Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A lot like Love

I don’t need fancy gifts
Need no promises of a tomorrow
I need no declaration that you’re mine!
Or I’m yours! 
Just the knowledge that you are there!

Every morning when I wake up
Your sleeping form fills me with love
Your smile brightens my day
As I kiss you awake,
I know my prayers are answered!

I feel your arms holding me close
Your grip never loosening even as you sleep
I turn and you snuggle closer to me
You whisper you love me
And I know I'm blessed!

We fight bad, you don’t talk to me
Tears stream down my face
You smile, and world is better
Once again!
Just because you are there!

The first kiss in the morning
The teasing smile and the naughty looks
Those long conversations..
Those little things you do
Makes me come closer to you...

Your possessive touch
Your affectionate ways
Your friendly jibes
Makes me feel alive
And so much more in love with you!

No hopes for tomorrow
No pains, no tears for now... only love reigns
Because today will last a lifetime!
My best friend, my love, 
You make my life worthwhile!

Each day is Valentines Day
Because you are near
Each night is a blessing
Each morning is a prayer answered!
Today, tomorrow and always!

~Happy Valentines Day~


Aurindam Mukherjee said...

Wonderful. Absolutely.

Brajmohan Kumar said...

this one is a wow post.
the feel, the romance, the love...as a reader I felt all. :)

Rià said...

Happy Valentine's Day sweetie!! *hugs*

Lady Whispers said...

<3 <3 <3

Ashwini Dodani said...

Sigh! So beautiful and touching! Teary eyed!

Sreeranjini said...

Hey it is sooo beautiful and so touchy!! Just loved it :)

Ankit Sharma said...