Thursday, June 21, 2012

Movie Time

I have been watching a lot of movies of late. Blame it on the fact that summers are making my life unbearable in Delhi and lack of entertainment at home. So Saturday mornings, yes you read it right, I get up on time to go for the 10 am screening but before that a breakfast at MacD's is a must. Why morning show? Well it leaves the entire day free to do something creative, getting prime seats is easy and why forget its way affordable. I have been thinking of approaching the Cineplex owners to give me some sort of discount since I am a regular attendee there!! :) I thought what good is it if I dont get to write what I thought of the movie? So here goes some of the reviews of the movies I saw recently.

Shanghai Review

The much hyped movie from Shaghai released with the expectation soaring high. While the movie had some exceptional performance by Abhay Deol and Imran Hashmi, Kalki Kochlin failed to impress. Even Bengali superstar Prosenjit was not utilized to his full potential. Set amidst a political scene the movie was made well and cinematically was a good watch however it failed to make the desired impact. With this movie Dibakar Banerjee has proved that is a capable director who can handle the different genres of film making

My rating 3 and a half stars

Rock Of Ages Review

A musical which  features two of the prominent starts of Hollywood, Tom Cruise and Catherine Zeta Jones, the movie seemed to have garnered a lot of interest among cine goers much before its release. If you are the kind to love musicals then this movie is for you. What the movie lacks is a proper story line, as  it is as predictable as can be. The movie revolves around an aging rock star, a small town girl who loves rock, a young bartender, a journalist, the mayor’s wife, a prostitute, the scheming manager, and the two gay love birds who run the famous Bourbon Room Café. The movie is about the travails of these characters and how their lives entwine.

My rating 2 and a half stars

Ferrari Ki Sawari Review

This movie has been on ‘Must Watch’ list of all movie lovers for a long time. The movie is a feel good one, which leaves you with a happy feeling. The storyline is a tried and tested one. What works for the movie is the star cast, the very endearing Boman Irani and simple and lovable Sharman Joshi really played the Parsi father son duo to perfection and you tend to relate to them. The movie is good in patches, boosts your morale and it’s a movie that is for the family hence it is being much appreciated.

My rating 3 stars


akanksha said...

Given the lazy bum I am, 10am movies, are just not possible for me!

Good , to the point reviews! :) Lets hope I can catch any one of them this weekend.

And, yes, hope you're doing great :)

Rià said...

Nice and honest reviews. :) Haven't seen any of them. Hoping to watch a movie soon.