn’t want to have a fight and loose loved ones, as I have always said before, the moment I stand up for myself I loose friends. I then figured I loose friends anyway, so why endure the crap and loose them, why not just put an end to my troubles by voicing my opinions instead of opting out of a conflict? I have been overtly polite and meek and thus stuff kept happening to me. Who do these even think they are to mess up my life anyway? If these people are true friends as I think them to be, they will respect my opinions if and when I choose to voice them. And if they choose to walk away, what can I say? Maybe they weren’t really ‘real’ friends, so what would have happened, happened anyway. At least I will not have regrets or anger within me, because anger is self destructive.

Giving up something you love is the hardest thing to do; trust me I know. It was disheartening to see people ruin the thing that was after my heart, a part of my creation. The final blow was however to see, a person who meant so much do the same. One of the most important truths in life that I learn't is, No one, Absolutely No one cares for the thing you care, the way you do. But having said that, people have their strange ways, and who am I to even judge them?

On happier thoughts…
A very dear friend is going through a rough patch, his spirits are down and he is somewhat demoralized. It just makes me feel helpless, unable to bail him out. But here’s praying that he marches out of the darkness as the warrior of light. *HUGS* cheer up pal!
A big thank you to Harshita,Valencia, and Ria for being the friend in need. It meant the world to have someone who understood me.

News update on personal front-
My semesters begin sometime in the first week of December, yes I need to get down to books, and I will, promise. And I am not going to pledge falsely that I will not be frequent the blog world and study, for I have tried it the last four semesters and I was utterly unsuccessful. But I just have to forewarn that my posts may just be stray thoughts and random doodles. Just don’t abandon me... or else.. I will haunt your blogs..just kidding lol! I hope things are going good at your end… do take care…


P.S- I’m not unhappy, sad, or even depressed. Instead I’m hail and hearty. I just wanted to reassertion a few things to myself, hence the post. So don’t worry. :D o! i almost forgot... thanks for the lovely comments in the post below!:P

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What angers me?

In school id wonder what kinda temper i had, if i had a hot or short temper? then i realized that i have a hot and a short temper. now there are about a million things that really pisses me off. but then i ll not bore you and just state a few. you might ask why? id say some people have been rubbing me off the wrong way lately and i think i just reached my endurance, so here i go, venting my frustration. it seems all the losers of the world infest my planet.

1. "i the almighty" attitude that some flaunt and shamelessly so

2.first they prod you "comment nahi karte ho aj kal?" and then "what kinda comment was that?" !! isnt comments a way to express personal opinion?? or is to please author of the blog?? i hate this one- "free advice" god! just because advice is free people are so generous with them that it often kills me.mails ho ya call ho, chat ho ya sms ho... everyone is dishing out free advice... wasn't advice something you seek? or to be given when you are in need? but no, nowadays wherever you go, you get it, all for FREE.... FREE ADVICE anyone?!! unlike most im not really interested in all things free, not this time though

4.some people just don't know how to read between lines.things said politely or rudely, subtly or directly; some just refuse to take the point! phew! this not only irritates me but bugs me to no end. what do you do with such people? who are thick skinned and fat sculled?

5.these are the type of people really makes me angry, because they are themselves volatile [more than me] and you just need to kowtow to them and if you don't, you are in for brickbats, you need to measure each things you say, for something said in jest is taken the wrong way. i hate being conscious and aware. because no matter what you do or say you end up in the wrong side of the person.god help those who have such gusse wala saroo as friends... they need it big time....

6.there are plenty such people in my college. these people will smile at you, but you can read their thoughts and look through their facade. they will tell you "o how beautiful you are looking.lost weigh na?! her thoughts are "bitch! she lost weight my foot!" what she wants to hear is "what are you saying? i think you have lost weight!" and i end up saying "o yea? have i lost weight? thanks for reminding, it boosts my confidence to work harder!" lol! sometimes these people will look at you with spite in their eyes, and when you catch them looking they are taken aback and will try and give their fake brightest smile and look away! :P

7. these are the people who have bloated ego's and think no end of themselves. one small thing done and they feel that they have been slighted.

8.are you still reading?! thanks.... well these people leave things half way just because they have lost motivation for whatever reasons. hate the losers!

9. these are sadists and misanthrope. no amount of good can cheer them up, they are down in the dumps and will make sure you feel the same too..arrgh!!

10. these people take a jibe at others thinking it to be fun but don't know how to take the reactions, good for bad.they think like is trivial and all hunky dory..damn them anyway! :P

then there are liars, hypocrites etc who fall in this category too but are kinda lame... if you meet people who belong to any of the above category run for you life and never go back!

Monday, November 17, 2008

My Dream House

This is the view I've always envisioned. from the time i came across this picture i just couldn't get it out of my system; hence the post :P!
i have always wanted to live in a sky scraper. my dream house wouldn't be too big, just enough to accommodate me and thoughts. a place where i can just be me. to sit flopped on a bean bag, with a good book; or just standing on the balcony with a mug of steaming coffee looking out at the street lights and the cars zooming by.

A one room flat, with a spacious bathroom and a cozy veranda, is what my dream home is like. With loads of cushions, my books, my lappy and ipod. A queen sized bed, bean backs and a desk and cupboard is all the furniture i need. to imagine a place all to myself is an absolute bliss. so tell me what is your ideal home like?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Midnight Frenzies

Just imagine being woken up rudely at the dead of the night. nothing you do seems to make any difference... the feeling just refuses to go. you toss and try thinking of better things, try mediation. but all in vain the thought crops up, refuses to go, and is as strong as ever. you know it is wrong to even think of it. you know its harmful. but the temptation is too great to deal with. just one lick, one moment of savoring the bliss. it is as if madness has struck you. and you have to have it, and nothing in the world can stop you. and there goes your resolution down the grains, and you put your blanket aside and get off the bed, with the spring in your step. you know at last it is yours. you run and immediately open the door to see... these beauties gracing your freezer

Imagine taking a spoonful and your mouth closing in on the scoop of absolutely delicious sundae. the sundae which is almost an intoxication, spreads it magic all over, your eyes close to savor the taste before the you gulp the spoonful.gooey sticky chocolate sauce overpower your senses, the coolness of the ice cream just works magic and in a state of frenzy spoonful after spoonful the sundae brings pleasure and bliss, rendering you almost high and incapable of snapping out to reality. ummmmmmm you almost moan out with absolute bliss.with the last spoon gone, you wish this paradise never ends. grudgingly you make your way back to your bed, and its the sweet memory of the sundae that sees you through the night, and you drift of to sleep thinking of the sundae land...

Who wants any other intoxication when you have goodies like ice-cream, chocolates, and cakes and pastries to take you to a trip to heaven!

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Karan Johar production's latest is Dostana, directed by Tarun Mansukhani . this is the first that Karan Johar steps out of his superstition with the word K and choose to make a film by the same name as the one his dad had once directed. if you want to watch an absolute entertainer, then this is it; but don't take your brains along because its a laugh riot and not some arty flick. music is somewhat good nothing great. but what grabs eyeballs is truly John Abrahim's butt, some hilarious performance by AB baby as the gay icon, Priyanka Chopra looking absolutely the babe who is smolderingly hot! and really good acting by Kiron Kher in a two bit role. this flick is not degrading the gay fraternity, but very sensitively handled by KJO, great punches and some really rib tickling performances. the movie is that of a feel good one, with its subtle emotions and all about friendship and love [in friendship] what probably could have been an outright cool and funny movie was marred by an unnecessary loose ending , and twist in the tale with a forceful gay kiss to prove friendship, that is truly ludicrous. but on the whole a great entertainer and will probably go on to be a hit!

my rating 3 on 5 [-.50 for the sagging ending]

Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Children's Day!

This is a special post to all my 5 little angels, whom i teach - Kalpok,Reesha,Reesha,Sushmita,and Ranbir..and also to an extra special darling, my niece:roshni, thank you so much for making my life so beautiful, and filling colors and spreading the joy! here's wishing you a very happy children's day!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mixed Bag of Events

lots been happening on my personal front. some real encouraging things and somethings that totally suck. but then life is all about its ups and downs and i just hate to dwell on negativity for too long because it gets to me :)

finally a very hectic two weeks of college just came to an end. now there is another two weeks of study leave and then semesters. yeah i cant wait to get it done and over with. because i really wanna move beyond the boundaries of JU :). the good news is, most of my results of class tests are out, and i am really happy about it, they are pretty decent and at last the hard work paid off. what more my last semester with my favorite prof [yeah i have had a crush on him since 1st semester] ended with me getting really good marks in his paper.yay! :D *blush* *blush*

hmm things really turned sour on one of the places i really find solace blog. the joint blog turned into a battlefield of sorts with a post on me, trying to cheer me up. the post was maybe well intended. but i really cant stand distortion of my name, and the things that were written about me, which seemed nothing like who i am. this keeps happening with me, the moment i stand up for myself i loose friends. i mean don't i even have the right to react after being humiliated in a public forum? those people who wrote the post quit one by one. what can i say? this is a free world, they have a right to do what they want. but its funny how a trivial issue like this was handled. misunderstandings happen if there are many on board, but the trick is to understand not everyone is the same, to adjust and work together in harmony.i thought these people were on because they truly wanted to have fun and to spread good cheer. maybe they were never meant to be a part of it. Rock star's Lounge will move ahead nonetheless.

on happier thoughts.... children's day is coming up, and i plan to do something for my students... have gotten them gifts i just hope they like it... my niece will be over too so maybe i'll make a trip to the mall, which is long overdue. have you guys seem Roadside Romeo?? can a 7 yr old see the movie? i hope there is no adult content. :P

PS- i know this post surely doesn't sound too optimistic but im trying to look beyond things that depress me. please be patient, happy posts will surely come up :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Food for thought

No one is this world is generous or selfless. In a rat race to succeed, more often than not, even friends or family choose themselves over you. Avarice does indeed rule over all earthly emotions!

PS- this is not about anyone from pardon me i'm in a really crappy mood.will be back with a better post and in a better mood.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

So Long Farewell!

A whole lot can be said but words fail me. for no amount of words can equal the stature of this man and his contribution to Indian cricket. Saurav Ganguly a stalwart and legend.he is what every Indian dreams to be, he is the pride of Bengal.he is and will always be the Maharaj of Indian cricket. he will be missed and greatly so. for more info on Saurav Ganguly click here

Monday, November 10, 2008


i watched the long awaited fashion.i had been meaning to watch it for ages but nothing seemed to work out. sometimes the timings weren't right and somethings the movie theatre.anyway finally i watched the movie i knew i just had to watch.

Madhur Bhandarkar's movie are pioneers for realistic movies. they narrate a story of a segment of the society in its starkness and detailing. i was a little apprehensive because i didn't know if the movie could deliver. the actor who startled me was, Mudga Godse, she was such a natural. Kangna Ranaut was her usual nautanki, yelling and screaming banshee, playing her role of a drug addict supermodel, on her way out well. but the show stopper was Priyanka Chopra undoubtedly. her eyes spoke volumes, it mirrored hurt, dejection, attitude, love, and arrogance, with its easy succession.what is splendid is the eye for detail and the confident finishing touch. it could have been a narration of raise and fall of one, then the other rides her waves until she too is pulled down. but no. it is the rise and fall is there, deftly handled by the director. the message is loud and clear, it is never to late to try and that turns the story around. the movie gives us a situation and two solutions, resounding several warnings of the outcome of it. it is ultimately how we handle pressure in a given condition. the music score of the film is quite good. this movie is definitely deserves a second watch.

my rating 3.5 on 5

i wonder why fashion industry made such an hue and cry about the movie. i think htey should be proud of it and thank Madhur Bhandarkar to make such a movie, because only he ccould have handle such a topic with panache.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Aj Kal Ke Bacche

With me teaching kids i have a fair idea of "aj kal ke bacchey" thankfully i have good kids as children but they do betray what the general trend is among kids.and it is more shocking than pleasant. what kind of environment we give our kids is our choice, and sometimes we dont have choices.....and nothing can more sad than that.

My neice, roshni,age:7,class:2

she is crazy about some dumb cartoons like ben 10 or took me ages to give it a search google, to be more knowledgeable to about such things. i mean really what cartoons do these kids see? i used to watch flinstones,tom and jerry, yogi bear, scooby dooby doo etc and i used to find them really fun, they were educative and really non-violent. but somehow i feel kids today, watch much harsher and violent cartoons.there is no portrayal of emotions in any of it, there is a sense of doing something for humanity but is that enough?if the kids are shown violence by their favorites character, wont it impact on the kids?

Student,kalpok,age:8,class 3

Stays in a creche while his mom is away at work. dad works in mumbai, far away from home. he is an unique example of an ideal child.he does things without being told, almost too diligent to be true.


Good in studies,with a working mom one becomes a bit more considerate but i guess nowadays kids have become too materialistic for words. they maybe a good student but when it comes to making life easy for her mother, she is all tantrums and words. with her mother struggling to give the very best to her kids, education,teachers and any other thing that she and her brother may need; while her husband,who is mostly away from home. the kids have no consideration.

student,riddhi,reesha's brother,age:15,class:9

With a mother like their's who neglects her younger sister because her son needs her most he, can be least bothered about the thousands of rupees that his parents are spending on his education. from bunking tuition regularly, to misbehaving with mother and sister, he does it all. what kind of kids are these people?? clashes with parents are so normal but to misbehave with them is totally uncalled for.I'm aghast when i have to witness such things. being a good student and sharing a good rapport with others and ill treating folks at home is surely not a commendable thing to do.


With boards around the corner she does what she pleases but studies.she gets all that most at her age don't get,even i never got when i was in class 10. she has a car at her disposal, an N70,rs 1000 pocket money. she spends more than rs 3000 on tuition, which she bunks and the teachers are not bothered.she is aware of how she is being exploited by her tuition teachers yet the girl sneaks away to have fun with friends, bunks classes regularly, dates a guy who two times her and uses her, yet she is with him; yet she is unperturbed. her phone gets seized so she buys herself a new phone on the sly. she spends money like water, and now stands on the brink, where a little effort can "pass" her or her continual disregard for boards can fail her. while its ok to have fun and freak out with friends, it is important to have good friends who will never mislead you. this is the time to study and not frolic around, no amount of pep talk and explaining can help the girl, who thinks friends are for life. whereas it is these friends who exploit her.

All the people mentioned above are basically good kids but their attitude to life really shocks can one be so immature and insensitive towards parents who have given them all they could to ensure the best that life can offer. its not as if these kids are not explained but a trend in kids these days are, to hear that is being said and then forget all about it.just how can one guide these people to a better living when they don't want to help themselves. these people may just be an examples i used to convey my point, sad but true this is the true picture of the world.i just hope my kids,when i have them :P, are not like this i have no clue what i will do if they react this way with me.