Saturday, November 13, 2010

A glimmer of hope is barely visible
the storm raging within me
threatens to engulf my sanity
I know not what lies ahead..
I know not when this journey ends
and when the new one begins...

Memories are at war
hurling unwanted thoughts at me
I know i must retrace my steps
I know my quest for moksha must continue
the hunt for peace making me restless
I know one day i will have to let go....
But vacillation comes easy to me
how long before end comes along?


Anish Patel said...

Nice one...

Ria said...

Deep and beautifully written Raka. Sometimes the wait can be endless...sigh!

ANWESA said...

Moksha is the ultimate quest of life. Nice lines but....Why the urge now ?

HPK said...

Gud one... :).. but dont concentrate on end so much dat u forget to notice the begining..