Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy birthday! and Awards!!

Its Mayank aka Mayz birthday tomorrow and since he is such special friend to me, who has been there when i needed a mentor the most, i ll forever be grateful to him. and on his special day, i'd like to wish him a rocking birthday, and may future beckon him to happiness, propriety, luck and many things more. have a blast mayank! and dont forget to parcel me the treat and the return gift! hugss!! love ya :) :P

Meera has been ever so kind and has thought me worthy to get this award. and it is on me now to pass to to others who i think truly deserve this award. so here goes;this time i would like to incorporate my new friends into my world.

Americanising Desi
The Rat


ANWESA said...

happy b'de to mayank!!!
thanx for d award dear!!!

yamini meduri said...

Happy birthday to Mayank

n wow girl..every time u post ur awards, i find ma name there...i am delighted...!!!

thanks buddy..!!!

Ria said...

happ b'day Mayz!! And hey thanks for the award babe. :)

Cяystal said...

Mayzee..velleey happy birthday to you!..*hugs*..

And congrats to all the award winners..

santoshi said...

Hi Mayank, Happy birthday to you.

Preetilata【ツ】 said...

a very happy b'day to mayank.

and congratulations to u and all the others :)

яノςんム said...


hap hap happy birthday to mayank!!

and again an award!!! love u sooo much!! :D

comfortably numb said...

happyz buddayz to Mayank:)
btw...Phoenix, sorry to be so finicky but it's Saim *wink*
thnx a ton for the award...hugs:)

americanising desi said...

hugs girlie :D
thank you so much!
hehe one tag is still pending!
good lord i need to buckle my shoes and start prancin!

Dream'R said...

oooooooooooo...goody goody..i get an award!!...beat that Hrithik and Filmfare!!

gee thanx raka...we r chaddi buddies already aint we...;-)..
btw i m new here na so temme what do i do now??..i seriously have no idea

ki said...

Happy Birthday to Mayz! And THANK YOU for the award!!! :)

Chriz said...

mayank happy birthday bro.. how many kisses did you get today?

and raka! the orkut bug has spread here too.. and people getting the scrap virus too.. congos to all

Amrita~Ams said...

hey..Mayank happy birthday...:)

Raka thxs for the award :)

the pink orchid said...

thank you for incorporating me into that list.. :)
i am jumping..:D

thank you..!! for the award.. and for letting me into your sweet little world full of love.. :)

oh yes Happy birthday to Mayz..:)

Jinxed Pixie said...

OMG thakyooouuuuuuu soooooo much!!!
I LOVE you...
and yes, a very happy walla birthday to you too mayz!!

mayz said...

thnku so much raka...that was so utterly cute!!!


mayz said...


thnku so much for all ur wishes n words :)


countin d one i jus gave raka...ummm i lost count :P

MultiMenon said...

Happy b'day mayank.. :)

and u keep awarding me..!! :) thanks a ton for tht now.. :)


Dhanya said...

Thank u so much for the award (yet again)... :D How can I ever repay you Raka ? ;)

Luscious Sealed Lips said...

Happy Birthday to your friends.

I have not been to a BIRTHDAY party since ages. I want to go for one now. :(


Arnab Majumdar said...

Happy Birthday to your friends... amd thanks so much for that award! :)

Cheers to you...

Meera said...

But hey you got to do the tag that comes with the award!

The Rat... said...

OMG..... Thank u sooooo much Phoenix.. was out of blog circuit.. came in to see, being awarded by u and d Orchid.. txxxx

The Rat... said...

award accepted :-)