Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Secret 7

I saw this post on Dhanya's profile where she was tagged to reveal 7 secrets of hers... since i don't have anything substantial to add to my blog at the moment [lol! like i have otherwise too! :P] so i decided to do this on my blog too!

1. i am a sucker for romantic movies.i never get tired of watching same things over and over again. however much i hate to admit it, i get all senti while watching them and i even shed a tear or two...:) its needless to say it does something to my emotional equilibrium.. and if I'm watching such movies in hostel then it brings a sense of loss or vacuum in me... : ( :P

2. I'm emotionally very cold. I'm not very openly affectionate types. saying 'i love you' or cuddling doesn't come easy to me. I'm better than before but i have a long way to go before i can express myself better!

3.i slip into depression or i loose confidence in myself often. it takes colossal effort on my part to feel optimistic enough to move on.

4. I'm quite opposite to what i seem. i may appear confident and composed.. but actually I'm quite a freak inside. i tend to bottle my emotions, i hate to cry or let people see me cry. and every day is a challenge for me to go and get what i want.

5. i may not be outwardly religious types, but i have immense faith in God. everyday is a prayer for me, and i have great dependency on prayers.

6.i hate changes. i resist them with all my might. it unnerves me. it makes me an uptight person who loves to be in control of everything in her life.

7.i always store chocolate wrappers, cars, letters etc, never throw anything that is given to me.. :) for me these are of sentimental value..


Chocolate Lover said...

sweet :))

rainboy said...

Nice .
I pity myself I have no secrets ;D .

MultiMenon said...

5/7 is pretty good ryt?? :P Yeah,I know much of these.soul twins we are and so must be this I guess! :)

Lovely to see this up and running (atleast for now)..

Loadsa love,

Netika Lumb said...

what do I say?? I relate with all the points :)

Nice to have you back, even if it's a one off :)

The Double Inverted Commas said...

Hey your 7 secrets are mine!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ria said...

nice answers and i can so relate to them!! :)

Phoenix said...


im glad you like it and can relate to them..maybe owning up to them will help me overcome my follies.. :P :)

no promises but i intend to keep this blog functioning... atleast 3 posts a month.. :P

Matangi Mawley said...

wow!! u wont believe this. bt i felt as thought someone was revealing out my own secrets to the world out there! :) it goes same with me for almost all things u've mentioned.. except for the romantic movie part.. :)

Phoenix said...

@matangi mawley

:P lol! im embaressed about the romantic movie part!

the silent observer said...

nice nice..got to know a lot of things abt you.. ;)