Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rotten Relatives!!

i hate socializing with my relatives. maybe i am a bit allergic to them or plain anti-social. but for me primarily the reason is their haughty nature and the tonality and choice of words. i don't really get into conflicts just avoid them like plague.

damn! this holidays, which i had carefully planned so that i could have "me"-time but instead I'm being forced to acknowledge that i haven't been active in the social circuits and that it is earning me negative marks [as i care!! :P] man! no matter what i do i cant seem to make some other plans and avoid it. I'm being grilled. no wonder i hate such relatives who force people away from them with their atrocious behaviour and then they bitch at their absence and snap when the person is forced to put up an appearance. damn!! damn!!

i don't know whats with these nosy people who are good for nothing and yet claim that they are relatives and demand attention!! really!! why this agitation you ask? well these are those pesky relatives who tell me, when are you going to do us a favour by completing your grads?as if they fund me and are my moral guardians. these people are the ones who tell me that I'm haughty because I'm studying in one of the best colleges in the city and that i choose not to spend time with them.. ludicrous!! i haven't seen people complaining because someone values studying to trivial social gatherings..

really!! :x what really bothers me is, these cousins who are almost 15-20 years my senior never bothered about me when i was younger. in fact they would not include me in any of their meets despite me begging them to allow me, saying I'm too small. and now that I'm all grown up they demand respect and attention! I'm raging here to even imagine tomorrow i have to go out to lunch at these peoples place because a cousin of mine has come down from Alaska for a few days and he will be leaving soon. because college is off now and i have nothing much planned I'm trapped into attending a social do despite not wanting to.. damn my fate!!

guys if you have such relatives..shun them or simple run away!! they are a pain in the A$$!! and do pray for me that i can endure this tyranny tomorrow without being my usual outspoken self and be the perfect darling daughter to my overtly emotional mom, who thinks the world of these trashy relatives!! :P


Harshita said...

ha ha...same old story... same here yaar

I am so damn pissed with this socialising-with-relatives thing...

Why shud we care for ppl who give a shit abt us??

I can completely understand ur situation and I'll pray for

ANWESA said...

well,sumtyms it can b too depressin 2 b wid ppl who irritate u..i'm too a victim of such "torture".it happens only in india!!!

LifeSmiles:) said...

But beaware they should not read your post :D
Ya some time it is really crazy to be with your relatives. these are the last holiday of 2008, so please do not waste..take time for yourself too :)

Akshat said...

I sympathize with you...the same story over here too!!

But I am still in 11th my mom has given me time out...from the oh-so-interesting(catch the sarcasm) social circle of our relatives!!

Hopefully your brain would still be in one piece...after all the socializing!!


lukkydivz said...

LOL is this the second post am reading on ur blog about ur annoying relatives :D thank god i have good ones :)

CяystąL said...

Ya..I agree with Divz..thankfully I have good ones ;)..but enjoy till it lasts,bayby :D

Pranav Kumar V said...

Yes. Anti-social is the word. Completely. The mantra is simple, wear an old jeans and a tee, have shabby hair, be neat and throw a smile on your face. That's it. Not a word. This works great for me with all those long lost "relatives" who complaint about my absence. Fools think I'm a calm guy!! Yeah right!! We're like chalk and water dude!!

But cousins, sorry about this one dude!! These are the best guys I've got on this planet!! My definition of SOCIAL is, these guys and their folks (my uncles and aunts). Period. And I'm the YOUNGEST!! :D:D:D Extra care!! I just love those guys!! After all, they love to listen to all what I keep blabbering, or at least they let me feel so!! :P To the rest of the bloodline - ..|.

Priya Joyce said...

same here dear...I too can't take tat..talking visiting..then specially wen they cum to stay at my place..huh!

but once in a while its ok..

and..then..we hav to bother..abt them all the tym..thank God we stay away here frm all our relatives in kerala..


!! Oxymoron !! said...

lol!! Boy! You really hate them, dont you! I normally dont socialise with my relatives much, but when I do, I usually am with the tiny tots, playing hide and seek!! I know its difficult,but how about going for the meal, for the meal?! Just pretend there is food and nothing else around you (works for me every time!) haha! All the best! Do try enjoying yourself!

Hemanth Potluri said...

well i dont know abt annoying relatives r cool :)..


MultiMenon said...

hehe..everyone goes thro too..I jus dun give a damn n move on.. :)

it does piss ur elders particularly my grandma and the rest who expect u to be hunky dory with every tom dick n harry tho I deal it straight..Even then,as u said--its aoin in the ass.. :)

Lena said...

lol i get thats practically the same in each family... for me those family get-together are like a torture always, but now i got a good excuse always, saying i am wrking without weekends :D
They somehow believe :D

shooting star said...

well...i have such relatives...and the only i shut them up once for all was by being my forthright self..and answering back to their bullshit!! no one in my family dares bullshiting me...whenever i choose to go at social does...they are doubly careful what they speak..les they have to hear some sarcastic commnent(coated richly with sugar though!!)from me........ shoudnt mind what they say....just ignore them...!!