Friday, March 13, 2009

Yams thinks i'm cute! :)

Yams aka Yamini has tagged me, and i have gratefully accepted it. this is the cute blogger award that she has given me too. thanks Yams.. you're a sweetheart!

Rules~i need to write 10 cute things about me... :)
  1. I am ME, and im not about to change for anything in the world that makes me cute.
  2. I'm a patient and dedicated a masi to my niece Roshni.
  3. i'm hardworking person.
  4. i put others before me, always.
  5. im a mature and responsible adult.
  6. i have a whacky sense of humor.
  7. i'm told [by Samik] when i get angry i sound cute. lol!
  8. no matter what happens, even the most serious of problems, i always hide my anguish and sorrows beneath my smile, trying to overcome the worse.
  9. no matter what, i never do give up on hope.
  10. when im angry,excited,blushing or plain nervous; my face and ears get all heated and red. :)
Now, i tag Anwesa,Dhanya,Pink Orchid,Americanising Desi,The rat, Richa and Harshita.


yamini meduri said...

yippie first..!!!

yamini meduri said... was my pleasure to award you deserve it and i confirm after reading your post here..!!!

adding to those you wrote you have got a cute little cile...that alwyas tells "I AM HAPPY" any situation...!!!

Congratulations to the winners and to you too..!!!

ANWESA said...

i lost it again!!!well,thanx 4 tagging me..i'll do it asap..
nice 2 kno dat ur cute wen ur angry..

Phoenix said...

thanks sweetheart! u are an absolute darling! :)

Phoenix said...

u r my bind im sure u knew.. just that u forgot... :) but thats okay.. it happens.. now gimme an opportunity to read ur post on the same.. chal chal hurry up

americanising desi said...

hey cuteness :), no matter what you do it is always cute ... even if u decide to throw your tantrums :D
and thank you so much for the award!!!
makes me wanna jump.. but bad tummy ache today!!

Preetilata【ツ】 said...

cute..cute n cute.. :)


Meera said...

Congrats !
Have a great weekend !

Hemanth Potluri said...

congrats and ur cute :)..


The Rat... said...

CongRAtzz Raka...

Great..another tag!!!!

fuel for more narcissism.. lolzz...

ummm now do i just do the Tag or do i get the award too?? :-P lolzzz

mayz said...

oh yes u r d cutest...muah!!!

Dhanya said...

woohoo... thanks a lot sweety! :) and yeah, ur the cutest!!! love..

Dhanya said...

yeah, and i have the same qn as the Rat... do I get the award too ? ;)

Tara said...

Congos girlie! Yes very cute tag and very cute answers too! :)

Phoenix said...

@the rat and dhanya
the reciever of the award gets to do the tag and vice versa...

so double bonanza.... :)

Phoenix said...

@americanising desi

hey r u okay now? get well soon!!


Phoenix said...

hey you are cute too :)

Phoenix said...

hey thanks.. you have a great weekend too.. :)

Phoenix said...

aww hemz thanks a ton!!

Phoenix said...

hehe thanks pal!

the pink orchid said...

@Pheonix: oye you are the cutest girlie.. :)

thank you sooooooo much for the award.. i am gonna have a tough time justifying my cuteness.. :)

muahhhzzz :)

the pink orchid said...

@Pheonix: oye you are the cutest girlie.. :)

thank you sooooooo much for the award.. i am gonna have a tough time justifying my cuteness.. :)

muahhhzzz :)

Mithe said...

congrats hon!
you deserve evry bit of it:)
secondly, You are a cute person...reasing all that made it all teh more obvious!

Jinxed Pixie said...

obviously you're CUTE..

you mean you didn't know that??

...and you're a lot like me..


joiedevivre said...

cute to the power 10000000000000

The Rat... said...

award accepted.. :-)