Wednesday, February 13, 2013

C'est la vie

Your perfume clinging to me
Long after you are gone..
You are the love that defines my kohled eyes
Smudged with sleep and ardent lovemaking
You are the reason, smile adorns my lips
Swollen with passion of hungry kisses.

Yours are love marks on my neck
 That brand me as yours
Yours are the fingers laced in mine
As passion takes us higher.
Your is the arms that holds me tight
As night makes way for a new day.
Yours are the kisses I wake up to
Yours is the smile I trip over, time and again.
Yours is the last thought,
as sleep takes over.

Yours is the voice that brightens up my day
and brings back the much need peace.
Yours is the hug I melt into
And find my sanity.
Yours is the touch that makes me come alive
And fills me with a sense of belonging.

You are mine, just the way I am yours,
the only way hearts filled with love can..

Today, tomorrow and always.
Happy Valentine's Day Love!

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RiĆ  said...

Romance is in the air!!