Thursday, July 09, 2009

Too much on my platter! :(

Everyday i wake up thinking yet another day has passed and I'm getting closer and closer to heart is heavy, i know it will not be easy but i will get used to i wont rant about my 'leaving home blues' i have successfully shooed away most of my friends who don't read me anymore.. but well i totally understand.. i haven't been writing any substantiate anyway... :)

Things at my end is well.. all too chaotic.. i had thought my last few days here would be peaceful..with quality time with my blog, my family and samik...but turns out that i cant find time to write on my blog if i do get even a few minutes i cant seem to do much.and this time crunch explains why i havent been able to read and comment on your blogs..sorry!.. mom has been ignored mostly..because i am out to please her, by visiting relatives all the time.. when i am home I'm tired and sleepy so much so that my body aches in fatigue... i cant sleep..i sleep in the wee hours of the morning only to be woken up rudely to go and meet someone again...samik has been really busy too and he cant seem to find time to spend with me..and id like to believe he wont find time to talk to me..for if we want we can find time for anything....anyway.. so all in all its been really harrowing... on top of it.. my mom has taken away all my clothes to keep aside for packing...and wont give me anything to wear out to meet the scores of relatives...damn!

Btw yesterday i went to Dakhineshwar its a very holy temple in the out skirts of the city.. i had done a mannat there about my leaving kolkata getting to study what i wanted to.. well by god's grace i have been granted that... :) so i went to offer my prayers and to ask something more from them..[them because i cant understand what to refer god as her /him.. because when i am alone i refer to god as him.. and when in temple i refer to god as her.. so I'm confused...:P] anyway i seem to realize what a greedy pig i am.. every time i go i tell god give me this and i wont ask anything again and i go back to offer prayers and ask again... now even god will say 'sorry you have exceeded the number of prayers" hey bhagwaan don't do this to me please... :) i am really scared that he will stop listening to me... on a serious note.. i am not a very religious person but i somehow have faith in god.. in the darkest hour of my life.. all i could do was to think of god and pray to him..and I'm thankful that he thought me worthy of granting my wishes...and ging to a temple really calms me down and makes me so humble.. i really have understood the meaning and the power of prayers... :)

Anyway I'm almost ready to faint there... i have to meet around 4 people today.... you guys have a good day ahead... and have fun.. and keep smiling..


AD said...

my head is spinning and as i read on ur post it kinda fainted away!

but hey you dont faint!
i bet the get together is all toom uch fun :)

keep smiling and have a great day too!

Hopeless Romantic said...

all the best

Jinxed Pixie said...


Hope you had a gurrreeaaatttt dayy!

All the best, btw.
And don't they say?
Kuch paane ke liye kuch khona padta hai?

It's all worth it, no?

Ria said...

all the best hun!!and i hope this change in ur life brings the best in u. :) Dont faint and be good!!

Harshita said...

Take Care yaar...

Abhi aisey hi chalega... thodey din mein all will settle soon...

I miss u too but I thought pehley tu aaram se wahan pahuch jaaye... aur thoda settled feel karey then will talk to u. :)

comfortably numb said...

Oye He won't ever get tired of answering our prayers...He is all benevolent:)
u tk care!!!

CM-Chap said...

Ah you are moving... Gonna be facing new life.... All the ebst

Cяystal said...

Dakshineshwar is a great place. I really admire Kali ji and Shiv ji..
visited it abhi jab calcutta aayi thi!

All the best baby!! =)
Life will be great. pakka

Arv said...

the change is for the best... you will do well... take care da... cheers...

muthu said...

All the best.

remember 1 thing-

change is just an integral of life-


cheers. :)

The Rat... said...

Oh baby.. dont worry.... everything will be alright... change is always for good... enjoy the last few days at ami kolkatta... Hugzzz :-) take care

Aw.S.M said...

Its all good sweety..chintaa mat karr...but yeah meeting relatives can be a major pain in the ass.!!

Oh and my mother also did some mannat for me...i wonder whatever came of it ??:P


Manish said...

Hey! Dont worry! and trust me, God is great

NE~ISM said...

you are great and gonna do great. You are going to have a lot of things that are going to make you so happy when you leave for school! Don't stay away to long or I am going to miss you if you don't blog at least 2 times a week.

I hope you had a great time with your friends you met!!


Keshi said...

Raka Im goin thru some tough times too...but I refuse to get affected by em...tho its hard I'll keep smiling.

Smile, even if ur heart is breaking...




Pranav Kumar V said...

Divine intervention!! It works out well, if you have no doubts about it!! :)

Hoping all ends well!! :) Take care, and as always, see you when I see you... :D

P.S. When're you setting your foot here??

Priya Joyce said...

everything is gonna be all ryt once u r in b'lore..just tc n njoy the days at home as long as u r there..:):)

Kartz said...

Dokkhineshwor... :) Brings back memories.

Take care, good luck!