Thursday, July 30, 2009


Scribbles while a guest lecturer was lecturing us on the cultural heritage of Bangalore... no offence to the Bangalorians but it did seem like they were promoting the city A LOT :D :P

Like the lofty breeze
that Saunders in, unannounced
memories visit me, and
time stops

those twinkling city lights
fading fast, as the car rushes on
those misty morning tea sessions
and those late night calls.

mothers heavenly home cooked food
and the comforts of my queen sized bed
the luxuries of home

so many relationships i have left behind
so many hearts have bled
tears of anguish and stifled sobs
is all i have left

its what i have always wanted
i repeatedly remind myself,
but memories keep coming back
making it difficult to rest.

i hunger for a glimpse of home
i thirst for his hugs
life is getting complicated
i wonder if the nightmare will end.

dreams they say come at a price
and I'm serving my time
in hope for a better tomorrow
when life will turn around

they say i will be fine
that this is just a phase
but surviving pangs of homesickness
is easier said than done.

the world swirls around me
i look around dazed
everything moves around
faster, than i can comprehend

tears will dry
time will fly
there will be a time
when my dreams will be realized

it took me 10 minutes to write this one... 4 days to finally find a pc and and another 4 days to finally finish typing... been extremely busy... :)


ANWESA said...

the poem was all about you and your feelings of gave me an insight into your "new life" :)
hope u'll always live your another 9-10 months,you can have your queen-sized bed and your prince-charming as well!!!

Rane (The Orchid with All Shades Pink) said...

Hey Raka :)
how you doing girl..
I'd be back to read about your new life..

I am back to blogging.. stay in touch girl.. missed ya..


Pesto Sauce said...

They should rename the city Jamgalore...thats what it is known for these days

Hey don't forget to catch fun and masti in college...after all you are in a rocking city

Ria said...

the poem summed everything that u are going thru right now. Well written hun!! :)

Rahil said...

Beautifully expressed...!! Many times memories come in our way our dreams but i think u know how to tackle them...good going gal..!!

muthu said...

lovely poem....

neatly put.

loved reading it..

Akshat said...

Hey Sis!!


Seriously this one was one of the best poetry I've read in a while!!

Love you

P.S....I want you to answer my A.M.Q.T.......visit my blog!! :DD