Wednesday, January 06, 2010

This N That

I'm back to Bangalore. Came back yesterday. no matter how much i reasoned with myself i could hardly control the tears that rolled down as the flight took the runway. i made an utter fool of myself as the Steward [ a real hunk!] stopped during the security demonstration to peer closely at me and i squeezed my eyes shut firmly as if to block him out. maybe that's why he was more courteous to me while serving my coffee! :P

it was so tough getting back to hostel. i just wanted to cry like a 10 year old, that i wanted to go back home. with a heavy heart and throbbing head i set forward unpacking. god! hated it all! but the best part of it was my friend dropped in and told me those magical words and i couldn't help but smile "125 more days to go home.. Cheer up!" mom and dad had packed me sandwiches and pastries for the journey which i had in my break today.. and felt heavenly.. everything i do.. the craving for home in my heart never ceases...

on college front, tons has been happening.. i missed out 2 tests yesterday..and 3 more to take tomorrow...yes that means i should be studying now and I'm me there is no guilt but sinful pleasure. jokes apart, this time i have promised i ll take interest and enjoy what I'm doing, i didn't do that wasn't as good as it should be.. and yes no more negative attitude this time for sure! :) will make the most of these 125 days.. make that 124 tomorrow morning! :) :D

O yea i miss Samik.. i know i should not given the current circumstance...the feeling never leaves me.. i wish he had tried... he proved me how it was so worth it..things would have been so different.. so fulfilling..if only.. sigh! :|

Home sick... yea to say the least but have much to do... test tomorrow...just dropped in to say hi! :)

did i tell you Journo Schools drive you to your grave?.. okay gotta really go.. :)


Ria said...

*hugs* hope this makes u feel better. dint hav anything better to say.

The Double Inverted Commas said...

Awwww! I went on leave when my leg broke. Joining back office was such a pain. Seriously!
Hey you know my journo school (IIMC) was like no-stress, full masti kinda place!!! Whats up with yours?

Matangi Mawley said...

:-) tc dear... have fun!!!

rainboy said...

Cheers up little baby

bearhugs :)

Arv said...

124 days to go now... :)

count down to that day and keep ur smile up :)

do well and become a good journo for our country :)

take care mate... cheers...

ANWESA said...

Sinful pleasure................

Love u :D

Americanising Desi said...

i swear i wish i cud exchange places with you :D

Sunshine gal said...

Hey,so what happened to the tests that you missed??Are you allowed to re-take them???

Hemanth Potluri said...

hugs sweetu..hope this helps :)...just study well :).


Insomaniac Junkie said...

Just a phase of life.. this will go. besides, cherish ur college life and these moments as much as u can.. for after few years these would be the moments that would be missed :)

Insomaniac Junkie said...

neways.. good blog... nice and simple...

Phoenix said...

hugs back! :)

@double inverted commans
how i envy you..since we follow a on the job format..there is no "fun" here for we fuction like a newsroom :(

@matangi mawly
:) thanks you too

hugs back

will do my best! :)

love you to hubby dear!

cant take it..its missed and gone..hope i dont suffer too bad in my reports because of this! :(

thanks pal it does help! :)

thats what i tell myself..a phase..raat yeh bhi guzar for missing this place?yes maybe not the people though...except a few close pals.. :)

do keep visiting