Sunday, August 28, 2011

Anything Else But Love- Ankita Chadha- Review

In the publishing industry a lot of things happen, including the fact that a good editor writes your back cover for you and paints a rosy picture which ultimately sells your book to a reader. Here lies the problem, like many readers I read the blurb about the book and found it to be a good read so ordered it. After 304 pages of utter torture i finally managed to end it. The book seems to mock everything filmy and ends up being an over the top, theatrical drama in print. Usually a good story keeps me hooked but this surely was a torture as i could barely manage to end it. The editing is very sloppy and the English is horrendous "She THROWED the teddies" "I wanted to Say to you" it seemed to have been written keep in mind the market where often film makers adopt books into movies and this was no better!! Characters are half baked and is made to do things just for prolonging a sense of excitement which had long since gone and the male characters and situations seem like an extension of a female persona. Moreover the places mentioned remain as lousy backdrop or a mere prop which shows the lack of research.

End verdict

You may have a story to tell but may not be a good story teller
You may know English but you may not be a good writer!!

A total waste of money not worth 175 bucks... the publication should pull up their socks because in chick lit genre they have to maintain the high standards set by Penguin and Rupa Publications... so attention to language usage, grammatical errors and errors in phrases and expression can be a reputation killer.


Anwesa said...

Eeesshh... :(

P.S. : Someone is review-ing books :D Keep it up :)

Arv said...

Thanks for the review; I will stay from it :)

good to be back here :)

Have a nice day :)


Renu said...

today we have plenty of such type of writing..I didnt like..Anything for you Mam too.

Pesto Sauce said...

Thanks for the warning, will stay away