Saturday, May 02, 2009


Proud to be her friend
Her attitude, i admire
Over time, we became friends

Every chat was special for us

Nights become short, when we speak

I know her as the Destiny's Child

Xpressing her inner self

Ringing the bells of love
Always she makes us think

King of her heart, is special

Always be together, i wish

Many a times, i find her in stress

U know, she can manage it fine

Journey of her life, she decided

All of them, she managed to cross

Memories, she have in loads

Drop them will never she
Am one of them i am sure

River of love i wud like to gift her...!!!

-- yours forever friend
Yamini Meduri
desire2dream, live2achieve
From the Land Of Dreams


ANWESA said...

yams,u did a fab job.n i'm sure phoenix wud hav thanked u tonnes.
i luvd ur words n i luv the way u'v written it.

Mayz said...

ah beautiful lines to describe a beautiful person...

**King of her heart, is special
Always be together, i wish

amen to that!!! :)

raka come down from cloud 9...hehehehe

dnt wry u wont fall m here to catch ya ;)

Phoenix said...


this is i think the first time ever someone has written a poem just for me.. your words have really made me feel special and trust me these will be always be cherished by me.. thank you for thinking my worthy of your kind words...

and most of all.. THANK YOU for being my friend

lots of love, hugs and kisses..

Phoenix said...


tumharey bahoon mein gir ne kay liye mein toh humesha taiyaar hoon..

aur yeh yaad rakhna..tumharey liye mein kissi bhi hadd tak gir sakti hoon... lol! :P

yamini meduri said...

Wow...first ever Guest post of mine already posted..!!!

i am happy as ever..!!!

thanks Phoenix for this opportunity...Hugs..!!!

i juss read your comment...i am glad that i am the first to write somethign specially for you...congos to me.. hehehe..!!!

**thanks for being your friend**

haha...not really needed...i always have u in my no more palce for the thanks...haha..!!

Have a great time have many more miles to go..!!

Good wishes..!!!

Leo said...

beautifully done Yammi! :)

brilliant guest post! a sensational poem! deserved to part of the big 500! :)

congratulations in advance Phoenix! reach 1000 soon! :)

Mayz said...


hugzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!! :)

AD said...

ooohhh now this is yummy :D

beautiful for a beautiful person!
rock on!

oo7 said...

nicely written yamini.
she deserves each and every word..


Jinxed Pixie said...

hmmm...really beautiful :)

Hemanth Potluri said...

beautiful lines by yamini :)..


comfortably numb said...

beautiful dedication:)

The Pink Orchid said...

wow this place has become full of love!! :D happy 498 Raka..and lovely lines Yams..Raka Rocks!

Ria said...

wow! tht was wonderful. :)

Arv said...

nice one Yamini...

take care... nearing 500 :)


Sumit said...

Good job Yamini... it really was a nice one for Phoenix :)

yamini meduri said...


thanks friends....i wrote every line normally but at the end i found it more beautiful than expected.....i think it is for the reason that i wrote them for this special girl...!!!

Phoenix rock dear...!!