Monday, June 01, 2009


Its an honour to be a part of Her Highness Phoenix’s 100th post of the year. I want to make best use of this opportunity to delight her readers. I guess the whole bloggerville is aware of our special relationship. For the sake of the novice bloggers, I hereby proclaim that we are a couple, albeit without any malign or disrespect towards anybody’s feelings. Coming back to her, we met on 25th December 2008 and are going steady ever since. I really don’t know what brought us so close- our similarities or differences. Anyways, I now move on to what I was meant to do. Have yet another chit-chat session.

1-Phoenix, you have always been an open book for your blog-readers. It has its advantages but don’t you ever feel that your privacy is threatened by it ?

hmm..good question.. you know my prof at college keeps telling us that blogging to him is washing your dirty linen in public, however I beg to differ. After 2 and a half years of blogging, I find blogging therapeutic and if I don’t blog I will probably go insane…and my answer is in your question, I am an open book and being a generally a secure person I don’t feel threatened if people know the real me. When one blogs one uses his/ her discretion.. so I don’t write anything that can threaten my privacy that is against my blogging ethics.

2-You are a gem of a person. You have your imperfections too but somehow they accentuate your persona. Now tell us what are your worst qualities as a blogger.

OMG! :) well when I read the blogs of Mayank, Yams, you and a few others who churn out literary masterpieces.. I feel inadequate. This is so because I can write only when I feel about the topic or it touches me in some way other the other. So I cannot really write using ornamental words to express on topics out of the blue or a random thought… here lies my inadequacies or worst quality as a blogger. i wish i could write quality stuff or for that matter, i wish i could write poems using literary writing meters.

3-Your perception of friendship-how different are your e-pals from your real world friends?

Friendship to me is forever and it is one of the greatest realities of my life, so whether real or e-pals
doesn’t make it any difference, they are equally important to me. In fact I turn to my e-pals much more when in grief than my real friends.

4- An oft-repeated cliche – do you believe in perfect relationships? Is it an illusion or luck by chance or in one’s hands ?

I’m a perfectionist as you know, but then I have realized that there is nothing called perfect or ideal in life, a relationship or a person can come close to what you consider an ideal. Running after an ideal or perfection in relationship is like running after a mirage in a desert. As about chance, well some people are a little lucky who retain the magic of the initial romance in a relationship, often time weathers it away but then if you want such a drastic fate or a stable relationship is in our hands..

5- your favourite blogger . And why ? (only one name-no diplomacy or inhibitions-just be honest and frank-I know you are…)

you never ever choose between gems… that is a rule I maintain…:P okay jokes apart.. its unfair to name any particular person, because each of my blogger friends assume a particular role and function in my life, like Harshita is like my eternal shelter, You are my bind, an ultimate friend who listens patiently and always bails me out of sticky spots, Richa is like my alter ego ultimate girl pal i can ever have, then there is Yams who adds peace and calm to my life, Nikhil is my twin soul, Mayank is and eternal mentor to me, he kinda brings out the best in me… Sumit da is my only brother in blog world and then there is Amit who has now become a real good friend to me.. isn’t it really unfair to choose the best among bestest. im sure u will agree right?? :P

6- your best post till date…..

god I cant name one.. only because I haven’t thought about it …all my sentimental posts are my favorite because it comes straight from the heart and I am not really good at expressing my emotions…

7- 100 posts in 5 months- 20 posts a month – how easy or tough is it to write posts every other day ?

hell it was easy! i am a born blogger and who dares equal me… lol! Just kidding.. the thing is, when I am under immense stress and pressed up for time, I automatically turn to blogging for comfort and to keep me sane. As you know last few months were grueling and extremely stressful for me.. :)

8- Bengaluru- your new destination. How will your blogging be affected by this change of place ? I know its too early to say but still….any idea ?

I so love this question… see the first thing I asked my senior from college when I got through IIJNM was are we permitted to blog using college computers and only after being thoroughly assured I gave dad the go ahead to initiate the process of admission.. : )
So I have insured my blogging career, apart from the initial few days of settling down I think I may actually get back to a post a month, specially since I wont have anything else to keep me occupied. :) So don’t smirk I am not leaving blogging for anything in the world. :P

9-What is your idea of pure blogging ? we often find people using their blogs to blow their own trumpet/use blogs for publicity. How wrong or right is that ?

Hmm well I cant answer for anyone else here, we have our personal reasons to blog, and since our blog is like our private space where we let in our friends to peak in, it is bound to be I-centric. It can be boring for the readers I know but then one must understand its our private space after all.. hey I hope this question is not targeted to me? :P lol I'm no one to judge other peoples actions but I know I don’t want to blow my own trumpet but there are times I share my accomplishments etc to celebrate the event that is all. it is all about how we percieve a particular thing. 

10- “Destiny’s Child” is a personal blog (its all about you and your world) . In a span of a few years would you ever create another personal blog in addition to the existing one ? Please elaborate.

NO WAY! I may have other blogs where I write but there wont be another personal blog, because for one I have another secret, private and confidential blog..shush!! And two, I like reading my pasts posts and analyzing how I have evolved as a person. Moreover my blog in a way are a record of the events and people or things that have happened to me over the period of time…and to me my blog is my world i can never ever abandon it for anything in life.period!

Thanks dear for giving me the pleasure of talking to you. You know how I love it. I hope you enjoyed it too. And your readers too. I hope you continue blogging and provide us the joy of your companionship.

:P haha the pleasure is all mine sweetheart, you always bail me out of my writers block and im really grateful you agreed to do this at such a short notice. And thanks a ton for the beautiful wishes and I will see to it that you guys wont get off so easily and that I will continue to blog and torture you till whenever I can.. :)

So its Anwesa signing off with a promise to meet all of you yet again.....till then keep smiling err blogging !!!


Mayz said...

ahhhhhhhhhhh niceeeeee!!!!

good questions anwesa n vy well answered n mentor...awwww

hugzie :)

яノςんム said...

awwwww.. i am so liking this interview.. good work anwesa.. U have really asked real nice questions and i am so glad u r continuing the blogging in b'lore :D
and I the alter ego!!

lots of love :)

The Pink Orchid said...

enjoyed reading this one.. creative questions and interesting answers.. :D

the silent observer said...

The questions were very meaningful and it did give me an insight to your personality Raka... We do hope you continue your blogging even in Bengaluru. All the Best. :D

AD said...

and the love that pours in every word is so remarkable!


i m thoroughly impressed with how BIG Raka is :D I mean i didnt have my doubts but this leaves no room for havin em born ever!


Rock on Raka!

PULKIT said...

personal and straight from the heart :)

Dewdrop said...

Agree... direct dil se!

Gigi said...

Nice post.

Keshi said...

Strong answers and I like the way u see this Blogworld. U hv a head above ur shoulders. Good on ya! :)

And happy 100th!


Hemanth Potluri said...

wowe :)...sis anwe has some rapid fire questions :)...and yeah raka's answers were awesome :)....100th on this year wow thats to gr8 :)...all the answers were awesome and gr8 way u told abt blogging :)..


Arv said...

Lovely Q&A :)

Congrats on the 100 of this year :)

take care... cheers..

Chriz said...

those were kick the back questions and answers.. rocking stuff..

and its been a year knowing you phoenix

anwesaa! nice dedication for raka's 100th post

muthu said...

That was an interesting Q and A session.

The questions well framed and the answers even better in content as well as in context.

Cheers 2 your blogging career...

I hope to see more of you. :)

Harshita said...

Yeh innovative idea tum logon ko hi aa saktey hain :)

I loved the QnA thingie here and Anwesa yaar, you have asked such well-framed questions... I am sure Raka had a tuff time answering them.LOL

Wish u all the best, Raka for a new beginning.

Amrita~Ams said...

nice anwesa...mast questions..

Aw.S.M said...

100 posts already!! geez...wah wah, furious and awesome blogging - thats u. :)

Nice questions and even better answers..oh and even if they blocked u from blogging in IIJNM i m quite sure u wouldve found some other way..u and ur blog r inseparable re. :)

Here's to a 100 more before the end of the year...u rock yaar


Priya Joyce said...

wat an achievement gal...

100 posts this

welll loved the quests and ur answers...

some strong and inspirational words out there :)

keep goin

Cяystal said...

100 posts in 5 months ? Welll..I'm going to complete them in two that 1 yr!!
But anywayy!..congrats swwetiee!

and awweosme ques, Anwesa!

MultiMenon said...

Cool..niceee.. :) 100 posts in 5 months is :O.. am struggling to complete 100 for a year now.. :)

ANWESA said...


ANWESA said...

thanx dear!!!!

ANWESA said...

@pink orchid,
*creative questions

thanx dear!!!

ANWESA said...

@the silent observer,
*The questions were very meaningful
thanx a lot!!!

ANWESA said...

*sis anwe
dis sounded like a convent skool nun :) nevertheless,it luks beautiful...

thanx bro!!!

Aditi..............:) said...

That was a treat to read!!! :P

Congo for the 100th post!!! :)

ANWESA said...

thanx mate!!!

ANWESA said...

haan,after all ur chemistry is such..
this comment again reaffirms my belif dat ur my gr8est admirer on blogger...

ANWESA said...


comfortably numb said...

thts a nice way to celebrate 100 in a a year:)
nice interview...made for nice reading:)
btw...did u really ask ur seniors abt the using computers for blogging, if u did...tht is just wow:D

Ria said...

nice post and a very interesting concept. :) Loved the answers!!well done anwesa.

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Hmmm...None less than a Celebrity interview in some spicy magazine or say Bangalore times..

Where are you in bangalore BTW..?