Wednesday, February 23, 2011

If Only...

If only i had known
that out there.. somewhere
You were as lonely as I was
I would have found you and hugged you
For in the warmth of that hug
I would have felt a shared loneliness melt away...

If only I had known
as i sat on the station railings
looking at the only friends for the night
that out there...somewhere
you would be watching the same stars
I would have felt comforted
by our common space
in a shared emptiness

If only I had known
that some day I would find you
the long days of nothingness
would not have been so tough
and like a prisoner of time
I would have struck each day off gleefully
from my quota of solitude

If only I had known
that out there...somewhere
you needed a shoulder to cry your heart out on
I would have lent you mine
for in your tears somehow
I would have felt my sorrows flowing away

If only I had known
that the demons tormenting me everynight
were the same that were making the going tough for you
I would have put up a stronger fight
for out there...somewhere
you would be fighting them too

If only there were second chances.... 
This is poem is written by someone really close to me, someone special; so it definitely means much to me. I thought of sharing this with you, knowing that you will appreciate it as much as I do and in the exact vein it was written...


Anwesa said...


@Him : This was a nice poem.

Ria said...

Very nicely written indeed.

The Silhouette said...

Hey, Hi
The one word man invented, IF...
the verses are beautiful. painful it is, but yet, pain is beautiful, aint it?


if only i had known,
the heart that beats in me,
is same as yours,
may be, i would have lived
for you...

Eon Heath

p.s. - hope that person comes up with such beautiful verses again...

Blasphemous Aesthete said...

If I had known, there was a certain someone, who would do these things to and for me, I would stop doing them, so that he/she would not have to go through the same. :)
Yet, its a different feeling altogether.

Nice one.

Blasphemous Aesthete