Monday, January 05, 2009

A long long day

Wow I'm so glad people take me so seriously :) in my last post where i was stomping about angry and hurt, where i had warned my friends not to read ahead if they were going to be bored hearing me rant. :) that's a real nice thing to see. to be honest I'm rather glad most didn't read it because, a day after the incident occurred my anger has gone down nonetheless.. I'm no longer as stomping mad as i was yesterday. i believe every incident has something to teach you, and that eventually everything happens for our own good. however unfortunate the event was, i got to know that i can never be too polite to bear someone humiliating and insulting me. samik too i see has stood up for me and what he felt was right, and for someone who is gandhi ji's ardent pupil, with ahimsa, that's a good start. apparently his folks have realized that what happened shouldn't have happened and are trying to make amends and have termed the whole fiasco as "unfortunate thing to happen" but i need time to heal. so now I'm just not going back and if i ever hear anyone talking marriage to me, i swear i will wring his/ her neck with my bare hands.

I was faced with yet another case of infidelity today. it was shocking to hear my student confess about her father's infidelity to me. what was really alarming was that, her father did it openly without any shame, got the lady over and did things or behaved in a way most inappropriate. and the reason for behaving this way? well her mom had been removed from her school when she was in class 9 and was married off to an old man from a rich household, who had an affair with his sister-in-law, so that had led to her unfortunate marriage falling apart and later she married her father. i was left with no words to comfort her. i don't know what the world is coming to.

On happier thoughts, i spoke to Harshi. and needless to say I'm a lot happier and calm. so no this time i wont thank her. i ll just settle with thanking god for sending me a non Christmas season Santa. Really life becomes a whole lot better if you have some great people around.

our new blog is really gaining great response and its really heartwarming. and the best part of it is, we are not under any pressure to promote or make its presence to be felt, like we had to the last time with the other blog. this time the bloggers are so excited that we have almost 6 posts in 5 days which i think is a super duper start. i just hope things work out and this blog stands the test of time.

if you still haven't seen it yet?and are interested to visit it.. then the link is here -Femme Fatale

And in case you haven't picked your award.. click here... or simply scroll down.there is one for everyone..

Here is what i keep telling myself every time life hurls me with a new challenge.. i don't know if it will work for you, but it sure works for me.

Hope is not the conviction that something will turn out well, but the certainty that something makes sense regardless of how it turns out.


Chriz said...

i want to e a girll.. femme fatale .... would it be fatal if i peep in... me not a peeping tom tho

Hemanth Potluri said...

i have read the previous post last nite only...but i dint know wat should i tell to u :)...but see ur out o it and happy as ever...u know i love ur chubby smile :)...

the kids story was ver hurting yaar :(..its just unfair some times :(..

ur new blog is rocking i hope :)..but i dont want peep and i second chriz :P..


yamini meduri said...

its good that your friend's realized their mistake and good to know about Samik...good guy and great tht you have him with you...!!!

no words to speak about the kids can anyone belike that...???

I heard alot about Harshita...and i am glad that she is capable of soothing someone with her positive vibrations(lolzzz)...!!!

congratulations on the success of the new blog...!!!

the last lines were beautiful dear..!!!

Harshita said...

Hey! Raka

Alls well that ends well...

Abhi sab mast hain naa... toh muskuraaney ka... :)

@Chris & Hemanth
The blog is open for all... :) You can visit it nytime.

CяystąL said...

The best part is the quote in pink at the end of the post. :)

Richa said...

tumbs up buddy, i m glad u r back to be the happy u :D

n blog is doin so well, flying would be a less word :D

love yah...

MultiMenon said...

Well..Am going speachless for the second tym today..This world,for sure,is goin to dogs and wid ppl like that guy,well..I dunno..

and abt ur fatal blog [:p],I guess you gals cud queue ur posts,lotsa updates everyday and tht in a way brings down the response of the reader..think of it.. :)

@chrys--damn rite..the lines in pink wer awesome..

take care..

MultiMenon said...

hadnt logged in dis weekend..Jus in..Read all the posts..Mixed emo's rite now..

I kno its a bit late,tho I have commented on all the past ones too..

take care..and tanks again for the awards..


Aneesh said...

Good post and well written..
Things can turnout good or bad.. but if everything has a reason.. then its good

mayz said...

i jus read d previous post...n u kno i wont say anythin on either of d subjects...

Trinaa said...

guys!! huuuuumph!
n i read FF..koooool blog che sweetie :)

Amrita~Ams said...

today nly i read ur previous made me sad....n i was lyk wtf..

but after reading this post its lyk..
phoenix is smiling again :)
n it always gud to see ur smile :)
hope things shape up acc to u dear..

keep smiling :)

Mithe said...

Be happy darling, all girls face the same thing. I am facing the same thing but in your case you are lucky-atleast you have someone to support you(you are facing it with the love of your life-be grateful for that). I am not even being given that chance-I am the eldest so I don't know what will happen! I am in continued tension these days-I feel like shouting the same thing to the world as you did in the last post-I AM NOT GETTING MARRIED-lets see, they can't force me to...can they?
Hey, you please be out of such thinking yaar-buck up!
all my love:)

ANWESA said...

nice post..gud 2 c d changes..n d story-heart wrenching..but the last part was beautiful..