Thursday, December 31, 2009

Chalo let's go..

"Jani phuriye jabey jani..amader ai chelebelay
tobu ankre dhorey rekho tumi tomar joubon..
tobu hoy toh theke jabey amader gaan taniya"
i know someday our youth will diminish...yet cling to those times, maybe someday our song will remain taniya..
I had gone away with pain and anger seething in my heart. i could never really forget or forgive the episode. i nurtured the pain in me for almost a year now. but this time not anymore, i let go of it all. with a new year, i embrace newer challenges, newer opportunities; i will think not of what has happened but of what can happen. the pain is just too much to bear and carry forward and i refuse to crave for acceptance, of being validated. I've been craving for it too long and after a year of it, i don't think it is worth it, i don't think they are worth it either. i am who i am, and i refuse to bow my head and take on humiliation and insult dished out to me. Every human being deserves respect and right to be the way they are, and if to get acceptance and recognition you need to alter yourself, put the things that made you the person who are; then i don't crave for it at all. i know if i don't forgive Them and move on i can never really be me. i need to tell myself i don't need Them to tell me i exist for me to really exist. i can manage just being me, i have trodden alone and if need be i can do so without assistance. but i will have no more of a life, where i cant walk tall.for it, if i have to let go of my claim to something i hold dear, i will but no more of humiliation and pain. a new year warrants a new beginning and i deserve respect. i wont languish in pain but move ahead leaving behind the pain of the past. i let go.. i forgive Them..
"onek jontronao jabey phuriye akdin
kotoo bharakranto mon jabey juriyebakdin
keu hothat shanti khujey abey kuriye akdin..
jotoi akre thaki somoy..hather mutho khuley jitey hobey akdin.. "
A lot of pain will get over one day...burdened mind will be eased one day..peace will be found one day...time..however much we cling to has to open their fist someday and let it all go..time...
P.S- Lyrics are from a movie called Madly of my fav's
Wishing you all..
Happy and Prosperous New year!!


ANWESA said...

A lot of pain in the post....(Reasons unknown to me)

But they also say- Life without pain is listless.

A Happy New Year to you!!!

Lotsa love enclosed :)

Chocolate Lover said...

:)) awesome

You have been awarded..
check out my blog :)

Priya Joyce said... u said..letting go helps.
abt forgiving..I think u're the best person evr to do that...

Wish u too a happy and prosperous..and a yr full of achievements :)


rainboy said...

Move on and if u want revenge...
remember REvenge is the dish,that's best served cold.

Happy New year too you too.

Indrajit said...

Made for more than just a nice n thoughtful reading.

Arv said...

Happy New Year Raka :)