Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Jennifer Aniston: Famous Quotes Tag

Saw this tag on Ria's Blog and wanted to take it up for fun... 

1. “A relationship isn't going to make me survive. It's the cherry on top.” 
What part of your life do you consider “the cherry on the top”?

To have loved with my very being and that there are no regrets.

2. “I almost resent the whole fashion thing. Good God - never wearing the same thing twice and all of those things. It's a pain in the ass.” 
How much does fashion impact your life?

I wear what I feel comfortable in. My clothes are an extension of who I am.

3. “I've gone for each type: the rough guy; the nerdy, sweet, lovable guy; and the slick guy. I don't really have a type. Men in general are a good thing.” 
What’s your type?

My type is the rough and lovable guy rolled into one. A guy who holds his own and yet is loving and affectionate.

4. “Once you figure out who you are and what you love about yourself, I think it all kinda falls into place.” 
Do you still learn new things about yourself?

Yes, every day. I dont think i really know who i am as i am constantly evolving.

5. “The greater your capacity to love, the greater your capacity to feel the pain.” 
Have you ever had your heart broken? If yes, how did you get over it?

Its all about telling your self, that it is okay to be hurting, to break down time and again but what is most important is to remind you that you have to get up and keep walking.

6. “There are no regrets in life, just lessons.” 
What is the most recent “life lesson” that you have figured out?

Never let your emotions rule your life, strike a balance between your head and heart.

7. “ Try to really follow what it is that you want to do and what your heart is telling you to do.” 
Have you ever gone against what your heart told you to do?

Well I have followed my heart, got my heart broken but i realized I'd rather get my heart broken then miss out on some good experience.

8. “The ultimate is finding a place where you have no inhibitions, nothing to hide, where you can learn with one another.” 
Do you have any inhibitions when you are in love with someone?

With the person i love i have never had any inhibitions because i believe in giving 100% to the person i am committed to.

9. “Life can be dramatic and funny all in the same day!” 
What is something that happened recently in your life that you found extremely funny?

Isnt it funny how we choose to be in certain situations and then cry and fret over it... Happens with me all the time.

10. “The first time I kissed Brad my knees went weak - I literally lost my breath!” 
Have you ever kissed someone and your knees went weak?

Happens with me all the time... each and every kiss..whether it is a goodbye kiss before you leave for work, for a sneaky kiss or that long kiss which celebrate a moment.

So I had a ball writing this one... Take it up if you enjoyed reading this... 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Beginning to an end... and another beginning?!!

Over the last couple of years I have tried to make this place what it used to be at one time. A happy place, a place to express my creativity, share my joys, express what I am going through. But somewhere down the line I have realized with time I have evolved, so has my life. I am not who I used to be. Most often I have found myself turning to this place time and again to write, to scribble; I could never really give up. Its been 6 years... and I keep finding my way back, I guess what I was actually doing was holding on to that part of me which was happy, sorted and a lot saner.

I am about to enter of the most life changing phases of my life. The impending darkness makes it hard to breathe but I knew it would be there all along.. I knew that this day will come so maybe that is why there was no surprise, the pain never got reflected in my expression, the way I carried myself or the things I did. I know this is where the real struggle in life begins, when I will watch people whom I have loved with my life walk away from me leaving behind a void...

The journey ahead will be dark, unhappy and marred with immense pain and if I can bring myself up to expressing, this place will probably the only place where I will confide my feelings. I dont expect you to be sympathetic, I dont expect you to read me, and I will be fine if you choose to distance yourself from the negativity. Goes without saying that I would appreciate if you are around, just there reading me, it would mean that I made sense to at least someone.... I wont answer questions as to what went wrong, I wont explain but I will be there... so make your exit while you still can... and if you choose to stay...I'd really value that..more than what words can say.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I’m Fine

Is it necessary to be happy at all times? Can there not be a phase where you are neither happy nor sad but just existing? I agree,while it may not be the ideal situation to be in. But then ideal is a myth. So, I have been given to writing or penning down my thoughts in this blog when despair and hurt strikes me the most as I find writing is the best way to cope with it. But like everything it’s a phase, and I am fine.

A Gentleman the other day hopped onto this blog and feasted on the contents like a vulture feeds on the dead. The instant conclusion that the stalker came to was that, here is this girl who is pained and is carrying around a lot of grief and if I am sympathetic then she would eventually go out with me. Notice the reference here is the word “stalker”. Well I know how it appears to most of who read me but this is just to let you know, I may cry, may break down but I dust myself and keep walking, like any other person. I stumble, I fall, I keep walking on… and I am fine! At the end of the day, I don't crave for company, I don't feel the need to share, I am proud of being where I am today and  I appreciate the journey that got me here… I am fine. 

It is always good to have someone to love, but I have had my share of it and I know I don't want it anymore, I am fine just the way I am. I have made mistakes in life but I have learned to live with it. And in the end, I value the lessons learnt along in the way.. I learnt and I learnt it the hard way, but I have no regrets and I am fine!
Even though its not as frequent as before, but I still smile at kids, I laugh at jokes, I try and have a good time and I am fine. I read a lot, I am always hooked onto music, I go for walks, cook something new now and then. I pamper myself, go out with friends, I keep in touch with loved ones and do things that make me truly happy, and I am genuinely fine.

My blog is just a platform to express and not all are expressions that come from experience, but some are essentially a thought often inspired from life and is meant to be consumed in a literary way. You can judge the writer behind these posts. But if I was a frequent reader here, who knew me, I’d know that the person who writes this has enough spunk to survive hardships and trudge along. For those who are here just to know more about Phoenix, I am fine, and I don’t need your pity or your efforts to give me a better life.  

I'm fine are you?