Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dreary shadows of silence

She lays still, facing the wall on her side. She could hear him breathe, watch a movie intently. She was lying next to the man who meant the world to her. The man for whom she had given up on everything that ever meant anything to her, yet today there was a disconnect. The closeness meant less or nothing to her, his indifference has struck home and she was tired of trying to make it work.The air always felt heavy, even the silence had become uncomfortable. 

Like before, she began her day kissing his forehead lovingly, spending a moment or two longer to see him peacefully  sleeping beside her. She knew that was the only moment he was the most peaceful, that sleeping moment he was hers. She never forgot even for once that soon it would be over. She choose to be a silent bystander because she knew her relationship had gone beyond repair, and that they had become strangers. The cold feeling had gripped her heart but her face never betrayed the turmoil inside.

She knew that someday soon he would wake up and she would not be the one beside him. She knew he would never feel her absence. She knew something’s would always elude her and she waited patiently for the end to come, the end was inevitable. Somewhere deep within the steely walls of her heart she knew that she had given him a part of her soul, something she would never be able to do with anyone. She found solace in the fact that she had loved and lost and that there were never going to be regrets.