Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Often when someone does, pain and loss makes you want to carve words out of beautiful memories of the deceased. But i write at the sheer meaningless nature of 'what was'.

It began exactly 5 years ago with a phone call. it was 19 Th of January 2005. that fateful day two virtual friends consolidated their friendship over a mere phone call.. what followed was, many more phone calls over 6 months, until the final step was taken. Thus 'Relationship' as we fondly call It was born.

Birth and death are two facets of life. if you are born you are fated to die. when or how you will die is never in our hands but when 'relationship' died it was because one had become tired of trying while the other couldn't care less. So we lost our beloved 'Relationship' to a not so painful death, probably 'It' was preparing itself for the end to happen, and when it did come she surrendered without a fight.

Relationship is survived by two of "Its" extensions (though two of them don't co exist anymore) One is a healthy female given to bouts of anger, tears and normalcy with regular succession. the other is (a worthless) male who is stunned (unaware of what happened and why, as usual) He continues to see comfort in a child like way in the arms of his creator and his failings; choosing not to assume responsibility for his actions.lets just blame it on his stunted mental growth and forgive him, because forgiveness as Oscar Wilde says "
Always forgive your enemies- nothing annoys them so much". Moreover by forgiving we earn a ticket to heaven, or we would have had a chance encounter with him hell! *shudder* *shudder*

Good it was while the effort existed. Died with the lack of it and mental imbalance of one man. Its presence will be mourned by one who truly valued It, until the next one comes along (you didn't except me not to move on did you?! :) )

This is what Relationship would have said if It could from its grave... It would lament that undeserving individuals who are desperate to be "cool" welcome It without having basic qualifications (brains, maturity and the guts to stand up for the choices they make). I assure you, It told me this wasn't me.. Before Relationship breathed Its last... It said It wanted to live longer if only the "alpha male had been a man enough...alas!

As one of the key extensions of our late 'Relationship" i wish i could spare a word or too about my EX. However, his failures and lack of credibility has handicapped my social skills. do forgive me, i cannot rise about the injustices done to me to tell lies about a man who is not worthy to be categorized such. lairs, cheaters, manipulators and losers just do not deserve the slightest mention... i hope my shortcomings and rudeness will be forgiven, for it hardly holds water when compared to my EX. thanks in advance ( for the forgiveness of course! :))

RIP Relationship. May you never happen to those who donot value you, despite learning the lesson twice over. Peace!


Ria said...

omg!!shit....dont tell me this has happened for real....i dont know what to say.

ANWESA said...

hugs honey....

MultiMenon said...

I wish everyone realised on their parts,what their respective mistakes wer! and move forward with the happy moments,sans hatred and the bad moments to a better life.

God has better things for them,I guess.. :)


Love said...

she got tired of listening to his lies......... 5 years of torment, but my heart said follow me

i love you and i forgive you and please forgive me as well


like in the scarlet letter... maybe god has other plans

Love said...

i feel pretty bad about this as well, i dont feel you my enemy why are you talking about enemies, i never saw you like that.

i did what i felt im sure you did the same. as stupid as it seems to everyone. 2 kids in love.
its time to move on, wont be the end of the world. such is life.
maybe we will meet again by serendipity??

if it's meant to be it will be.

take care, i know you have a pretty hard life, i can see that. just sorry i insulted you.

find the god in you, thats all we are here for.

to love is to forgive, i hope you will forgive me.


GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!

Love said...
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Vinz said...




Americanising Desi said...

really? :(

i m really sorry if this has actually happened!

but u were so happy!!!

SHWETHA said...

I think I've never ome across a bloger who posts so frequently. But yeah! u do a good job. Keep up. I liked your tag too. ;)

яノςんム said...

Hugz.. take care..

Luscious Sealed Lips said...

If a relationship can not generate happiness, a smile or gratitude for its existence, it was never a 'relationship'.

Take Care.

There is allot of Love in this world. And so much in stored for you. ONLY YOU.


Hugs 'n' Kisses.

Ankur said...

you said in ur intro... struggling dreamer and a survivor

and dreams never die and if have them then they dont let u die too...