Monday, January 12, 2009

Virgo Spirit

Virgo is the only zodiacal sign represented by a female. It is sometimes thought of as a potentially creative girl, delicately lovely; sometimes as a somewhat older woman, intelligent but rather pedantic and spinsterish. The latter impression is sometimes confirmed by the Virgoan preciseness, refinement, fastidious love of cleanliness, hygiene and good order, conventionality and aristocratic attitude of reserve. They are usually observant, shrewd, critically inclined, judicious, patient, practical supporters of the status quo, and tend toward conservatism in all departments of life. On the surface they are emotionally cold, and sometimes this goes deeper, for their habit of suppressing their natural kindness may in the end cause it to atrophy, with the result that they shrink from committing themselves to friendship, make few relationships, and those they do make they are careful to keep superficial.

But the outward lack of feeling may, in some individuals born under this sign, conceal too much emotion, to which they are afraid of giving way because they do not trust others, nor do they have confidence in themselves and their judgments. This is because they are conscious of certain shortcomings in themselves of worldliness, of practicality, of sophistication and of outgoingness. So they bring the art of self concealment to a high pitch, hiding their apprehensiveness about themselves and their often considerable sympathy with other people under a mantle of matter-of-factness and undemonstrative, quiet reserve. They are still waters that run deep. Yet in their unassuming, outwardly cheerful and agreeable fashion, they can be sensible, discreet, well spoken, wise and witty, with a good understanding of other people's problems which they can tackle with a practicality not always evident in their own personal relationships.

Both sexes have considerable charm and dignity, which make some male Virgoans appear effeminate when they are not. In marriage they can be genuinely affectionate, making good spouses and parents, but their love making is a perfection of technique rather than the expression of desire, and they must be careful not to mate with a partner whose sex drive requires a passion they cannot match.

They are intellectually inquiring, methodical and logical, studious and teachable. They combine mental ingenuity with the ability to produce a clear analysis of the most complicated problems. They have an excellent eye for detail but they may be so meticulous that they neglect larger issues. Also, although they are realists, they may slow down projects by being too exact.

They are practical with their hands, good technicians and have genuine inventive talents, Thoroughness, hard work and conscientiousness are their hallmarks, and they are such perfectionists that, if things go wrong, they are easily discouraged. Because of their ability to see every angle of a many-sided question, they are unhappy with abstract theorizing. Appreciating the many different points of view as they do, they find philosophical concepts difficult, and they vacillate and have no confidence in any conclusions at which they arrive.

Their self distrust is something they project on to other people and tends to make them exacting employers, though in the demands they make on those under them they temper this attitude with justice. They have potential abilities in the arts, sciences and languages. Language especially they use correctly, clearly, consciously and formally, as grammarians and etymologists rather than for literary interests, yet they are likely to have a good memory for apt quotations. Although they are well suited for careers in machine drawing, surveying and similar occupations, they are better fitted for a job in a library or office than a workshop.

Their minds are such that they need the stimulus of practical problems to be solved rather than the mere routine or working to set specifications that need no thought. They are careful with money and their interest in statistics makes them excellent bookkeepers and accountants. They also make good editors, physicists and analytical chemists. They may also find success as welfare workers, ministering to those less fortunate than themselves. They can be doctors, nurses, psychologists, teachers, confidential secretaries, technologists, inspectors, musicians, critics, public speakers and writers especially of reference works such as dictionaries and encyclopedias. Both sexes have a deep interest in history, a feature recognized by astrological authorities for at least two hundred years. If they go in for a business career their shrewdness and analytical ingenuity could tempt them into dishonesty, though they usually have enough moral sense to resist temptation. Female Virgoans may find a career in fashion, for they have a flair for dress, in which they can be trend setters. In any profession they choose the natives of this sign readily assimilate new ideas, but always with caution, conserving what they consider worth keeping from the past. They love country life but are unlikely to make good farmers, unless they can contrive to carry out their work without outraging their sense of hygiene and cleanliness.

Their faults, as is usual with all zodiacal types, are the extremes of their virtues. Fastidious reticence and modesty become old-maidenishness and persnickety; balanced criticism becomes carping and nagging; and concern for detail becomes overspecialization. Virgoans are liable to indecision in wider issues and this can become chronic, turning molehills of minor difficulties into Himalayas of crisis. Their prudence can become guile and their carefulness, turned in on themselves, can produce worriers and hypochondriacs.

  • Health foods
  • Lists
  • Hygiene
  • Order
  • Wholesomeness
  • Hazards to health
  • Anything sordid
  • Sloppy workers
  • Squalor
  • Being uncertain

this is to reaffirm certain things to myself. to know my short comings and to hopefully rectify them someday. :D I'm born on the 6th of September.. note it down guys and girls.. i ll be expecting gifts and chocolates.. so save from NOW!! Or else....Lolzy!! :P

the link of the site from which this piece of information was taken is here


Chriz said...

btw is there any sign that depicts a man?

the ram thingie, the crab and all the animals can be female too.. aint it? i am very poor in this star thingie...

virgo.. i thought it meant something else.. now iknow what it is all about.. thanks for the enlightenment..

raka the girl

Rahul said...

excellent website resource..if you are so much interested..I have got a software to calculate all the stars, charts, theories, predictions and whatever they talk of and save it in a pdf document might take it...

yamini meduri said...

different post...!!!

nice day write about the aquarians too..please...!!!

i am an aquarian..!!!

will be waiting..!!!

Harshita said...

hmm tumney humein bahutkuch bataaya apney sunsgn ke baarey mein...

But I prefer discovering you myself... ;) lol

ANWESA said...

well,its was nice.n u'll b surprised 2 kno dat i'm radically opposite to virgoans in most ways.(if only i cud invite u 2 my room n see all d mess i'v..):)

CяystąL said...

Linda Goodman fanatic. I read her books like hundred damn accurate..give it a read if yu're interested in all this..
Though I don't believe in astrology/numerology..I never stop myself frm giving a read..and sometimes its so worth it...jaise abhi tha! :D..
Btw--Virgos make great friends with Aquariuns. Proved Tested and written down :D..

Jinxed Pixie said...

what 'bout Pisces???:?

Mithe said...

Hey, I am a virgo too-14th september! vaise 70% tak sab kuch theek tha...:
aur sunaoo kaise ho g? are you alright now?(puking etc. over na?)

Rahul said...

sadly, I have it installed... :-( no setup file

Rahul said...

the software asks for some info..based on that it generates a document..I can mail you that document

Praveen said...

first time here..enjoyed reading..

thts a whole load of info on virgo:D

Rahul Viswanath said...

My mom is a Virgo !! Any luck on Piscean Men ??? ........ ;-)

Hemanth Potluri said...

i will remember that date now :)..


Keshi said...

Im a Cancerian...explains my Drama Queen genes lol!


Akshat said...

I am a Scorpion.....and wouldn't change it for the world!! :P....would remember the date for sure!!! :P

mayz said...

m not into sunsigns...but yeah someone told me aries r really good kissers ;)

MultiMenon said...

Aah cute.. :)

Thanks a lot for the enlightenment,wonderful!!

@mayz--Aquarians are good kissers and so are arians..and I am an aquarian..!! :p

Sept6 has been etched in my biological clock..


take care n keep smiling coz I care..