Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Anwesa!!!

Today is the birthday of a really beautiful soul who is not only my friend but also my bindh [my hubby :P] as she turns a year older here’s wishing her nothing but the very best in life. May she scale heights of success and may happiness be hers now and always.

Anwesa has been my biggest critique and comfort when it comes to life and my feeble attempts at writing fiction. She is the one person who pursues me with a whip [almost] to write a post a day, she obsesses with Neel and Noyona [my fictional characters] much more than I do, and pushes me up the wall to bring them back to life time and again and is a creative help each time I’m facing a writers block. Most of my posts are written just to please her. What draws me to Anne as I lovingly call her, is her simple and heart warming ways, she always remembers smallest of things about me and takes an active interest in whatever happens in my life. She is also probably the only one who believes what I have to say and I don’t ever need to convince her by saying ‘really’ or ‘trust me’ she is one of the brightest spots in my life and she is one of the reasons why I make it a point to come online even though I have nothing much to post.

With her awful PJ’s to funny innuendos, to the beautiful poetic creations and real like fiction.. She is a package of everything nice... And she is a pure delight. Along with a few others she is my support systems in the virtual world, and there is nothing virtual about us. From being acquaintances in blog-world to being friends over gtalk, we have come a long long way…she is now indispensable to me…

Happy birthday Anwesa!!

Here’s wishing you happiness galore and blog full of posts!!

Love you loads

With muwaaahs pouring in,


Yours truly,

One and only

P.S- Anwesa I remembered your birthday alright I can never forget my bind’s birthday now can I?
P.P.S- please scroll down to the post below and leave a comment ... i will feel highly obliged... thank you in advance :)


Aditi..............:) said...

Tumhari dosti ko nazar na lage :)
I wish her !! :)

Phoenix said...

inshahalla :)

ANWESA said...

thank u dear!!!!it was gr8 2 see u here..

ANWESA said...

so my dear lil' wife had such grand plans!!!!!!!!!!!!i'm amazed beyond limits...stupendo-fantastically-brilliant!!!!!!!!!
i loved it....dil...dimaag..sab se
duniya walon,abb mere paas biwi he!!!

ANWESA said...

my lil' wife,if only i cud tell u wat i feel now.....choked with emotions....wordless...full of admiration....lovable,januable,sweetu frndu...

Hopeless Romantic said...

happy b'day anwesa ! enjoy ur day...grt to have raka as ur friend...god bless !


ANWESA said...

@amit aka hopeless romantic,
thanx a lot!!!!
i'v no words 4 dis stupendo-fantabolous post of her's...

lotsa luv 2 all of u..
n lotsa mor luv 2 my lil' wife..

Kartz said...

Greetings to Anwesa on her birth anniversary...

Peace. Have a nice day.

Dhanya said...

Aww... such a chweet post :) Happy bday Anwesa! I am sure Raka made it all the more special for you :)

Mahesh Sindbandge said...



its not inshahalla....its insha allah..

god bless your friend..:)


Many many happy returns of the day naughty girl..:p


WarmSunshine said...

Hey Anwesa, happy birthday sweety and many happy returns of the day :)

Have a blast!!

@ Mahesh (above)

You got it almoooosssttt right. It's "inshAllah" :)


yamini meduri said...

happy birthday Anwesa..!!!

яノςんム said...

oh it is anwesa's bday?? wish her a real happy happy birthday!!

wish u the choicest blessings of god!! i hope u had a blast!! sorry i am late to wish u, but really, had i known it, there had been a surprise waiting for u.. but i guess it never too late :)

lots of love!!

Ria said...

Aww...tht was such a sweet post!!for totally deserving Anwesa. :)

Pallav said...

Warm greeting for Anwesha..
May God bless her..
n u both of u will remain frends forever...
Cheers :)


rabbit said...

happy happy b'day to you Anwesa ji

take care and don't forget to cut cakes... :D

have fun

Mayz said...

happy birthday anwesa :)

MultiMenon said...

Happy birthday anwesa... :)

Btw,She was ur hubby??? :( :( then me??? :( :( :p :o


Amrita~Ams said...

happy to u ;);P

Harshita said...

Happy Bday Anwesa... :)

Wish you all the happiness and love in life...

Raka, tere jaisa yaar kahaan...kahaan aisa yaarana... :)