Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thoughts make it hard to breathe
I feel myself free falling
into the vortex of despair
deeper and deeper
into nothingness
Pain tearing me apart.

Happier times are like a mirage
they disappear as i reach out
Unanswered questions gnaws at my soul
Why me? I ask myself
i hear muted sobs,mine in return
As loneliness stares backs..

How long must I carry on the charade?
how long will the ordeal continue?
how long before relief comes through?
Uncertainties are rampant
Peace still eludes me,
Long road ahead before I can repose.


starry nights said...

Absolutely love bring emotions alive through your words.

HPK said...

Lovely!! Hope happier time comes in soon to ur life..

ANWESA said...

It might sound like I'm preaching but when you feel "why me ?",ask "try me". Will help.