Saturday, March 06, 2010

My first placement day !

Life has taken a new turn. we are now in the last leg of our course, specially with the placements proceedings beginning. Today Press Association came to our college to take the entrance test, this is the first company to visit us this year and that actually heightened the tension.

Like many others i opted to sit for the test, actually im sitting for almost all the companies that are coming without being pickey and choosey because after this course i need to get a job ASAP! :) What happened to me on my first placement day is something im not about to forget EVER!! i went to bed early and was having an undisturbed sleep for probably for the first time (since my noisiest roomie is away for the time being!) i thought the night would be peaceful but i woke up several times at night and thus i woke up tired and sleepy but because it was a placement day i willed myself to carry on with my chores! :(

The day began in the worst possible way. When i spotted the idli's for breakfast i should have known what was in store for me but i choose to be ignorant, and then i paid a price for it. i tripped and fell and dropped my morning cup of coffee, then embarrassed and extremely miserable i made my way to the shop for bread and omlette...after hogging i remembered that mom always forbade me to have eggs on the day of exam or anything important (call it superstitution or whatever! :P ) As if this wasnt already enough.. this PA made us wait for more than 3 hours to take the entrance test.. and that too when? during our lunch hour! damn them!
the test went fine and i finished my paper early and went back to hostel to eat. i changed into shorts and spaghetti and decided to take a nap after the long day but i kept wondering why my other roomies werent even hour later my roomie walks in and asks me why i was absent during the second test! it was only then that i realized that I HAD FORGOTTEN ABOUT THE SECOND PART OF THE TEST COMPLETELY! then i called my prof begged him to let me sit for the test! i slipped on a tee and ran to the college to sit for the test! Sir was almost laughing at me, because i turned up disheveled and in shorts and tee and allowed me to sit for the test. somehow i finished the test in 15 minutes. i myself dont know what i wrote because i didnt even check my paper, i just managed to thrust the paper in the hands of the invigilator and run away to hide my face! by now the entire college knows i had forgotten about the test!! what an embarrassment!!! god!!

Of course i will make sure this is never repeated but the events that occurred during the course of the day has convinced me that this job at least is not meant for me.. hopefully something works out in the other projects that will come up.. that's all from my end as of now..tadaa!!


freelancer said...

dear lord
i pray to you that u will answer me one question
how just how can a person forget about the second part of the test on one of the most important days of life???

lols! u r lucky

rainboy said...

Hahaha I can't believe lol
Anyways,Whatever has happened has happened. You take care and don't take tension...there are plenty of jobs out there. Don't forget the test next time though *Still smiling*

In few years,When u look back at this day,you would be smiling.
Take care

ANWESA said...

Hats off to your forgetfulness!!!

All the best for the placement season!! Lets see which is the lucky firm :P :D

NEHAZZ said...

was a nice read .. all the bst gal

Americanising Desi said...

dont worry abt what has happened.. let us pray and wish and hope that this doesnt repeat ever :D

The Double Inverted Commas said...

All the best dear!

Ria said...

all the best sweets!! :)

Arv said...

Take care and all the best :)

adrija said...

ki hoyeche tor??
pagli akta!!!

Aditi..............:) said...

Oh dear! All the best!! I have been away for a long time and now getting back take care and keep visiting my blog! :)

Zubin said...

Well, at least that makes it a memorable experience, one worth a blog entry..? :p

You know,I had similar anxiety when placement started for me in the penultimate year of my engineering. I always got through the first rounds (apti/English) but would get out in the very next it HR, GD or even technical rounds...Then I stopped worrying. I said to myself.. "Fuck it, I won't try anymore and just be myself".

Next thing I know..I cleared all rounds for the next company...

So, stop if you don't even care. It helps..!

and Best of Luck.. :)

WarmSunshine said...

hey there Raka! I'm back after a vanishing act. Nice to see you're still blogging :) (considering how I left the place without a word, i find others fascinating who stick by lol)

blogging from my new id now... plz do follow.. tc


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