Saturday, January 31, 2009

Random Rambling

There were a million things i wanted to write in the past few days but since the story was on i have stifled the thoughts to focus on the story instead. must add here if you have liked the story then its all for Anwesa, who had pestered the hell out of me to bring back Neel and Noyona, there have been stumbling blocks but I'm just glad i could manage to end it and that too on a note i most wanted. and trust me writing about them was worth it for two people, one is Anwesa for sure, then is Yamini, because when i had earlier wrote on Neel and Noyona she had first visited my blog and judging from her reaction it was all worth it! thank you people all those who liked it and all those who didn't! :)

So what is up on my front? well i haven't really gone to college in the last 2 weeks and i havent had classes for almost 2 and a half weeks.. why? well first we had a 4 days conference, then came a Monday and Tuesday, where people were still in conference ending and next seminar preparation mode, then came a bandh and then the 23-26th weekend and then last week, where most of my profs were away to Hyderabad for a seminar so i took a long long holiday :) so I'm surely dreading tomorrow because now the tough times times begin, with this being my last semester, study pressures are going to be high! i need some serious prayers here..

On personal front is a huge event that entails massive compromise and adjustments, Samik is leaving for Bangalore in exact 20 days, he has got a new and better job there. we have been inseparable for the last 4 years, we always did everything together, shopping, hanging out, talking to each other for hours etc and now suddenly everything is going to change. Insecurities? well yea had my share but thankfully i got over it. now i have embraced whatever may come my way, it cant be easy, it was maddening when he had gone for short trips earlier but i know even if i fail i can always dust myself and stand up yet again! Anwesa, Richa and Mayank were amazing friends to me these last few days and really with such friends around i feel like saying "come on Problems, bring it on!" but id like to warn you before hand in case you would want to blame me someday that i didn't do my bit :) I'm may be emotionally highly charged, there may be whinings and rants and teary posts! but just understand me, i will be back with the fun and smiling posts okay? just dont abandon me! :)

Moving on, there are several issues id like to talk on but then if i use them here then id be losing out on another few posts... so i ll just save my ideas... :)

BTW i did an interview of Anwesa on her blogs 50Th post.. kindly check that out! :) thanks!

And Nikhil [aka multi menon] is having his exams and he seemed tensed! (damn just when i write a post because of someone, he is just not there.) so here's wishing him a very best of luck!

Wassup with you guys? i hope you all are doing well?? i know i havent been regular on commenting but hey look out... here i come! :D

Take care people!



yamini meduri said...


yamini meduri said...


nice post dear....and yamini in your post....i am honored...!!

Thanks to Neel And Nayona..!!

dont worry dear....Samik will be there with you your little heart..:)..!!!

all the best for the life from now on..!!!

Phoenix said...

i guess you and anwesa are in a race to comment on my blog first.. i love this! :)

and thanks t\for the beautiful words will always keep it close to me :)

Tara said...

Cheerios girlie! Good to see the Raka back! And as they say, distance makes the heart grow I guess Samik and you will just discover newer aspects of each other... :) And you did a nice interview for Anwesa...rocked it! :D

Phoenix said...

thanks a ton!! i just hope destiny has something nice in store for me :)

mayz said...

hey m glad u feelin better now n i cud b of some help...u deserve to b all happy n smilin...hugzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!

ki said...

I'm praying that everything works out well for you. *hug*

abhishek said...

your earlier template was better than this one...

Cяystal said...

I sincerely wish everything will get better than before with you.
You deserve the happiness.


Jinxed Pixie said...

yes yes, even i m prayin... :)
but you commented on my i feel special... :B

Amrita~Ams said...

distance multiplies luv.. :)
this is sumthing i read sumwhere n its actually proved in cinemas :D

so cmon b happy n show ur teeths :D


Mithe said...

Sometimes distances are necessary and unavoidable-you actually emerge stronger through them:)
Best of luck for the new session and I read Anwesa's interview-the questions were very nicely put-Journalism Practice huh? Great work both of you-the blogworld is richer because of gems like you...

Preetilata【ツ】 said...

nice chunks from ur life raka.

neel and noyonikar golpo shotti e darun.

i echo mithe's comment that sometime distances are necessary and unavoidable. it not only make us stronger but also brings out d best in us. after all love covers any amount of distances.

all d best to u both.

Harshita said...

Its great to read this post. Atleast I know you are good and fighting it out there :)

As for the distance, I wud say its always great to miss someone a bit to actually see that love grow two-folds. :P

You hold ur head high and walk in ur class tmrw without regrets :)

The interview was amazing, I loved it. Only you cud have come up with such intelligent questions...

Consider urself blessed for you have such wonderful friends. They are your prized treasures and am sure they'll always hold ur hand and make u sail thru life :)

Have a beautiful

Rahul Viswanath said...

Nice template ..... a floating one !!

Phoenix said...


Phoenix said...

thank you..

Phoenix said...

i like this one better

Phoenix said...

aww that was so sweet of you.. :) thanks

Phoenix said...

@jinxed pixie
did i ever tell you that you are just adorable?

Phoenix said...

eeeeeeeeeeee :D dekho mere 32 bahar hai... achey hai na?

Phoenix said...


that was the best compliments ever!! thank you soo much

Phoenix said...

if i were not in my position and had i been reading my post id be saying the same thing.. it makes sense.. but it is a helluva job to actually live it.. i hope noone ever goes through this..

Phoenix said...

yeah everyone seems to be saying the same thing.. must be true i gues i have to wait and learn right?

and yeah im really grateful for the friends i have made in blogworld who are actually there for me when i need them the most, almost unselfishly so.. i feel blessed :)

Phoenix said...

thanks... i love it myself too :) all credit goes to Crystal/ayushi.. its her brainchild...

ANWESA said...

i cudn't count how many tyms u had written "anwesa" in this post.i'm glad of it.n neel n noyona rock!!!
luv u dearie..