Thursday, January 27, 2011


She felt his arms snaking around her, pulling her close. She felt his lips on her name and she snuggled closer still. Minutes later she would open her eyes to peer into the depths of his eyes, so full of love, that smile that made her heart thud with joy. His lips would seek hers, and everything else blurred as they rode high on love and passion that threatened to consume them. They would later get out of bed, and hurriedly take a shower steal some more moments of intimacy before rushing to work. Life was blissful and she had met the guy who completed her in every way possible. But she knew that time was ticking and she would have to let go, soon. But that did not deter her; she loved him furiously with her entire being. She knew she would just have his memories to keep for a lifetime and getting hurt or ending up alone, did not frighten her anymore.

She stood there near the window sill, looking at the wast horizon stretched out in front of her. Skyscrapers jutted out obstructing her vision even from her 21st floor office, she looked down to see tiny cars whizzing past, hussle and bustle ruled and life moved on at a break neck speed. Her Blackberry buzzed her hand notifying her of the new email, she choose to ignore it and sipped her coffee her eyes had a cold and distant look that her colleagues could easily identify with. They found her amicable but the coldness was hard to miss, her smile rarely reached her eyes and no one knew much about her other than the fact that she was the most ambitious and hard working employee in the team, whose workaholic nature was at the brink of insanity. She was indecipherable and she liked it that way.

Anticipation was the only thing that kept her alive... it saw her through those long days and those excruciatingly lonely nights. Life wasnt easy, she had to deal with a life that would never have Him. It was an informed choice, but still the heart bled, longed for him, to see that smile that adorns his lips, to see the twinkle in his eye. The heart constricted painfully and she physically flinched. Memories came back in a flash, those early morning chats over piping hot chai, sitting close and forgetting the world. Those long walks with her fingers entwined in his, stolen glances and smiles that lightened up her very being. Those days were now gone just like she had always known it would, he was gone and all that remained was memories, of happier times. Time that was theirs and theirs alone. She brushed aside a lone tear that that sneaked past giving away an otherwise stoic expression, and broke out of her reverie. Moving away from the window she placed her empty mug on the desk and flipped her laptop open and got back to work. There would be things she knew she would never have and she had made peace with it, the pain kept her alive but she knew the onward journey was hers to make, alone.


Arv said...

Intense stuff mate...

Hope she hangs in there and reaches good shores soon :)

take care... cheers,

Ria said...

Sometimes one is so helpless in the hands of time n fate that one wonders if things wud ever be fine again. But thats when words like hope n faith appear. Hope she gets what she has been waiting for soon!

Sumit said...

Intense and interesting. A poignant reflection on the tough choices that we take in life, which more often than not invloves turning our back on a loved one or a dream.

Anwesa said...


Time heals it all.....

Neeha said...

Life is too mean sometimes..
We have to jus accept the fact & move on..

Phoenix said...


Thanks mate for being back and commenting.. it means so much!

Well said but sometimes hope and faith are not applicable in a given situation.

Sometimes its not about turning our back to a loved one or a dream but accepting what is destined..somethings are never meant to be even if they are too good to be true... such is life

Time makes it bearable...healing? I dont know..scars remain.. :)

Yes I believe so... because sometimes we just donot have an option other than moving on..sad but true

Preetilata【ツ】 said...

i will only comment on the way you have portrayed the feelings with the brush stokes of words. such way with words and emotions!!! richly poignant post.

Preetilata【ツ】 said...

i will only comment on the way you have portrayed the feelings with the brush stokes of words. such way with words and emotions!!! richly poignant post.

the silent observer said...

beautiful..."lonely nights..long days.." very nice, just the kind of stuff I like to read. :) keep up the good work.