Monday, February 23, 2009


Yup we have made an almost clean sweep at the Oscars. AR Rehman and Gulzar has done us all proud by winning the Oscar. it truly is a proud moment for all of us. CONGRATULATIONS!!

I had watched Slumdog a month or so back. yeah it was good. the photography was amazing. however i wasn't as impressed as the rest. i don't abide by the grotesque and almost raw portrayal of a few things that the director tries to sell in the name of reality cinema. the harsher lines could have been given a softer tough but then to each his own. having said all this, it is evident i don't know why there is such a hyper over Slumdog because it is a well made film but nothing to go ga ga over it according to me. here are a few things i think, its okay if you disagree

1.AR Rehman deserves an Oscar.period. but he had given far greater melodies before, in films like Roja which won him a National Award, Taal, Guru etc all has been masterpiece. is it then because Slumdog is a British production that finally Rehman's talents are been recognized at a world platform?

2.We greedy Indians are hungry for an Oscar even if it comes at our expense. i do champion for realism in movies, but by selling our poverty, making million bucks of it and presenting a picture of all the notorious things India stands for as a global image is hardly what i call an Oscar winning theme. films like TZP, Lagaan, even Swades had potential, and were treated as a mere poor cousin in the Oscar nominees.

3. Gulzar is one of the greatest lyricist in India. but do we need a Jai Ho, to prove his greatness? i think the song came as a bolt out of the blue and a tad bit out of the context and frankly it ruined the kind of high tension crescendo the movie was building up, all for giving the song and dance Bollywood flavour to the movie.

I am an non-entity. However these are the few points i feel we must notie before blindly celebrating just because a Western honour has been heaped on us riding high on British shoulders.

P.S- what shocked me was AR Rehman didn't confirm with Sukhwinder Singh, the singer of Jai Ho about his performance at the Oscars as he was left floundering for confirmation, only to realize that Mr Rehman wasn't actually taking him along.


vanilla sky said...

Heartiest congratulations to him:)
And we should also be happy for the documentary award for Smile Pinki.

Amrita~Ams said...

yipie..happy for rehman..
but still this was not his best composition..
i mean..he had made gem of songs before..Jai ho..
but anyways...happy for him..

salute to Maestro!

Tara said...

Congratulations to all the winners! At least this award has opened windows for him, so his way better work can be recognized. Look at it the other way, at least they got that long due recognition. :) The Sukhwinder Singh episode is very unclear, I wonder if Rahman sir really has a role to play in this. Very very unclear. :|

yamini meduri said...

congratulations to the winners..!!!

i think Smile Pinky desreves more than the Slumdog..!!!

ANWESA said...

i completely agree dat ar rehman has better compositions as far as my taste goes.i'vnt seen d movie yet,so i cant comment on d rest points u'v raised.n it was gud 2 see d slumdog kids facin camera smartly.

ki said...

I agree with everything you said.
Slumdog Millionaire was great. But that isn't India. Rehman's given better music and Jai Ho is an over hyped song.

High Five! :D

Jinxed Pixie said...

oh yeah, jai ho isn't his best...there have been better..
but still

MultiMenon said...


Damn rite u are raka..This was a loong tym cumin if u ask me.. :)

dun rly c u around des days..sup??


Akshat said...

O.K. I agree....totally!!!

I wished that some other movie which depicted the real India...would have got such laurels.....But still.....I guess we should be content!!

mayz said...

i cudnt believe it when yesterday d news channel were callin it an indian movie...jeez!!! how greedy can v get...

thou m really proud of ARR n Gulzar but feel sad for sukhwinder singh...

i completely agree wid ur post...every word of it

Cяystal said...

Its an Indian movie? Oh yes.. equally Indian as a American in a sari would be! *bats eyelashes*
I mean come on..India isn't alll that's so into-the-bin..I agree with the post. Though i am the happiest person on Earth for Gulzar saab!..met him when he was here..great man! :)


Cяystal said...

And I don't see much of you on my blog..ssup?

Ria said...

Really happy!! :) I was awake till one in the night yesterday just to see Rahman perform on stage once more!! :D Totally amazing!!

Aneesh said...

1. I agree
2. I disagree. The movie is not about india, it's about an individual from the slums of india. The name itself says slumdog millionaire and not india. I don't understand why people say this. The story of movie is different. it just happens in India and it's not a story about india.
3. Getting oscar is a recognition. That doesn't mean one is great or one is not great.

PS: You forgot about rasool pookutty?

Keshi said...
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Keshi said...

Slumdog Millionaire wasnt what INDIA's only a PART of what India TRULY is. Isnt POVERTY a major problem over there?

This is just a movie but it depicted few Indians' life story! It is the TRUTH abt SOME Indians.

So why r some Indians so offended by this movie? No one said that this is what INDIA is on the whole?

**but by selling our poverty, making million bucks of it and presenting a picture of all the notorious things India stands for as a global image is hardly what i call an Oscar winning theme

It was not REPRESENTING India to the globe. It was only showing a story of FEW Indians.

OMG I cant believe ppl take 1 movie and blow it out of proportion like this. If they made a movie abt SL like this, I'd say the same things that I said just now...cos poverty and slums r still big in SL. There's nothing to be ashamed abt it. Acceptance is what we need.

If Indians become ashamed of a movie like this, then it only proves we r ashamed of our OWN.

I think the problem here that alot of Indians feel offended cos the WHITES awarded the movie. I think its more of a race issue here. Cos if this movie didnt go International and was only shown and awarded in India, I dun think ppl wud make such a fuss.

We hv to stop feeling so insecure. I think Indians should be proud of the talent, awards and the progress they r making in the movie industry.


Keshi said...

I so agree with Aneesh.

**I don't understand why people say this. The story of movie is different. it just happens in India and it's not a story about india.



яノςんム said...

rehman is a legend puttar!!
n u are now talkin my toungue :D
i wrote tht almost wen i watched the movie :D

n sukhwinder singh n gulzar had some visa problems ths y they couldnt go to the awards, it ws in the news!!