Friday, May 22, 2009

Etched on the wings of change...

Not everything in life turns out to be the way we want it.
Sometimes it is better we let go..
Even though it may be the most painful thing to do
To see something you nurtured, 
To fall to its fate but then it is the right thing to do
No matter just how agonising it may be
In the battle of the heart and mind,
Sometimes one must rely on the mind
For not always what the heart desires is right.
Sooner or later reality will sink in,
Then the pain of goodbyes will rip me apart.
Till then, i pray to bear it all bravely, 
To have the strength to move on and never look back,
For it is the right thing to do.


ANWESA said...

a real introspective post out here.
kudos gal!!!i luv u..

Priya Joyce said...

this is very optimistic:)

am inspired..

am much

thnx dear:)

WarmSunshine said...

Raka... this is so much like me :)
You said it so nicely... I'm convinced by every word of it.

Love you sweety!

PULKIT said...

the thought written in a brilliant blend of simple words yet so so indulging :)
beautifully written!

AD said...

hey you!
i love your pourings!!
heheh how many times have i said it? hmmm
cant help it now can i :D


NE~ISM said...

Hey Girl! This is something that I think I am going through at this time. I keep on looking back tho and don't know how to just let it go!

But you raised a lot of Mind altering thoughts for me.

Keep it coming girl, I am working out life's problems through your blog!


Jinxed Pixie said...

sometimes, letting go is the way to go.
lovely post! melikey!

yamini meduri said...

nice and positive post Phoenix,...loved it..!!!

Ki said...

Good girl. You sound like you're healing :)


Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Hmmmmm..after so many painful post of yours...something is getting healed at your corner i guess...

Good to see that in your poem...:)

Till the point where we decide to let it go is the most difficult thing, but when some matured or practical feeling takes over the emotional pinches, the life takes a turn slowly into a more brighter side of which we,ourselves dont have a idea..

keep writing..:)

Gauri Mathur said...


Aw.S.M said...

i dunno what to amke of this post..every1 seems to think like this is some happy poem but i m not too sure. IS it? Or is it an outpouring of the heart, trying to take a decision which one does not want to take but has to make nevertheless? Do explain


JoHn @ blogger's paradise ... said...

pain is the cause
life is the effect
happiness in the goal
that's how we should aspire to roll...

Chronicwriter said...

just let go and keep moving...

so very true



Arv said...

time and time again, we all need those wings....

and the key is to keep going on :)

nice one mate...
take care... cheers...

Phoenix said...

im rather scared of you nowdays.. :0 so i make sure i atleast answer your comment.. :)

you know when i wrote this poem it wasnt in a optimistic or positives are the only one who realized it.. :)shows that you really do know me :)