Monday, February 15, 2010

Busy life...

Sometimes life brings you at a cross road where you need to choose yourself over what you have always believed, felt and lived for. the decision to choose between one is excruciatingly painful, because until then the two roads was enmeshed into one whole. Choices, is something we all have to make in every walk of life. sometimes you allow you heart to rule your heart sometimes its just just the other way around. i choose a road which took me to me, a life of self respect leaving behind a life i had built. im proud i did that. sometimes it takes loosing someone to finally get a reality check in life. maybe it sounds silly.. but it took Samik somewhat months of staying apart to realize for himself what he truly wants... and when i had all the things i wanted served to me i thought it was only fair to give in... maybe this makes me sound so silly what with parting ways only to meet least i wont live to regret what i have done.. nothing is worse than living life with regrets!

A part of me feels sad for a special friend who has truly proved how worthy he is as a friend and i will treasure him for lifelong!

so wassup at my end?

for starters im the Editor (again!! :( ) but this time for Bengali (regional) bulletin, last time i was the editor of the english bulletin which was far easy to handle! im worried sick because the last time my team members sabotaged my bulletin on purpose. thankfully we have a decent team, maybe we will manage something good in the end... and it promises to be fun...and we have trained our reporters to do P2C's (where the reporters say I'm Phoenix reporting for IIJNM Bangalore) in Bengali... its so cute the way our reporters (all non Bongs) trying to speak these few words in Bengali :P :) but tomorrow there will be a colossal amount of work what with translating around 21 stories, editing them and then going on air..will surely be an uphill task.

I hope you guys had a great Valentines day.. as for me for the first time in say 5 years i never felt anything.. i saw all my friends (couples) felt as if J-school sucked the life out of me.. apparently i was supposed to receive a parcel which decided not to turn up, even today :( damn!

im leaving for Taluk visits like i did in November last year. tons to do on that front too, because my degree depends on my masters project. the team is a terrible one, the same as the last time so i would have tons to put up with.. im planning life so that i don't have to spend more time than necessary there...

With life getting tougher... do look out at twitter updates for more on my life..

this is Phoenix signing off in true IIJNM ishtyle... :)


Hemanth Potluri said...

:)...even tho u busy u took out time to tell us everything :)..well now i know y i should not be a journalist..if so much of work i will definitely faint...i am better of as SE :)..all the best for u for ur work as u said u r the main editor :)...just relax and do the work everything will be fine :)..take care..


Arv said...

Do take those lil moments to enjoy what you do now and then... it would make the journey a bit easier :)

and yes, keep those micro updates coming on twitter or FB :)

take care... cheers...

Ria said...

glad to know that u guys got back....hope this is here to stay!! All the best with ur project hun. And do keep us updated. :)