Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Agenda for the coming year!

With each hurdle comes an oppertunity, to learn and to try and succeed. With this year almost coming to an end and the lessons that i learnt, are too invaluable for words. Among loads of things that i learnt, these are the 5 things i promise myself for the next year.
  • In life, no matter how fiercely independent i am, i find myself always sacrificing my needs and wants paving way for others. in this way i neglect myself. But in the new year i pledge to think about myself and not give in to others who tend to take me for granted and don't regard my wishes at all. its better to be forthright and speak out things, instead of standing by and silently suffering.

  • No matter just how essential it is for me to find a solution to every problem, i will try and realize that there are certain things way beyond my to control. i will restrict myself from expressing the tiniest of problems with people, hoping to solve it, when clearly others don't notice it or regard it as a problem at all. i must learn to let go.

  • There are loads of changes coming up in my life this year. Hopefully i will move out to study my PG, i will be away from home, family and friends and everything i call my own. Im averse to changes and i simply hate them, and i almost suffer panic attacks when I'm away from my people of things. but i make a promise to give in gracefully to the new changes, to make an effort to adjust myself to them.

  • I must get out of my shell to think constructively and prepare myself to take a stand where my personal relationship is concerned, good or bad. i need to be firm and take a call, and stick by it. re-assertion of my personal aims should be a key word next year.
  • And lastly i would try and break out of the notions and principles i had created for myself, which detain me in shackles, which i know i can do without considering that i have my head firmly on my shoulders. Being a little less principalistic wont harm specially since im turning into a pious and conservative old tart! i will try and be more confident and take pride in my existence.

No resolutions these are not. just mental notes, things i need to develop to evolve into a successful human being. hopefully next year will ne better than this one. have you guys made pointers too or is it just weirdo me??!!

May god always guide us in our endevours and give us strength to overcome whatever dissapointment that may come our way, next year. Have a great Year Ending!


Pranav Kumar V said...

tik...tok...tik... tok... I'm all ready for the FRESH START!!! :D

Go go... get ready to go...

ONE DAY TO GO... See you when I see you... :)

Keshi said...

hey sweetz a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR to ya MWAH!

I agree...no matter what, there r some things in life that we hv no control of.

TC n all the best with ur fresh start for 2009!


Priya Joyce said...

yes true..nd may all the small things u hav decided for 2009 come true..and happen as u hav thot..tc

and a happy new yr to u dearie

MultiMenon said...

soo true..der are a few things in life that u dun hv a control and das precisely wat even i have said inmma post off late..you jus gotta accept them as they are and move on..

Happy New Year dear.. :)
take care..

Harshita said...

I am so proud to be ur friend... You are a wonderful person...really.

I have my pointers ready too :)

Wish you lots of luck and strength as you step into a beautiful year yet again.

Hobo ........ ........ said...

weirdo ?
Why you think so.
Once respect for oneself is always appreciable.
I clap for you and your resolutions.
Goodluck !!!

Akshat said...

Well I've made my pointers too...but I call them new year resolutions...which do not last even the first week of Jan..:(..:P

But hopefully you would be strong enough to achieve your pointers!!!

Happy Year Ending..
and hopefully a happier new year!!!

Take Care...

Richa said...

hap hap happy new yr buddy..

i wish it brings every thing to u... n lot more :)

Hemanth Potluri said...

:) happy new year sweetu :)..


santoshi said...

wish u a Happy New Year 2009.

hitch writer said...

Happy new year !!! Achieve your pointers ...

joiedevivre said...

huh..gearing up for the move..
all d bst
happy new year

Sakshi said...

Happy New year!!!
And good you have planned things nicely. Hope you keep the resolve. :)

Trinaa said...

happy wala new year to raka...enjoy loads n loads! :D

Dr. Pragya bajaj said...

haapy new year

yamini meduri said...

happy new year ....!!!

vanilla sky said...

Here's wishing you a great year ahead!

vanilla sky said...

as I can see, you've got 199 posts this year...great going!

ANWESA said...

nice list!tho i haven't planned yet,i'm thinkin of bringing sum kinda gud changes in myself this year.lots of luv n wishes.