Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jusqu'à la fois prochaine

I dint think id have it in me to take a break.this place was too precious for me. it still is but times are tough and they are different. no i don't feel compelled but i feel i need to take time and contemplate quitting this blog world. i have received much more than i have lost and i have made some amazing friends. but there is something in me that says i need to stop, for not only that i don't have much to say or i don't want to say anything to anyone anymore. I'm drained and I'm determined. a break it is!

take care people!

i hope you all have a good time ahead!!

until the next time...


love phoenix

dont forget to comment on the post below.. Anwesa wrote an absolutely brilliant guest check it out. Meanwhile you can also check out my seminar pics.. the link is here


mayz said...

u tk cr...we'll miss u...wont stop u for its ur life n blog...but will wait for u to come back

ki said...

We'll miss yu. :'(

*CяystaL said...

I will miss you! :(
But till we! :-*

But I hope you liked this new temp. of yours!
Will give you a new header sooon!

Trinaa said...

tk a break by all means baby...but cum bk soon..will miss u :))

Ria said...

hey baby!come back soon, everybody needs a break, but wht matters is tht u come back to us. :) *Hugs*

Preetilata【ツ】 said...

take ur time raka dear but yeah do come back.

will surely miss u :)

take care :)

Akshat said...

Take as much time as you want!!

But do come back!!

Will miss you!! But you gotta do what you wanna do!!

Take Care
Hugs from your li'l bro!!!

vanilla sky said...

Your blog will be much missed :(

santoshi said...

We all will miss you.

Take care.

ANWESA said...

dat wasn't xpected.wat abt me? leaving me stranded :(

Rahul said...

hope to see u soon :D

Keshi said...

wut? :( I thought u sounded brilliant and very much in blog mode when u emailed me. wut happened? ok u dun hv to tell me.

if this is just a break, its alright. but plz dun quit! this makes me sad. all good writers r getting drained and detaching from breaks my heart.

mebbe u need to take some time out and think wuts best for u. I did that too...last Oct-Nov. And I realised I cudnt leave this place for good that I came back. But when good friends and writers like u leave, I feel so alone...some ppl dun even talk to me anymore...neither did they care that I was almost quitting. But, I came back cos of good ppl like u and few others.

I hope u dun make me miss u so much that I lose faith in this place again...

enjoy ur break, TC and be well.



The Lover said...

I was thinking of taking a break myself. I'll miss you. All the best with your love and life.


abhishek said...

We'll miss you...all the best for whatever things you're gonna pursue in the forthcoming days.

Richa said...

No ways!!!

y?? u gotta be back SOON!!

miss yah until then :)

Lena said...

you take your time and take care, but be back soon :)

Jinxed Pixie said...

you don't really have to do that, do you???? :( :( :(

MultiMenon said...

dis temp looks soooooo cute.. :)

Btw,why do u have to say al dis now? are the darling of the blog world and so you shall be in the minds of trillions and zillions around..

and y a break now?? :(

Orkuttin too eh?? :(

take care hun!! :)

Nikhil,ur twin...

WarmSunshine said...

Oh.... :(
Will miss you around... plz come back soon!

yamini meduri said...

Hey wat happen Phoenix??

we will miss you dear....come back soon...!!!

your dear friends will be always waiting for you...!!!

aqua gurl said...

omg.....i didnt see this until today:(

what happened....!!!!!

i'll talk to u soon.

PS- were u on tv really? n ya i liked this template:)

Hobo ........ ........ said...

It is with everybody. We all are human. But cheers and come back soon.
bye !

oo7 said...

good hai ..but do remember that we miss you here !

Hemanth Potluri said...

will miss ya sweetu :)..


Tara said...

Mais pourquoi? Ca se comprend. Tu me manque! Retour des que possible! (Excuse if my French is wrong...has been ages)

Come back soon Raka! Miss you! :)

Rahul Viswanath said...

Plzzz do come bck when u r ready !! ...... Come back with a Bang :)

Phoenix said...

im throughly touched by the comments and all.. so sorry to dissapoint you im back..... :D


really the beautiful comments kept me going :D really meant much!!:D

Harshita said...

I am happy that u r back.