Sunday, January 04, 2009


Ok people i have officially been bitten by this Award bug and specially since i have learn't how to now make my own awards i couldn't help but passing them around. i promise this is the last set of awards in the next few months but please please bear with me this time : D! And o yea... dont forget to tell me how the awards were.. this is my very first attempt and i may actually suck at it but please bear with me..

Harshita, Richa, Anwesa, PJ, Yamini, Trina, Mithe, Lena, Keshi,Ria Tara, Crystal,Amrita,Mehreen ,Devinediu and Divs :)
Harshita, Mithe, Anwesa,Richa, Hemz,Trina, Yamini,Multimenon, Kesh,Yamini, Trina, Mithe, Devinediu,Lena,Ria Tara, Crystal, Rahul and Divs :)
ZUBIN. Mayz,PJ,Anwesa,Hemz,Harshita,Richa,Divs,Trina, PK, Keshi, Aqua girl, Ria,Yamini, Mithe, Mehreen, Crystal, Preetilata, Lena, Abhishek, Hemz, Amrita,Mehreen and Chris
this one goes to Harshita, Richa, Hemz, Divs, PJ, PK, Akshat, Multimenon, Chris, Mayz,Rahul, Amrita,Mehreen,Yamini and The lover.

dont forget to read the previous post too :) scroll down for it :P


Hemanth Potluri said...

those were some sweet awards u created :)...thnk u soo much ..cutest blogger huh!..heheh...try to be :)...hemz wizard...i am no happy potter(hemanth potluri :P)....congrats on everyone who got the awards to :)...


Phoenix said...




Hemanth Potluri said...

smiling award is really made me smile :)..and one doubt abt cutest


Preetilata【ツ】 said...

awards...awards and more awards.

love all of them. sooooo cute they are.

thanks a lot raka. i give the awards to u too. happily re accept them :)

divinediu said...




Amrita~Ams said...

ding dong...

"Maa muje award mila, 1 nahi 2 nahi teen teen :D "..

thxs a lot dear :) :)

d best award is smiling blogger

thxs! >:D<

Mithe said...

Well well well...what do I say? I am overwhelmed if I might add...thank thee! You have creativity not only in your words but this way too- lots of hugs:)

yamini meduri said...

Five Awards at a time....???

top of the world....thank you dear..!
your work is the best not only with the pen but also with some new creations like these...!!!

thanks alot honored...!!!

Chriz said...

smiling and cute blogger.. hahaha... great going.. u r stoning me with these.... i am all drenched in award rain.. thank you so much raka

Lena said...

ohoo... thats some storm of awards :P
they are really cute :)
thanks a lot!! :)

Richa said...


m soo elated tht i m gonna burst :D

love ya....

n i love the title u gave me 'soni kudi'

n u r ghaint ;)

yamini meduri said...

accept your award....!!!

mayz said...

more awards??? wow n such nice is all smily smily...really well done wid d creativity ma'm.

n thnku so much :)

RiverSoul said...

Thats the first award Edison Square has recieved.
Thank you so very much!
You've really put a lot of effort into these creations, and it shows
Thanx for Blogrolling me too
I'm following you

RiverSoul said...

Plz send me ur email id, and if possible, do add me on gtalk
Warm regards,

Swayam said...

where is my award :P haha
happy new year..
ps: i am not a bengali but an oriya... hoping thta doesn't work against me...:P

Pranav Kumar V said...


Whoo-hoo!! Damn cool girl!! DAMN COOL!! I'm doing vertical somersaults here!! :P THANK YOU!! :D

You're pushing me hard to come up with a set of MY AWARDS here!! But I'll wait. I'll just wait... Loooong time for PK to go... Such is the scheme of things!! But you, carry on dancing!!

Thanks again!! And see you when I see you... :)

Sakshi said...

Very sweet of you!

Congsie winners! =)

Aneesh said...

'N well done.... :P

Trinaa said...

babes..i totally love u!! soooooo many awards again...woooowie..
thenkoo thenkoo thenkooo! :D

((((raka)))'s a hug 4 u! :D

ANWESA said...

thanx 4 d awards deary!!luv u..

Rahul Viswanath said...

I missed it I guess ..... Never mind ..... maybe in 2009 ......

BEST DEBUT ??? ........ ;-)

Nice way of showing gratitude to ur blog palzzzzzzzz

aqua gurl said...


Your blog always makes me smile and this added to the reason raka:D:D:D

thnks for the award:)

i shall be posting a slide show of my awards soon:):)

PS- i noticed something....eccentric and me...hhehe....thats one adjective i shall cherish:D:D

take care gurl!

Harshita said...


Mujhey naa badaa hi special-types feel ho raha hain... thaankoo thaankoo

Zubin said...

OMG..I am smiling from ear to ear.. :D.

..seriously ..WOW...
love ya...
big..huge...bear hugz...


and I am kinda blushing here.. ^-^

..thankzz... :)

Zubin said...

oh..and my changed name in the blogroll..
damn...I'm gonna die blushing today..!! :d.. ^-^

abhishek said...

hey bhagwan kitna award dogi :)))

WarmSunshine said...

me gets 4 awards... yaaaayyyy!!!!

Thanks dearie :)
you made me day! :)

Ria said...

u truly are on an award giving spree. Thanks a ton babes!u made my day. :) Love all the awards tht u hav given.

vanilla sky said...

Thats some nice awards created

and Thank you :)

Harshita said...


Main ANGLE nahi hun... main kisi angle se angle nahi hun...hehe spell check... spell check

Hobo ........ ........ said...

Claps for each & every one.
Wishing everybody peace & prosper 2009. Enjoy !

Sam said...

no award for Mann ? she deserves all of them right :)

santoshi said...

Thanks a lot for the award. This is the first time that iam receiving any award.
Thanks again.

The Lover said...

OMG..uve gone nuts...award pe not complaining though. :D

MultiMenon said...

I am literally floored...tanks a zillion raks.. :)

U brought a million smiles to me..:)

take care..

Pri said...

thanks a lot for the award sweets :)

i was actually surprised to see my name written as priyanka and someone else's written as 'pri' :D

Rahul Viswanath said...

@Phoenix - I am definitely flying from Chicago to Kolkataaaaa for this prestigious award :)

Thnxxxxx a Ton ...... Have Fun !!!

Tara said...

Thank you thank you!!! Girlie, you are such a sweetheart! Really! Love you! :)