Saturday, December 04, 2010

Of Memories of Bygone Times...

I sip coffee from the same mug
That would kiss your lips once
I let my mind take me away
To a lost time …
A time when every morning was
Filled with laughter and so much love
That unhappiness was forgotten
Reality lurked in the shadows
Seeking an apt moment to strike
We lived like there was no tomorrow..
Tomorrow lay shrouded in oblivion
Then it happened
Just the way we knew it would.

Then why does the heart not relent,
Hurting, pining for You
Despite knowing the consequences
Why does the pain magnify with each passing day!
Despite knowing that the end is inevitable
Why do I surrender to the torture of today?
The heart bleeds,
But it loves some more, each day!

Some star crossed lovers we were,
Instead of promising a lifetime of togetherness
We prepared each other for a lifetime of solitude
A life that could and would never have ‘us’
A life that would be barren,
Without the loving touches
Without loved one to wake up to
A life that would be devoid of
Smiles and the laughter that was ours.
Ours alone…
Devoid of your hands
Laced into mine..
Your smell clinging to my skin
Your touches branding me.

I knew it would be like
How it is now.
But the tears run down, incessantly
When the guard is down
And loneliness creeps in.
The heart longs for you
Just a glimpse of that smile
That caresses your lips
The twinkle in your eyes
As your face lightens up.
Those days are long since gone
Like you had warned me
It would
But the longing remains rampant
Memories of 'us' my only companion.


Ria said...

I dont have words to describe what i felt while reading this...all i can say is that this poem imbibes the whole gamut of emotions that a person under goes while in love...the longing, the despair, the loneliness...sigh! i'll leave it at this one.

Bikramjit said...


Beleive me wish i had the use of such beautiful vocabulary and ur talent i would say something like that ... What i am feeling or felt

LIFE this is

hurt pain part of life i guess ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh time...


JoHn said...

This hurts.
And yet, this makes you dream.
And yet, this pain is real.

Phoenix said...

@ Ria



beneath words lie a wealth of pain born out of immense love...

im glad you like the poem


Dreams hurt one pain makes me realize how real this solitude is!