Sunday, December 14, 2008

FUN post!!

I had this pending for a long long time now. and since im just taking a lil break and cant seem to manage to think of something to write.. just imagine ive been blogging daily during exams and now when they are over, i seem to have a writers block :) anyway happy reading and hey! do answer them too as your comments :)

Name the thing you sleep with.
my cellphone :) and my dreams

2. The best excuse you ever gave to your parents to miss school.
hey! i never missed school!! i used to get attendance certificate :)

3. Your dream man/woman ie the qualities you expect in your life partner.
maturity. ettiquetes, sensitivity, loyalty and honesty

4. The first boy/girl who asked for your phone no.
there was this sexy neighbour, we infact dated and then broke off [i was under false impression that i was in love!! :P]

5. The worst quality in boys/girls.
boys- no matter what you need you will never get 'all' of the guys, there will still be some ambiguous corners that you can never ever reach out to. [exceptions are there]

girls- are inhibited and are big time spoil sports with their frills and furs. [exceptions are there]

6. The moment of life you felt proud of yourself. Please put up the incident also.
when i won my school elections to win the vice house captian of Yellow house [in class 9 you become the vice captain through elections, first major post in school] then i went on to being house captain the following year and then again the prefect in 11 and 12, occupying all the major positions in school, that too through voting where the whole school had to participate. and the bliss came when both the two years of my [vice &] captaincy my house won!! :D it was a great moment to raise the cup and my best friend being the loudest person cheering for me! bliss!

7. The worst habit/quality in you.
im overtly critical, the first person i criticize is me. :D

8. A thing you always wear except clothes.
my confidence

Thats have fun in answering them.


Priya Joyce said...

hey me first to comment :P

I so loved ur answers specially the phone number waala

nice moment of pride...


Priya Joyce said...

Hey i did this tag long ago :P

Its my creation :P

so u know the answers i think

CяŷştąŁ said... also in Yellow House.. and I tooo HATE missing school..:D

Phoenix said...

is this ur tag?gosh i didnt know.. wud have liked ur answers nonetheless coz i got this from a different friend... still :)

Phoenix said...

*same pinch* :D

dil ki pyar said...

1. Name the thing you sleep with.
my Diary that carries all my thoughts, my dremas, my complaints, my gossips, my "SELF"
and always have my sister beside me....

2. The best excuse you ever gave to your parents to miss school.
i never missed school with excuses coz' i was lacking attendance coz' of ill health

3. Your dream man/woman ie the qualities you expect in your life partner.
trust in me, respect to my thoughts, individuality, and yes love and care to me...

4. The first boy/girl who asked for your phone no.
many online frnds and i dont remember who was the first one....and i dint give it to any one lol...

5. The worst quality in boys/girls.
boys::you cant expect anything from them. wen we ask them for something we always get an answer that is negative for us but always positive for them....not open minded (but yes, some are exceptional in this case)

girls::they are typical. they always doubt others and get into trouble very often. they say they can do anything and the next time they say "I am a girl. how do u expect me to do it?" ha ha ha...

6. The moment of life you felt proud of yourself. Please put up the incident also.
this is about my best time of my life in school after six years of leaving it.
15,Aug,2008-> when i was made the chief guest of my own school's Independence day celebrations and was made to hoist the National flag and address the students. i was just top of the world and i can say i am proud of myself for not the Chief Guest role but for having hoisted our National Flag....even today, i am wished by lot many students of my school everyday on my way home from the college....wat more does a student need to be proud of???

7. The worst habit/quality in you.
short tempered..when my parents dont agree with my thoughts...when they strike off my feelings...

8. A thing you always wear except clothes.
my smile...

nice post dear....i loved it
these are my answers and hope you liked them...!!!

Hemanth Potluri said...



Tara said...

1.Name the thing you sleep with.
My cellphone. I listen to the radio at night, and sleep off with the earphones twisted around me! :)

2.The best excuse you ever gave to your parents to miss school.
I had cent percent attendance too...just one year I missed one day of school! That day, Amma forced me not to go to school! :)

3.Your dream man/woman ie the qualities you expect in your life partner.
The ability to respect my dreams, a very good sense of humor, and someone with whom I am completely at ease.

4.The first boy/girl who asked for your phone no.
This guy from my class, we had to do a project together, so he asked. He is now my best friend. :)

5.The worst quality in boys/girls.
Boys- Hate the MCP thing! (not everyone)
Girls- That sissy attitude, like girls who are the go-getter types!

6.The moment of life you felt proud of yourself. Please put up the incident also.
The moment is yet to come. :)

7.The worst habit/quality in you.
That I am very lazy...I love to procrastinate! And that sometimes, I am too truthful, blurting out what I feel, which can hurt the other person. :|

8.A thing you always wear except clothes
A smile!

MultiMenon said...

good one..the fone number query was awsum!

btw,the worst thing abt guys!!--jus din get it across... :)

lukkydivz said...

1. cellphone n PROBLEMS :D
2. excuse? i had the freedom to bunk school anytime :P,care,trustworthy,courteousness respect n understand women.. and aur bhi hai :P
4. dont remember
5. boys- indifference (sometimes)
girls- jealousy
6. again cant recollect any!! maybe in future i will? ;)
7. i cant forgive, i cant forget :(
8. again - problems :D :D

Trinaa said...

i seem to be reading diff versions of this tag..hehe..nice but :D

Akshat said...

1. cellphone and hope that tomorrow would be better!!:D

2.I am allowed to miss school but I've to deal with any consequences following it!!

3.Huge list...never mind!!:)

4. My was more like feeding our no. in each others cell!!

5.Boys: Passive nature..most of the time!!

Girls: Can't stop gossiping!!

6. Haven't been proud of myself yet!!:(

7. I am a host of bad qualities optimistic spirit!!!

hfm said... warm blanket, it's been with me everywhere!

2.I hate the kid I sit next to.

3.confidence, maturity, the ability to totally 'get' me, intelligent and sociable

4.a close friend who wanted a little more out of the friendsip

5.worst quality in BOYS is their lack of attention span and in GIRLS their inherent need to judge

6.When I finally finished my training for being a professional mentor.The feeling of finishing something worthwhile was amazing!

7.I hold expections too high poise


Pranav Kumar V said...

So what if I'm not first?? I came, that's what counts... :D

maturity. ettiquetes, sensitivity, loyalty and honesty

So, you'd be looking for these qualities in "Your dream man/woman ie the qualities you expect in your life partner... Wow!! No no no. I'm not saying anything, I'm just figuring out the possibilities over there!! :P

See you when I see you!!!

P.S. You wouldn't believe what I saw last night!! So, my absence at Bloggerland. That'll be my next post tomorrow I guess!! Wait wait...

WarmSunshine said...

Very sweet!

LOVED your answer to the last question :)

ANWESA said...

1-something which can act lyk a bed or pillow..:)
2-"there's lot to study" :)
3-watevr i dont hav;so wat if i cant b perfect,i can b 50% of a perfect couple. (yay!!!) :)
4-in class 2,a girl n frnd called soumya.(4 help in homework n all.dont get notty.)we r frnds evn now.
5-worst quality is not gender specific,but if i hav 2 say,this is it:
boys-"boys are better than gals in all ways"
gals-"they are boys,they can do this.we cant."
6-in sixth standard when i won the 1st prize in a scholarship exam,it was my first scholarship told me later that dad had cried dat nite.he was proud of me.
so,i was doubly proud of myself.
7-ummm...i'm too vulnerable sometimes..dis was a tuf question :)
8-a confident smile...

Phoenix said...

i agree with the stuff u said about boys and about not giving your phone number..girl you are smart :D

Phoenix said...

:O :x

no answer?

Phoenix said...

cellphone wrapped all around you :O

Phoenix said...


Phoenix said...

good one.. :)

Phoenix said...


Phoenix said...

wow i liked the question no 1

Phoenix said...

hmm winter and blanket..uff too good

Phoenix said...

lemme see you when i see you... im gonna kick some ass :P

Phoenix said...

@warm sunshine
:D hey why didnt you answer :)

Phoenix said...

i loved number 6 :)

Harshita said...

Was away...managed to read this blog-post today... and I am so glad I read it :)

I loved all of ur answers. Keep blogging.

Arjun said...

Nice tag... :)
Liked ur answers...

On bunking school- My school used to start at 8.30am. So when i ever wanted to bunk, i would act like the sickest guy alive on earth until 8.30 ... By abt 11, u cld see me playin football.. :)

Keep Posting..


Phoenix said...


Phoenix said...

lol! you guys na.. always up to antics :P