Friday, January 01, 2010

So What's New?!

God! how i wish i was the cool chick who is oh so hot! who has an attitude to flaunt, a life to live.. in short hot and happening! here i am boring me. struggling in the race of life, no colour whatsoever and no attitude to flaunt! but heck! I'm me isn't it! and just because i don't have a thing doesn't mean i cant right? so it brings me to that point where i make resolutions..

are you wondering, why make resolutions when you will not keep it? Dude.. i make resolutions and i make them turn true you know ..ahaan! :) don't roll your eyes now... :P :)

  • I'm gonna take pride in myself and my accomplishments.. and will gain my confidence back and walk tall...
  • people will make me feel like a dimwit [ o yea they have] i will turn up my nose at them.. and tell them to F***k O*F! or Kiss My A$$!!
  • Will stop being Uptight and ease out!
  • Will take failures and disappointments in my stride...most importantly will forgive myself.
  • Will channelize my energies..
  • Will Blog!!! and get back to the two people who have struck by me, through thick and thin and did not abandon me in favour for newer friends..they were there no matter what!! Anwesa and Nikhil... a promise made and will be keep! no more hibernation!!
  • Will put in my all for the one this i need desperately JOB!!

Now for the hopes and prayers of this new year...

The last year has been pretty rough on my parents.. they have proven just how much parents really do for their parents put me and my comfort before their own needs.. and this year i hope and pray i can make them proud by overcoming my not so great grades, get a job so that i can give them all that they deserve and more. not only do i owe it to them but because it pains me to see how much they do to provide me a decent life. its time unhappiness and hardship makes a move, paving way for some comfort and happiness to reign!

Since I'm in an asking mood... God please please.. first give me a job... and second give me a job in Kolkata please...i miss home and not a day passes when i don't long to come back..let me be where i have sent 21 years of my life.. please please..getting a job would be superb but a job in Kolkata would be a cherry on the cake!! please make my life! :) :P

With such a huge list i think Mister God must have logged out of his prayer inbox already :P anyway.. how was your 31st? new year resolutions in 2010??

P.S- I'm planning to change my template of the blog..can you guys suggest good templates/widgets etc? any suggestions is always welcome!!


ANWESA said...

Hugs!! I loved your resolutions and was glad to see my name in the post.*a lil' dance*

Bhagoo kare tujhe best things mile..

lotsa love...

p.s. : template ke baare mein,dun worry..apan hey na!

Pallav said...

Hey.. All the best... n Happy New Year...

Ria said...

hope u take pride in everything u do and get all that u hav ever wanted!!happy new year sweets. *hugs*

Americanising Desi said...

all the best with your resolutions my dear!

you are more PHAT than you think :D



Happy 2010!

santoshi said...

May this new year bring many opportunities your way, to explore every joy of life and may your resolutions for the days ahead stay firm, turning all your dreams into reality and all your efforts into great achievements.
Wish You Happy New year 2010

MultiMenon said...

Happy New Year!!! :)

Nice resolutions though this time around,I ve decided am not letting it out.So that only I need to be dealing with its shortcomings.. :P

Lotsa love,


MultiMenon said...

U havent yet asked me for templates,havent ya?? :O :O

The Double Inverted Commas said...

Nice post! There's a lot of me in it. I so TOTALLY love it. Happy New Year dear
P.S.: Here's hoping you get a great job soon.

yamini_meduri said...

Different Resolutions Raka...they are needed..!!!

All the best dear...dont worry keep all your resolutions and u can efly make your parents happy..!!

Happy new year dear..!!!

Standbymind said...

You are tagged pal!

Do your thing!

Happy New Year!

Princess said...

for me also all i want now is a job and a really kool one :D
all the best friend

rainboy said...

best of luck good.