Wednesday, January 04, 2012

This N That

I came across this picture in a couple of blogs I was reading today and found it perfectly goes with the current mood that I am in.

Of late I am consumed with this feeling that used to persist in the early days of blogging. I wanted to, I did and I just could stop: Blogging. And I am back. I donot have something very significant to share, no poems, no gyan and no fiction. Just a thought. I began this year with vowing to break away and have a fresh start and finally I took a step towards future. I booked my tickets for going home (Bangalore). I know the journey will be beset with a lot of heartburn, pain and anguish and it will never agree with what I always believed, that I can never walk away from people I love. But I need to do this, and this one is for me, for my future and for me to have the life I deserve to have. Selfish as I may sound but for the first time in my life I am doing something that I really want to. Hope this is for the best!

Have you had random people, people you donot even know making you smile and brightening your day?? Well something just happened. I had a very busy and active day on Twitter. I had people mentioning me, talking, DMing me, adding me to groups, retweeting and I truly and completely felt alive and happy but more than which I let off a silent prayer. I am thankful for all of the activity that took place around. I felt loved and worthwhile and it was truly something!! And after a long time i believe I smiled, truly from my heart.

Okay so this post is not really going my way and its suddenly going off track. Ohh by the way did I tell you I am reading "The Immortals of Meluha" by Amish Tripathi and I have also purchased his second book, "The Secret of the Nagas". It really is interesting and well Shiva is hawwtt and what more he speaks like "Say yes dammit!" Really entertaining! But there is a story behind this book. I wanted to gift something to this friend for Christmas, but I was too pissed. But then when I received a box of chocolates as gift, I knew Id have to return the favour. You know izzat ka sawal hai and all that! So I went and got my friend "Immortals of Meluha" hoping to read it myself and I did just that and something more. I borrowed the book right back within a few days. It was like ek dheel se do nishana types!! I literally chuckled at my smartness!! After all, everyone has been recommending the book and I still hadn't read it. My friend obviously passed a snide remark that I am reading the book without consent but who cares, I surely didn't but then it happened. Due to my own carelessness I managed to spill coffee on the very book which was a gift from me. Now what? Thankfully Flipkart came to my rescue, got the same book at a discounted price and got its sequel too. So now I have a copy of my own, albiet with tea stains. And that's how I salvaged my izzat (what was remaining that is!) I think I should also make a resolution of being less clumsy this year.. what do you think? Ohh by the way, did I tell you that I had managed to almost burn my house down? O.. I just woke up one morning very sleepy, so I just went and switched on the water heater. After sometime i woke up to find fire and smoke. Even though I had switched on the heater I had forgotten to put it in the water, so the rug on which it was kept, caught fire!! YES I Know!! How careless can I be?! Yes this careless!! Really I think its time to take that oath and end this clumsiness or at least curb it?

Hope you are having a good week?


☆ Rià ღ said...

Yes its never too late to start aover again. :)

And abt tht accident with heater, take care gurl!

Leo said...

Waiting for u to reach home yaaru... :) must meet u more often this time. Cheer u up loads. Get here soon na.

Glad u weren't hurt in the fire. Take good care of urself ok?

Arv said...

so here I'm...

well, talk abt that active twitter day... guess pulling my leg on twitter timeline was a huge part of it :P

I had come across that immortals series... should give it a read sometime :)

and pls... stay :)

Lady Whispers said...

Take care girl :)
And have an awesome yr :D
Never too late to start over :)

Brajmohan Kumar said...

It's good to see you starting things afresh early in the year. You'll have time to plan and play till the end of this year(of in mayan's term end of world). hope good things will keep repeating themselves and bads will walk out. amen :)

Anwesa said...

Get yourself an insurance :P