Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Thank god Richa has tagged me, and let me announce with much fanfare how thrilled i am to do this.why?currently I'm in a state of lull where writing is concerned... :)thanks babes! you're a sweetheart!

Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about YOU. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

  1. i have a strange affinity for smell. smell and memories go hand in hand for me. maybe its the smell of rain, or the aftershave/deo that Samik uses, or maybe just the smell of dhunuchi during pujas.. all bring back memories.
  2. im a big time perfectionist.
  3. i have a terrible temper.
  4. i get attached to people really fast, real or virtual. btw i met Samik online too :d
  5. i get along with kids of all ages really fast.
  6. I'm usually phobic of heights, blood needles etc but i always am the first one to donate blood, climb precarious heights etc just to face my fear, it gives me a strange feel.
  7. i have amazing will power. there are things i can do just on the basis of the will power i have.
  8. i cant stay without shampooing my hair, it is a must every 2 days. otherwise i go a lil crazy, that's the only luxury i allow myself.
  9. I'm an extremely light sleeper, and can wake up if someone enters my room.
  10. i can go days without sleeping. a 10 minute nap can relieve me of days of not sleeping.
  11. i get discouraged very fast.
  12. most often while reading a romantic novel, i read the ending before starting the book.
  13. i can finish fattest of books in a days time. i read harry potter in 20 hours straight, since i couldn't buy the book and i had to borrow it from a friend, id always get it first because i would read it at lightning speed.
  14. i may seem dominant in my relationship but I'm the one who abides by all the do's and dont's, and i do all my duties to perfection. the power struggle is not as apparent as it seems.
  15. i learnt to move around and act like a lady only after Samik came into my life, it was a conscious change.
  16. despite not being extremely spiritual or religious i have a lot of faith on god. to me He is like a friend than a superior power. i'm forever bargaining with Him.
  17. Samik is the only person on earth i can give up my dreams and desires for
  18. Roshni [my niece] is the only person that makes me have faith in life and humanity.
  19. despite being a apparent extrovert. I'm basically an introvert. my inner feelings, fears and apprehensions are often suppressed.
  20. I'm a little head-strong and stubborn.
  21. i have pretty neat and clean legible handwriting.
  22. I'm forever short on clothes and shoes and accessories. once my shopping list is attained a new one crops up. this way I'm forever buying things.
  23. I'm great at saving money.
  24. i curse my being a lady every time i have to deal with "girl things". sometimes i absolutely hate being a girl.
  25. I'm prim and proper. i have problems in expressing my emotions upfront. and i suspect i have some intimacy issues as well, maybe because I'm constantly aware of people and their opinion and stuff like that.
Phew! What a list! trust me i had loads of brainstorming to do before i came up with this one. I'm sure you are fatigued too.. na? anyone who wants to do this tag can go ahead.. will be my pleasure I'm just going to name Nikhil [Multimenon] and Mayank[Mayz] and Yams[Yamini] to take this tag because everyone else i know is already going it.

A big thanks to Yamz for this award :) I'm passing it on to Anwesa, Richa, Jinxed Pixie,Nikhil,Mayank and Crystal.


ANWESA said...

gr8 2 kno some not-so-known things abt u. n thanx 4 d award!!!

Ria said...

wow!nice post babe...and felt good to knw more abt u. :) and :( tht i dint get the award! anyways i m happy for the ones who got it.

yamini meduri said...

wow..thats a nice Tag...!!!

i came to know alot about are dont with its gonna be my turn..!!!

congratulations to the winners..!!!

thanks for the tag dear.....will do it..!!!

яノςんム said...

wow :)
thnx for doing it sweetie, i needed to know u a li'l better :)

n yayyy for the award.. thanx again :D

lovve yah

ki said...

Hehe. A FUN tag! :D

the pink orchid said...

heheh how do you manage the point 22nd and 23rd together ? :P

americanising desi said...

it is always great to know about teh greatness in the making!

The Rat... said...

i am totally with u on 24 Raka.. :-|

Trinaa said...

u r gr8 at saving money?????? wooow! thats something i need to! :P

mayz said...

u kno u r like d 70th person whoz tagged me wid this one...n i think m still gonna tk my swt time to do this...m shit scared of doin tags...

waise there were a lot of things in those pts which i didnt kno abt u...good u did this tag

n thnx for d lovely award...hugzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!

Jinxed Pixie said...

thankyou soooo much...this means a lot to me...this is supposed to be my b'day gift, huh???
I love you!!!
<3 <3 <3

comfortably numb said...

ditto for #s 4,9 n 13:)
nice read!!!

MultiMenon said...

Gaaawwdd!!Das a truckload of stuff..U gotta give me tym b4 am puttin it up now.. :p


Harshita said...

In case you remember me... I am glad to know more abt u... :)

Richa is a sweetheart for sure...and so are you.

Tara said...

Great to know more about you yaar! :)

Phoenix said...

you already know a lot about me.. :P

Phoenix said...

oh im so sorry :(

Phoenix said...

do it fast
im dying to read urs

Phoenix said...

u are most welcome...

Phoenix said...


Phoenix said...

@the pink orchid..

o i happen to be a good manager.. a lil on the miser side.. so i just manage somehow :P

Phoenix said...

@the american desi
:D hehe comon dont humor me...

Phoenix said...

@the rat
at least someone agrees with me...

Phoenix said...

dire situations calls for dire needs sweetheart... its not a matter of choice...

Phoenix said...

take your time but do it for sure... :)

Phoenix said...

@jinxed pixie
birthday gift... well yeah you can say that :)

and btw sweets i love you too..

Phoenix said...

@comfortably numb
hehehe :)

Phoenix said...

oye take ur time but make sure you do it..

Phoenix said...

"in case i remember you?"
in case im not hallucinating.. i think i regularly read and comment on your blog, come online hoping to talk to you.. but you dont respond... yes right.. i have forgotten you in my busy hectic work life that i lead.. im so sorry

Phoenix said...

thanks dear! :)

hitch writer said...

good to know more bout you !

nicely done !

Amrita~Ams said...

baccha..funny tag ! :D

Chriz said...

hehehe fattest of books in a day? u read them?

Hemanth Potluri said...

it was good to read many things abt u :)...congrats for the award :)..


Pri said...

great to know u a lil better than i already thought i did :)


Harshita said...

haha... tum meri band bajaa rahi ho... public mein..

Ouch!! maaro mat... meri life ne le li hain... am going to bglr... be back and talk to u sweetie...