Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Your thoughts

I feel a sense of love.
Of belonging
Take over…
I feel you near

Yours is the last thought
That adorns my lashes before
I drift off to sleep
Yours is the thought
That brightens my day
Nothing seems dull anymore

Loneliness envelopes me
Solitude my steady companion
But never for once does your thoughts
Bring with it regrets
Life will never be the same
Without you
For we were always
Destined to live life apart.

But it does not bother the heart
For it knows that you are
Safely cocooned in my thoughts
Buried in the very existence of my being
It is there, you are mine
Mine alone.

I have made peace with the god
Who cannot grant me you
I know that no matter what
You are there
Its as if I can feel you near
I close my eyes to find you here
Hugging me close
Whispering sweet nothings
Life seems a bliss
As tears bring with it
A jolt back to reality

Reality is that we were never meant to be
The love that we still share
Can never be granted
The bonds can never last
Letting go I will have to someday
Not now…

Memories are all that I have
Memories are all I can ever have
In my memories you are mine
Mine alone
And memories will last me a lifetime…


♥ Chocoholic ♥ said...

sweet =]

loved it ^_^

BIG Omi said...

You were in love, Now you have freedom! Enjoy it!

HPK! said...

Beautiful!! Wish you a happy life!

Ria said...

I am sure u'll get the love and company that u r destined for.

Bikramjit said...

story of my life then :)

i hope memories are goood :) one can live a lifetime with memories ...

Take care now


Different colors said...

Very well written...:)
keep writin...!