Thursday, January 29, 2009

A beautiful stranger,part 6


Please pick up the phone Noyona, just once .. please.. thought Neel willing Noyona to pick his call but this time too it went unanswered. he called her parents, but there too he was disappointed for they too knew nothing about her. he had spoken to Anwesa and to Tara but they didn't yield any results.. then a thought struck him Tara was cold and rude but was she doing it so Neel wouldn't ask her about Noyona's whereabouts? Tara was her best friend and sister,could it be possible that Noyona's disappearance had something to do with Tara? he just had to find out for now Noyona's absence was beginning to unnerve him and fear and apprehension for her well was being too much for him to handle. he had to meet Tara, he thought as headed towards her place.

"You??? what are you doing here?" Tara yelled at him.

"Aren't you going to ask me in?" Neel asked refusing to be intimidated by her.

"No.. get out!!"

" Not so fast. Tell me where is Noyona?"

"Why should i tell you? and why the hell are you asking?"

"Why do you think? I'm her husband dammit! i have the right!" Neel bellowed.

"O yea? so where were you when she most needed you? where were you when she waited for months for you to notice her? and now when you find her gone you have the guts to ask me about her! how dare you!"

"I dare because i know i have been a fool and a moron! but i happen to love my wife i need to know where she is, and how she is doing? c'mon Tara I'm scared i need to know where she is.. please tell me"

"Let the guy come in Tara.. please.. we can sit and talk!" Avik called out from behind, Tara turned to her husband glaring at him but grudgingly let him in.

"Tara i understand you are protective of Noyona, i know i have made a mistake but i want to make amends, try and understand, I'm worried about her well being. even her parents don't know where she is."

"Worried about her? are you crazy? you left her in this situation, specially when she needed you!"

"What situation are you talking about?"

Tara looked as if she had just let the cat out of the bag, but Neel was too worked up to notice the exchange of glances between Avik and Tara.

"Look Neel, Noyona is fine and going well.. don't worry about her okay! she is well looked after."Avik answered and Tara just glowered.

"Do you then know where she is? i need to meet her, she is my wife for christ-sake!!... i have the right to meet her!" Neel almost begged.

"What if she doesn't want to meet you?" Neel turned around to the person who spoke the words



"Where were you? do you know i have been looking everywhere for you? even your parents don't know where you were?"

"yes i know. i spoke to them, i told them not to tell you"

"What?? but why? i know i have been a moron and extremely foolish too"

"A foolish moron!"

"Yes a foolish moron.. but is this the way to punish me? i was scared something bad happened to you! i just didn't know where to look for you and I thought you had left me. you haven't right?"

"By the way things are it seems like i have!"

"You can't be serious! Noyona you know i love you right? i know i have been a jerk! i know things were far from perfect, i have ignored you and your needs, our marriage has taken the backseat for long. but i promise things are going to be otherwise now, i ll make amends. i ll do what you say.. just don't leave me. home is not home without you! please please come back with me!"

a lone tear slipped out and instinctively Noyona reached out to wipe it off his face, almost lovingly, her heart already beginning to melt. and why not? Neel was a charmer, it was hard to remain angry and pissed at him, his naughty teasing ways always managed to melt her heart and made her feel more in love with him....

"Are you convinced or shall i go on?" Neel smiled cockily

"What!!?" Noyona's expression changed from a soft smile to thunderous!

"Oooo no no... i was joking Noyona please listen to me!!" Neel pleaded as Noyona turned to go...

"Trust me i was joking... bad timing i guess but i promise that i ll be a good husband and will do all that you tell me. i will take you out on vacations and spend more time with you.."

"You will help me do the dishes?"

"Yes i will help with the dishes!"

"You will cook twice a week?"

"Yes i will!"

"You will keep the towels where it is supposed to and not litter the room with your papers and clothes!"

"I promise i wont!"

"And you will try and balance work and home?"

"Yes i will!"

"You will stay up to change the diapers and feed the baby at night if you are needed to!"

"Yea yeah i promise everything..." Neel said almost exasperated and then with a look of surprise him looked at Noyona and then at Tara and Avik.

"Diapers?!! hey am i missing a point here??" Neel looked bewildered

"A new father has his share of responsibilities you know..." Noyona said smiling cheekily..

"You mean you are pregnant?!! when? how!!" Neel exclaimed as he drew Noyona to him for a nice warm hug. Almost being squashed to death, Noyona managed to wriggle free from Neels arms but barely made it.

"What do you mean how!! you know how!! or have you forgotten?"

" You can always refresh my memory you know..." Neel smirked.

"Ahem!! ahem!! we are still here love birds in case you haven't noticed?"

"And me too!" said a 3 year old Rashi wanting her Neel uncle to pick her up!

"Yes you too sweetheart" Neel said as he picked up Rashi for a nice hug and a cuddle from his favorite niece.

Noyona just blushed and moved away, looking radiant and happy; she looked at Neel who looked at peace and happy too, and seeing him with Rashi confirmed her thoughts, Neel was a great father in making...Since things just fell into place, and celebrations were in order! Avik took out the bubbly and Noyona and Tara arranged for the tidbits... with the bubbly in the hands.. they raised a toasted to the newly re-united lovebirds!

"to Neel and to Noyona!"

"To Us!"

Neel and Noyona looked at each other, sharing a private glance. Neel promised that this time he wont mess it, this time the responsibility had doubled, he had to be a good husband and a good father too, after all their first born will be putting up an appearance soon, and he wanted him/ her to feel welcomed and loved.Noyona had suffered for him but it was the time to make amends and be happy and that was what he would ensure for his wife, Neel vowed.


Noyona had a normal delivery. and Neel was by her side throughout. he had put up a brave front holding her hand refusing to let go. though he had fainted as soon as his second child made his presence felt. Yeah... Neel and Noyona had twins, a little girl and a boy; Ankhi and Nikhil, the names, were decided by both Tara and Anwesa, who were their god mothers. Avik had vowed that both Neel and him would make Nikhil a football pro, whereas the godmothers had sworn that Ankhi would be a diva. Little Rashi was just to elated to get two dolls as Christmas gifts and demanded her parents one of her own. Avik had promised her that he would ask her mom for the same and got a thunderous glare from Tara who had overheard the conversation. Neel and Noyona, were already fatigued with two babies to manage, they still tried to sneak time out for themselves, amidst wails and baby food and spoiled diapers! Sometimes the timings of the wails were all wrong but amidst the crying, a very frantic Neel and Noyona would scramble apart trying to get the baby food in order and be there for their babies. The coming months would be tough for them, but with the love that existed, nothing was ever going to take away the happiness that they both deserved!

~the end~


yamini meduri said...


yamini meduri said...

wow...first one to comment on the last pasrt of a beautiful series....:)

GREAT ONE Phoenix..!!!

i am in love with the couple and you said twins...i loved them too...!!!

great words left to praise you...!!!

keep penning Phoenix..!!!

joiedevivre said...

aww kya mastt mast template lagaya hai dearrr

Ria said...

wow!tht was a nice ending babe. :) And the twins thing wa so so cute.

bondgal_rulz said...

Awwwwwieeeee.........i love happy endings. :)

Great work !

Phoenix said...

im glad u are the first and more that you liked the ending.. i really dint want to disappoint you and anwesa ..still waiting for her reaction :P

Phoenix said...

template ka credit crystal/ayushi ko jata hai.. she is the creative brain behind it all :D

Phoenix said...

:D why did i know the girls would love the twins bit! :D

Phoenix said...

:D thank you...

Keshi said...

Good writing here girl! :)

Happy Endings r great..but sometimes its all just a far cry.


Meera said...

Loved it dear!..just loved it!

Amrita~Ams said...

i missed one..!

well first i read this n then 5th..heheh..
mast hai ji...lovely..

ki said...

Thank you for this wonderful series!
I loved it so much, I'm sad to see it end. :'(

mayz said...


it was such a grippin series till this post but d character of noyona totally put me off...i mean i agree neel was a big jerk but u cant run away from someone jus like that!!! u need to talk abt things...not ignore em!!!

MultiMenon said...

Its over?? :( :(

anyways,I was jus about to tell u to give it a vbreak..Not coz we dun like it but for the fact that stuff hpnin in ur world has ben cut off to and am not for that.. :)

anyways,hope ur being a goo gal.. :)

tc hun.. :)


Akshat said...

Hey sis!!

Amazing series!!
The idea of twins...was cute!!
Though the happy ending brought a smile on my face...I had the impression the end was missing something...I really am unable to point on it!!


Swetha Padakandla said...

a beautiful story..!
gr8 ending too.. if it was a sad end, i wud have got tears but luckily u made me smile..

keep rocking! and yeah, do pen down more stories like this.

sawan said...

mannnn, tht was superb!!!! i luv happy endings.. :) grt work :)

Jinxed Pixie said...

Awww....that is SO sweet...

Trinaa said...

did u purposely start like dat?? :P

chweeet liked :))))

ANWESA said...

my condition is much like neel.wat i had 2 read 1st came last to me. i'm sorry 2 hav read it so late.i hope u'll 4give was a beautiful end and bits of humour enthralled me.i luvd it,esp wen neel met noyona and der chatter/blabber/watevr.u'v excelled my hopes gal!!!

Richa said...


a nice peaceful loving happy ending :)
it i a vy sweet tale of love, good work...

Cяystal said...

Yippeeeeeeeee!!..feels soooo niiice to see it with a happy ending!
I love Neel,Noyona,Rashi et ol!..and obviously you for writing it!

Cute,picture perfect and HAPPY! :)

Phoenix said...

yeah i agree but hey why not be happy thinking of virtual happy endings than mull over real unhappy endings?

Phoenix said...


Phoenix said...

tussi great ho ji..pura build up miss kar diya... :P

Phoenix said...

im feeling a void within now that the story has come to an end :(

Phoenix said...

come on mayz.. noyona was sick and pregnant she needed care and she didnt walk out on him forever contemplating divorce or something..she just went over to her friends.. and it did both of them good.. for neel finally realized her importance and came back for her.. and thats a good point for neel and for noyona too because she forgave him... now im sorry if i put u off...

Phoenix said...

awww thanks yaar that was a sweet comment.. i ll be back on my stuff tomorrow i swear :D

Phoenix said...

@Swetha Padakandla
i hate sad endings too.. thats why there will always be a happy ending to my stories

Phoenix said...

me too!! me too!!

Phoenix said...

@jinxed pixie
:D thanks pal!

Phoenix said...

i was wondering how you ll like.. :) im glad u liked it! me is happy too!:)

Phoenix said...

come on... its perfectly fine.. i so understand.. im glad u liked it..first or last at least you commented that mattered the most

Phoenix said...

aww thanks :)

Phoenix said...



Tara said...

Yaay! Happy ending...I so love happy endings! A job well done! Ankhi...beautiful name! :)

PS-Am quite late I guess...was busy with Rashi you know...she's one naughty girl! And she is already missing her mashi too! :P

Mithe said...

Lovely! So mushy-thank God it was a happy ending! YAY YAY YAY....
Finally I was able to read the last two parts-Phoenix, sorry dear was able to read it only now. Something wrong with the net, your blog was not opening. I had problems even with Leo's blog and Crystal's blog . I think it was something at blogger. Lovely work and thank God finally my curiosity is satisfied! I was dying to read it.
*Hugs* for such a nice story

Amrita~Ams said...

gr8 or me..
no no.. :P

now i read it in sequece..
nice one..dear..

mere stupidity pe ho jaye..hugs >:D<..lolz

Phoenix said...

lol!! i think i should find new names soon :D

im happy you liked the ending...

Phoenix said...

chal koi nahi..atleast you got to read!! bas im happy.. :)

Phoenix said...

aww thanks :)

oo7 said...

nice ending ..
good yaar

ceedy said...

worth the journey....well written....

now screenplay - is that the next step?