Monday, January 02, 2012

Gajar Ka Halwa


Gajaar (carrots)
Cashew nuts
White oil
Choti Elaichi

Grate the gajjar (carrots), squeeze the water out. Fry the gajjar in white oil, add chotti elaichi. Add a cup of milk and keep stirring till milk thickens and the entire mixture becomes pasty. Add milk maid (half a tin, taste and see if more is needed) then add cashew nuts and raisins. Add a spoonful of ghee. Before serving sprinkle almonds broken into smaller pieces. Your gajjar ka halwa is ready.

No I am not turning me blog into a food blog. Yes, I learned how to make gajjar ka halwa recently and it came out really yummy. But primarily the reason why I am writing a post on gajjar ka halwa is because our life is like Gajjar ka halwa.

No dont scratch your head yet. Let me explain. One look at the ingredients and you know the outcome is bound to be good irrespective of the order in which you place them together. Think about it, the carrots needs to be grated and reduced to shreds for it to bring out the typical flavor. The ghee needs to be melted to add to the rich aroma, the milk maid blends in to made it taste heavenly. So is life. Life is made of a lot of things, we analyze and dissect life only when things go downhill, but essentially life is full of wonderful things added in right proportion. Imagine what it would be like if you were to add more milkmaid than prescribed? Even though it tastes heavenly, too much of it makes you feel giddy. If elaichi is chewed upon it gives a bitter taste otherwise it adds to the rich smell of the  dish.

Life is not easy... no one said it would be. Sometimes its bitchy, stabs you on your back, rapes your emotions and makes your existence seem like a sham. But then a little bit of positive attitude, will power with dallops of confidence can be worthy companions in the darkest hour. If you let life get the better of you, you may sink with no hopes of surviving. So make most of the opportunities that life brings your way and use every ingredient of life to suit you in the best way possible!!

Life is what you make it... you give it a chance and it rescues you right back.

Happy New Year!!


JayM said...

Hiiiii...I thought I lost you...Had checked in a few months back, but this blog didn't exist it said. Anyhow, I'm glad to find you back.

Happy New Year to you too!

:)))) I'm happy to see you :)

Aadii said...

Interesting !

Life never ceases to go out of definitions :)

Anwesa said...

Send me some of your-haath-ka carrot halwa.

P.S. :Life is (not) as tasty as carrot halwa :P