Saturday, August 22, 2009

Love,Career and Relationships

i have watched Love Aj Kal a couple of weeks back, and i have been meaning to write something regarding my perception of modern day relationships but what finally makes me write this post is not just the movie but what my prof at college had to say in our class. before i go on to my take on this whole "love,career and relationship" topic lemme assure you the prof I'm talking about is someone i really respect and admire but it is one of the things she said that got me thinking.

This professor kept on telling us in class [and she does this almost everyday] that if you have be a good journo what you need to do is, chuck your boy friends and girl friends to leave you alone for the remaining 9 months.

in love aj kal, Meera and Jai decide to call off their relationship, even though it was great and was working fine but because they had to shift to a different city and it would be inconvenient.

i am no one to pass judgements on todays youth, im no moral police... but when it comes to me i can speak for myself. i somehow find these two incidents really strange. im in a really hectic course where stress rules high, no time to spare and no personal space but even then i never fail to take time out, after i am done with my studies and work to talk to my guy or my parents or my loved ones..

my point is, life now is competitive, far more than the generation or two before. where its cut throat competition, but that does not mean one gives up human emotions and relationships in favour of a career or better life. one of the most important words in life is balance. nothing is possible without balance. a career is really not worth it if one doesn't have someone or loved one to share it with, the successes or the failures, the moments of achievement or utter dejection... in the same time I'm not in favour of an idle life with no direction.

what do you think? is career more important or love? or a mix of both? what would have been your choice and why?


Americanising Desi said...

well thought out and perecived post :)

Raka the thing is, in today's day and age there is lack of patience and thought. as much as we d like to say we think it out, we never do and even in matters of the heart as we think we think, we chose something outta instinct and gut. there are a lotta pretty faces out there, do we fall for all? nope. because there is no click as the youth puts it.

career or love! well i'd say both need to be taken along. we have two two hands and on either side we have room to carry.. do we wanna keep it one track? always deciding wich to prioritize?

i think it has a phase, at one point we want to extablish in career, the next, settle with the partner of our choice!

Hopeless Romantic said...

Interesting observation, but i guess what your professor meant was that chuck your bf/gf if they are a source of distraction and you can't concentrate on your studies.

I myself have been guilty of letting go off a relationship when i was under tremendous work pressure. Its not about taking moral decisions, its just that we as youth have become absolutely jerk, we just want to move on in life, from one relationship to another, to fall into another to get out of the previous one.

Both career and love are important, and we should not sacrifice one for another, but then that is exactly what we are doing!


Netika Lumb said...

The choice is very clear for me. No matter what, I'll not leave eitehr of the two. Leaving my career, which is high priority would mean compromising on life. And leaving my BF would mean lack of commitment towards him. I don't care how we manage, I don't care if it turns ugly, I don't care if we fall apart. BUT, I'll give it a chance.Chance, coz I deserve it, he deserves it, we deserve.

Moreover, the mere thought of letting go of any one would mean accepting that I am weak and incapable of managing my priorities. And I can't eben think of living with a thought like this. I'd like to think that my BF would me strength and not a mere DISTRACTION. And if he is one, I am sure I'll be equally driven towards my career so that the latter also distracts me towards it. This whole thing, with time, will teach me how to manage. Not that I'll need to coz neither of the 2 are duties in my life. Both are for pleasure, satisfaction, contentement, and longevity :)

Priya Joyce said...

tat's bang on...ahhh faced someting similar till a few days ago..
and went wth career.. but kindaa in a fix still :P
u know watt
love is the the most important stuff in lyf..but when career too has a lot of emotions attached with it and not just for money then it becomes a difficult choice ahh
oh m confused ryt now..but i think for a relationship both need to be independent financially and that kindaa makes them equals..
tats wat is the basic truth..
hav i messed it up??

well nice post :)

sawan said...

I would walk along with Netika on this one!

Priya said...

I have been the best in my career with loved ones by my side. They mutually co-exist.

Matangi Mawley said...

really good post..

career/relationship.. both are equally important..
bt neither should be more important than yourself..
My point is- whatever happens in our lives.. it happens for us.. n that should ultimately make us happy.. neither should be loved beyond a certain limit crossing which, it would throttle us!

Rahul Saha said...

Don't think I'm qualified to comment on this but lets just say what's important is to realize the difference between what actually makes you happy and what you think makes you happy.

Yellow Tulip said...

both go hand in hand dear..i think its all about hw u manage ur time...its r career demands ur time...relations demand the bond we share in given time...thin line...hard to balance but its not impossible...:)

its lik u like somethin r say someone u jus make time for them cos u like tat feel of bondin

when it comes to work...its the reverse..u have to spend doubt but here i think we should try enjoy it n share the bond..

confusing right:)..hope u understood:)...
very nice observation dear:)

Saim said...

a successful career would hardly be of worth without relations to share it with!!!
moreover, the stress and competition nowadays can only be coped with the relaxation and warmth those little moments with loved ones give us!!!

Ria said...

u know the key gurl, its balance.
Its silly to think that one has to leave relationships to sustain a career. Its not that u'll not have to struggle after these nine months....but that doesn't mean that u need to quit all ur relationships!! In that case i shud probably break up with my bf of 8 yrs coz career has kept us apart most of the times!

Harshita said...

Well I agree with Ria... all we need is a balance

and if u knw u cant pull it off.. its better to mutually split before it turns nasty.

AMIT said...

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aqua gurl said...

love the new background :P:P

Dhanya said...

I value relationships more than career. Not that career isn't important but I wouldn't say I would give it a priority which is equal to that of my career. Relationships would stand a step ahead :)

Maintaining your relationships at this day and age is hard. Even finding a perfect partner isn't so simple. Leaving all that for anything in the world sounds really bizarre to me!

joie de vivre said...

yes agreed, competition is too high now..espically for media people...
being a journo I understand have to be truly committed and passionate for being 'IN' to the field...
chucking your guy or gal is not a very good option indeed, but yeah call it your testing time..go through it..pass the there for each other..and try to steal some time in between for both you (you as in the 2 people)..

Deepika said...

Interesting and thought provokin!

I believe everything in life is meaningless if you don't have people you love around you!!

Happiness is real only when you have real trustworthy people to share with....

Importance of Love cannot be replaced with anything in the world...