Saturday, March 05, 2011

Happy Women's day!!

Since its women’s day I thought of penning my two cents on something that has been on my mind of late. You shouldn’t be reading this post a) if you are a guy b) if you are that kind of a guy who hates reading about girlie banter that revolves around cosmetics and then will proceed to make acerbic comments! And you must read this if a) you are a woman b) you are a guy and have enough maturity to read something about women and if not appreciative but be tolerant of it, it can’t be that bad can it?
So since the prelude is over now for kill. Read the following and make a mental note, and this is strictly for the ladies…
-Do you wax/shave your legs only when you have to wear a skirt, three quarters, shorts or swim wear?
-Do you tweeze or pluck your eyebrows only when its really bushy?
-Do give/ get yourself a pedicure only because of the dead skin making its presence felt?
Mark the underlined words and make a mental note of the answer.
So I had this manager of sorts, who was rather cool with her funky outlook to life. We had similar taste in music, books and we got along really well! What made her rather cooler was that a tattoo on her left breast, I thought that to be like wow! The dragon lady has some spunk but then she decided to show me the other tattoo on her ankle. She lifts her leg of her jeans to reveal the cute devil, but hey that was hardly the thing that captivated me. I was horrified to see her legs!! Those were the most horrendous legs I had ever seen!!
 Holy cow! I’m not some fashion guru, God knows, I may have more fashion faux pas to my credit, than anything else. Hey who am I kidding, I started to take care of myself, indulging in some girlie frills and graces only in the last year or so. But even during my tom boyish days, I would do the basics to keep myself groomed and presentable!
My point is, we women are strange. When we have a date or we are seeing someone, we are conscious about what we wear, how we look, how we smell etc etc. We wouldn’t be caught dead with a sweaty smell or a smudged kajal (okay look who is talking here…im the queen of panda eyes :D) so what happens to us when we get into a committed relationship or say marriage? Why do we stop talking care of ourselves? Do we only do things because it is expected of us? Do we do it only to please someone we love and care about? If yes then why do we stop doing it? Reason can be anything but the important part is doing it for ourselves. 

Doesn’t it feel absolutely heavenly on those days when you heat some water pour some body wash and dip your feet in and let the water soothe your muscles softening your heels, and then you just follow it up with scrubbing your toes and painting your nails. I mean it’s great to pamper oneself because we are totally worth it. Whether you are single, married or dating, living alone or with family; why forget yourself, why forget that you have a life of your own even amidst the hustle and bustle of life! So this women’s day do the things that you feel great about, buy the pair of shoes you have been longing for but have been saving instead, go get a haircut or read the book you have wanted to, paint your nails, wash your hair! Don’t lose yourself in the mundane day to day life because nothing can be worse!
Smile and the world will smile with  you! : ) Happy women’s day to all you lovely ladies!!
P.S- I got myself a haircut, bought amazing earrings, pampered myself, and cooked yummy strawberry custard! Yay me..
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Anwesa said...

A long time since you wrote something uber-girly like this :) Remember those blogathon-ic days ?
Aye Nostalgia !

P.S. : Happy Womens' Day !

Ria said...

Happy Women's Day hun!! And a perfect post to drive ur point. We shud look good for nobody but ourselves. :) V dont need a reason to be well groomed right!

P said...

Happy Women's Day to you too hon! And, well done on the pampering!


the silent observer said...

hmm..Two Things.

Pampering oneself is good but did you want the manager to pamper herself just so she would appear good to you? The way we pamper ourselves is different. For some women, going to a parlor might not be pampering, they would much rather love to spend the day in their bed or get tattoos, for instance.

Waxing, dressing up properly, going to a parlor, having a hair cut-- all these are important facets of our life and 99% women have had to do these at least once or most of the time. However shouldn't Women's Day be an expression of women's choice of whether they really want to shave their legs or not? If they are comfortable with body hair and want to celebrate their independence in their own unique way, what's wrong with it?

Having said that, the second thing:

You are right in pointing out that women should pamper themselves whether it be by reading a good book or having a hair cut; whatever works.

Nice post. :)

p.s: Advanced Happy Women's Day

Phoenix said...


As for the manager... when you are in a profession you need to groom yourself and be presentable.. its in a way a healthy way of leading a life.. its hygienic and looks appealing.. some people have nothing to go with cosmetic beauty but its important to maintain the basic appearance!

JayM said...

Happy Women's Day to you too!

Add me wherever that it is :)

Pesto Sauce said...

Good you put the disclaimer first but guys like to read about women with tattoos at those places

Sreeranjini said...

Hey very nice thoughtful blog :) :)
My id:

Nice to read your blogs :) :)

The Silhouette said...

Hey, Hi...
Hmmm, interesting read. Wondering why?? even guys do the same!! we dont put the deo unless necessary, we wont shave unless necessary, we wont look into the mirror unless ABSOLUTELY necessary...
jus that we dont say it... :)

Happy womans day...

The Silhoutte...

p.s.- sorry for the late comment, been a bit busy with life... :(

The Silhouette said...

sorry, forgot to mention my id

Preetilata【ツ】 said...

i love to pamper myself no matter what day it is.



Sandy said...

I actually came across your blog through twitter (@sandywentsouth). What a lovely post to celebrate women's day! Well, I am one of those guys who you have nicely acknowledged as the matured type! It is true, celebrating women's day is not just about gathering gifts from men. Its about celebrating being a woman. And its little things like you say what makes it special! Although I am sure most guys could use some "me" time grooming and looking nice :)

$0.02 for a guy who doesnt mind reading girlie frills!