Friday, January 08, 2010


When you fall on your back,
there is just one way out: UP

Sorry haven't been able to read and comment but will do so this Sunday! :) tadaa for now..


rainboy said...

Stand up again and beat the shit out of the one who put you down .

The Lover said...

What if I fall on my side?

Arv said...

and get moving too :)

Chocolate Lover said...

nice :)

Sumit said...

the lazy me says, "yeah yeah, but first while I'm down I might as well roll over and get some sleep".
a competitive mean spirit once said, "just roll over and die, its over"

-- it all depends upon your choices, isn't it?

how are you?

Phoenix said...

hell ya i like that attitude :)

@the lover

then you just have to turn and lie on your back and look up

Phoenix said...

yeah yeah

@chocolate lover

@sumit da
i wish i could be the lazy one..a nice nap sounds heavenly...but id prefer the competitive spirit..sounds challenging :)

Ria said...

well said sweets. :)