Sunday, August 28, 2011

Anything Else But Love- Ankita Chadha- Review

In the publishing industry a lot of things happen, including the fact that a good editor writes your back cover for you and paints a rosy picture which ultimately sells your book to a reader. Here lies the problem, like many readers I read the blurb about the book and found it to be a good read so ordered it. After 304 pages of utter torture i finally managed to end it. The book seems to mock everything filmy and ends up being an over the top, theatrical drama in print. Usually a good story keeps me hooked but this surely was a torture as i could barely manage to end it. The editing is very sloppy and the English is horrendous "She THROWED the teddies" "I wanted to Say to you" it seemed to have been written keep in mind the market where often film makers adopt books into movies and this was no better!! Characters are half baked and is made to do things just for prolonging a sense of excitement which had long since gone and the male characters and situations seem like an extension of a female persona. Moreover the places mentioned remain as lousy backdrop or a mere prop which shows the lack of research.

End verdict

You may have a story to tell but may not be a good story teller
You may know English but you may not be a good writer!!

A total waste of money not worth 175 bucks... the publication should pull up their socks because in chick lit genre they have to maintain the high standards set by Penguin and Rupa Publications... so attention to language usage, grammatical errors and errors in phrases and expression can be a reputation killer.

Monday, August 08, 2011

A Pocketful of sunshine

Okay I think i am being perennially depressed and i think negativity just breeds negativity. So I want to write about something nice, something funny and something happy. Yesterday was friendship day and i wondered about all the friends in my life. I personally consider all my friends (i can count them on my fingers) as close friends or best friends but then another friend of mine told me something which got me thinking. He said you donot have best friends you have A Best Friend. Another close friend told me, that I should probably be careful about whom I call best friends because most are not worthy to be called a best friend.

This got me thinking and for the first time it got me wondering if most of the close set of friends that I have are worthy to be called best friends, because truly there can be one best friend. So i will tell you who the one person who is my best friend and why because i think every one needs a little reminding and its wonderful to count your many blessing. I met him on my first day at college, we were in a crowd but somehow we got talking. We were seated with the rest in the canteen but we were existing in a whole new world that just had him and me. Within one hour I had told him everything about myself from my family to the long time boy friend and lots of odd stuff but yea about the long time boy friend bit kinda blew his chances or so he said. Its been 5 years now.. and this Guy who is my Best Friend truly has been with me through thick and thin. From gently but firmly scolding me, from flirting with me to copying notes for me, from teaching me before exams to constantly pulling me out of despair. Shubhankar has been a boulder. I go to him whining crying, telling him things i will never ever tell anyone. He never pulls me down like most others who in the garb of being friends who tell the truth, just scars my soul and just up the pain. So this friendship day and every one that will come up next will be solely for Shubhankar who put me before him time and again and is a pillar for strength, my conscience and the sole reason why this journey of life is so much better. Yes there are others but I guess I have learnt the difference between friends and acquaintance, and friends and best friend. Sometimes you just need that 4 am friend to go bonkers with, be crazy but most importantly to be yourself! Thanks Shu for being my oxygen life without you would have been so colorless!! :)

Since I have nothing more happy to write I thought why not do a TAG of sorts!! :)

Available: Hmm... kinda
Age: will be 24 in 28 days time :)
Annoyance: Not knowing where I am headed.
Beer: Naaah not my time.. i hate the smell!!
Birthday/Birthplace: 6th September, Kolkata
Best feeling in the world: to cuddle up and sleep
Best weather: waking up to pitter patter rain on my window, tons of water logging and lightning and thunder claps
Been on stage? Yes, was very intimidating to say the lease
Believe in life on other planets? Yes, we were taught in school werent we of the nine planets. 
Candy:cNaah i hate candies
Colour: Blue.
Chocolate/Vanilla: Brownies, with Vanilla icecream and Chocolate sauce. 
Country to visit: France. 
Day or night: night or the during day break

Dance in the rain? no more like a walk in the rains
Do the splits? nope
Eggs: Me loves eggs... specially omelet and there is this chain of restaurant Au Bon Pain in Blore, love their fried egg and presto sauce sandwich... totally sinful!
Everyone has: been a loser sometime or the other. Some still are. Most always will be. 
First crush: This guy who was my neighbor later became my nightmare!!
First thoughts waking up: O crap have to go to office again!! :(
Food:Im not a foodie but then Chinese is my all time favorite so is Coffee and ice cream!
Greatest Fear: to not able to identify with myself. 
Giver or taker: Giver
Goals:to find my moorings
Get along with your parents? Yes,I do
Hair Colour: Brown.
Height: Five feet, two and a half
Happy: Sometimes
How do you want to die? In my sleep
Health freak? Nope
Hate: Overbearing and patronizing people
Ice Cream: Chocolate brownie sundae and belgian dark chocolate ice cream.
Instrument: MP3 Player.
Jewellery: silver jewelry
Job: yes but want a new one!
Kids: love them, want two of my own
Kickboxing or karate: naa more of free style :D
Keep a journal? Yes. totally

Love: is too overrated, most dont know what it is, most think they dont, others just abuse love and use it as an excuse
Love at first sight: is too hard to believe
Laughed so hard you cried: Yes

Mooned anyone? No. 
Marriage: A major responsibility.
Motion sickness? No
Number of siblings: One.
Number of piercings: Two in each ear. 
One wish:To set the wrong right
Place you’d like to live: anywhere near the sea and the sand
Perfect pizza: single cheese margharita or corn and chicken
Pepsi/Coke: none
Questionnaires: could be fun
Reason to cry: too many, but basically missing someone
Reality TV: gives me headaches
Roll your tongue in a circle: huh?
Song: Jay Z and Linkin Park, Numb encore (my current fav)
Shoe size: Six
Slept outside? No
Seen a dead body? Yes. 
Smoked? Yes and then spluttered
Skinny-dipped? nope
Shower daily? Yes. twice or thrice
Sing well? Nope, strictly bathroom singing
In the shower? when i'm in a good mood. 
Swear? Yes. 
Stuffed animals? Sometimes. 
Strawberries/Blueberries: Strawberry jam
Scientists need to invent: Memory potions like Snapes tears
Time for bed: Whenever the eyes feel droopy and body just curls up to the pillow
Thunderstorms: beautiful
TV: Boring. 
Touch your tongue to your nose: naah cant
Unpredictable: Sometimes
Vegetable you hate: cabbage
Vegetable you love: Potato, ladys finger
Vacation spot: anywhere near the beach
Weakness: loving without thinking about myself
When you grow up: hey im 24 (almost) that makes me a grown up
Worst feeling: not being good enough
Wanted to be a model? no
Where do we go when we die? neverland?
Worst weather: humidity
X-Rays: havent gotten one done yet
Year it is now: 2011
Yellow: i like the color
Zoo animal: Giraffe
Zodiac sign: Virgo.
Okay if you are bored you can do this tag too!! :)