Sunday, December 19, 2010

You ignite the fire in me
The desire to take on the world
To fight against all odds
To smile at adversity
That is our reality

You fill me with so much love
That I know I can survive
The world is still a better place to live
That love is not lost
I can because you want me to

You instill a sense of pride
I know I am worth it
That world will judge me
But I will still be me
Because I know I am loved by you.

You have become the reason
Why I smile
Let the tears dry
Let my heart feel alive
Life is beautiful
Because I know I'm loved by you.


PULKIT said...

left a smile on my face!
loved the crisp and optimistic finish of it :)
have always adored ur work raka :)
keep it up

Cardinal Ruby said...

very well-written :)

Bikramjit said...

hmmm one does need that someone for the smile, the tears the good moments the sad moments ...
and all that LOVEEEEEEEEEE

have fun and enjoy...


Ria said...

Very beautiful n optimistic end. :)

Anwesa said...

Hmmmm....You :D

"Life is beautiful
Because I know I'm loved by you."-

My fav lines :)

Anish Patel said...

.... :) ...