Thursday, November 27, 2008

Roshni: My Niece

My first memory of my niece is stepping into the room where my sister was dressing this tiny tot. i was too shocked to react, to see my sister with a baby was something that hadn't yet registered. mother and my sister?! no way! a gurgle drew my attention to this tiniest of being on earth. hesitantly i inched closer until my sister just flopped her over into my arms. nervous and scared that i may drop her. i clung to her for my life. that day despite being nothing more than 12-13 myself i knew what it is to hold someone close to ones heart. she won me over with her cu tests of smiles and those eyes that just stared at me laughingly. that very day i gave up my savings of rs 50 to buy her a 'hit me" toy which was way taller than her and would topple her, but the way she would hug it would melt my soul.

R O S H N I was just 9 months, my sister was admitted in the hospital with a bad case of appendicitis and i was entrusted with her care.barely old enough to know my way. i did what a mother should do. put her to sleep after walking and singing to her.changed her at regular intervals, cleaning her and feeding her. she wouldnt ever go to my mother, and clung to me 24*7. nights i would be awake trying to play with her and feed her and putting her to sleep.studies was the last thing i was able to do, because while she was asleep i would be trying to rest too. she was the world to me, and i did what i did only because i knew i had all the happiness in form of the baby in my arms.

Roshni is now all of 9. tall and lanky. she wears all my clothes with elaan.and she is more a friend than niece to me. she introduces me as a "friend" and not "masi" to her classmates and proudly flaunts me. it is always me who has to get her smallest whim and fantasy fulfilled. just like she knows she is pampered she is quite scared of me as well. she is the only one i allow to handle by precious cam. we get into some bad fights as well but they don't last long because chocolates and teddies do manage to bribe her and in no time is back to her usual chirpy self. it was worth all the pain and the neat pile i spent behind getting her the bacugan toy she so wanted. last time we were in the mall i hadn't been able to get her the toy coz i wasn't carrying my card with me.. but this time i got it and my my the look on her face was well worth it.

She just makes me such happy person. she makes me wanna put all the happiness of the world at her beckoning. because she is and will always be, my darling. and love is hardly the emotion that can summarize just how precious she is to me.she is and will always be my baby.

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dil ki pyar said...

read about Roshini quite a times but am glad today for having seen her....

To Roshini,
hey dear..this is yamini, wanna be your frnds as o live kids and esp you after reading your Masi's post....will u be my frnd..>??

To Phoenix,
hey dear...loved your niece...wanna have her with me too...lot many hugs to her and all the good wishes frm me...

Harshita said...

She is so divine and cute :)

My massi and me have an age diff of some 9 yrs and with this post...all I cud think of was HER :)

Priya Joyce said...

ahh cho chweet she luks cute re

i hav a cousin..called anugraha..uur post reminds me of her

GAYATHRI said...

so sweet!!such a lovely aunt to post on her!!!cheers!!

ANWESA said...

nice kid..i always like little girls around n i was glad 2 see this child..lots of luv 4 her..
n 2 u too..

Trinaa said...

kinni cuteeeeeeeee hai...yummy yummy cheeks :D

Aneesh said...

To have someone so dear to care for is a blessing and you have it.
Nice post :)

Phoenix said...

i ll make her read this on for sure and im sure all she is gonna do is jump with joy :)

you are one heck of a sweet girl!

Phoenix said...


Phoenix said...

aww :)

Phoenix said...

gee thanks :D

Phoenix said...

*HUGS* thanks a ton!! ure a sweetheart!!

Phoenix said...

yummy cheeks just like her masi

Phoenix said...

well said :)


lukkydivz said...

thats the best thing about children,they lighten ur matter wat :)

such a cutie she is, loved the pic with glasses on :)

sorry raks, i missed this post :O

Phoenix said...

hahahha u too call me raks!!! :) thats what everyone calls me... and never mind..happens yaar...somehow i too missed ur link but thankfully got it back!! :D

Preetilata【ツ】 said...

heyyyyyy Raka..... i found u atlast. u chngd d url n i wsnt aware n thats y ur blog never opened with that link. happy to found u.

the post is full of every good n deep emotions. may god bless u n ur cute niece alwys.

Roshni is so very cute. hugs to both ou u :)

take care